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Why Do I Have A High Libido Before Period?

Julian Carter
high libido before period

Ever wondered why your desire for intimacy goes up just before your period? You’re not alone in this. 

Many people experience a high libido before their period, and it is not uncommon.

It’s normal for your libido to go up and down throughout your menstrual cycle.

This surge in sexual desire or libido can be due to the hormonal changes in your body.

This article delves into the reasons behind this increased libido, from hormone roles to cycle phases, and whether it’s a matter of concern. Read more to find out.

What causes high libido before period

A high libido right before your period is not a coincidence – there’s science behind this phenomenon. 

This surge in your libido can result from a delicate hormonal dance within your body. 

It’s not the only reason. Other factors, such as premenstrual discharge and bloating, can also play a role in increasing libido.

According to a study, most people have reported a rise in sexual desire during ovulation.

However, research is still underway to find the concrete reasons behind high libido before your period. 

Here are a few theories that explain the causes of high libido before period:

Estrogen and testosterone levels

One major factor contributing to a high libido before your period is hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

Estrogen levels rise as your period ends and continue to increase until you ovulate. 

It can increase your sexual desire. 

Additionally, testosterone, often referred to as the “male” hormone, is present in smaller amounts in females too. 

Testosterone levels are at a peak when you ovulate, and they can increase your sex drive.

Contrastingly, low testosterone can cause Erectile Dysfunction in men and cause low libido in women.

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Premenstrual discharge

As your period approaches, your body may produce more cervical mucus, also known as  “premenstrual discharge”.

It acts as a natural lubricant during sexual activity, making it more pleasurable. 

This discharge is associated with an increased desire for sexual intimacy because it increases genital sensitivity.

High libido in women is very common and not something to be embarrassed about. You must cherish your sexuality and enjoy it to the brim. 

However, sometimes it can mess with your daily life. That’s why here is your guide to empowering women with high libido!

Pre-period bloating

bloatingSource: Margaryta_Basarab_from_Getty_Images
Young woman suffering from bloating

Many people experience bloating and discomfort before their period due to hormonal changes. 

Excessive bloating is very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. 

However, bloating in the pelvic region can put pressure on your G-spot. As a result, it makes your G-spot feel more sensitive. 

According to studies, the G spot is related to female arousal and pleasure.

Bloating can also affect the nerves in your pelvic area, potentially stimulating blood flow to the genital region.

This results in an increased libido.

Bloating can be very uncomfortable. If you have excessive bloating during your period, you can put a hot water bag on the bloated region for some relief.

Sex helps relieve PMS symptoms

Sexual activity can positively affect your body, including reducing certain Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms. 

Endorphins are released during sex in your body.

They can help alleviate mood swings, headaches, and period cramps.

All of it can make you more inclined to engage in intimate activities, resulting in a high libido.

Hormonal changes during your cycle

Your menstrual cycle consists of different phases, each influenced by varying hormone levels. 

The follicular phase occurs before ovulation, and during this time, your estrogen and sexual desire typically rise. 

The luteal occurs after ovulation. 

Some individuals experience a dip in their libido during this period due to hormonal changes.

While fluctuations in libido are normal, if you notice sudden or extreme changes, you must consult your doctor.

Is high libido right before a period normal

Is-high-libido-right-before-a-period-normalSource: Dean_Drobot
Young woman thinking

A high libido before periods is a phenomenon that many people encounter. And in most cases, it’s entirely normal. 

Your body undergoes a series of hormonal fluctuations throughout your menstrual cycle. It can influence your sexual desire. 

However, while a high libido before your period is generally considered normal, sudden or extreme changes in your sexual desire might warrant further attention. 

There have been instances where changes in libido could indicate an underlying medical condition or imbalance. 

Certain conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), thyroid disorders, or hormonal imbalances could affect your libido. 

In such cases, you must visit your doctor.

Summing up

A high libido before your period is a natural phenomenon driven by factors such as hormonal shifts. 

Estrogen and testosterone play key roles in increasing your sexual desire before periods. 

Changes in cervical mucus, bloating, and the potential alleviation of PMS symptoms also contribute to this phenomenon. 

Remember that variations in libido are normal. 

But consulting your doctor is always a wise decision if you have concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my libido so high before my period?

Many people experience an increased libido before and during their periods.
It is particularly due to an increase in estrogen and testosterone levels.

Is high libido before a period normal?

Yes, it’s normal for libido to vary throughout your menstrual cycle, including having a high libido before your period.
However, if you’re still doubtful, we recommend you consult your doctor.

Why does high libido before periods occur?

Hormonal fluctuations, such as rising estrogen and testosterone levels, increased cervical mucus, and potential alleviation of PMS symptoms, contribute to high libido before your period.

What stage of the cycle is the libido the highest?

Libido is often highest during the follicular phase. This phase occurs rights before ovulation.

During follicular phases, estrogen levels are at a peak. They contribute to a high libido.

Is increased libido a period symptom?

An increased libido may not necessarily be a period symptom. There are various other causes of a high libido, apart from periods.
However, most people experience a surge in their libido right before periods.

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