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Is Having High Libido Healthy: Everything About Causes And Treatment

Julian Carter


high libido

Many people get worried due to a lack of sexual arousal but high libido has also become a growing topic of concern lately.

A high libido is a state of intense sexual arousal. It is usually normal and quite common. 

High sex drive is harmless unless it starts to affect other important aspects of one’s life. 

It may cause compulsive sexual activity or out-of-control sexual behavior in some people. High libido can also lead to relationship conflicts in couples with varied libido levels.

This article will cover the signs, causes, and management of high libido. 

Signs of high libido

As discussed above, a high libido is usually harmless.

However, it turns into a problem when it leads to sexual activity that feels out of control. Additionally, it may cause sexual compulsion.  

Signs of high libido or sexual compulsion include:

  • Negative impacts on health, relationships, and work
  • Unsuccessful attempts to limit or stop sexual behavior
  • Secrecy about sexual activities
  • Feeling dependent on sexual behavior
  • Lack of fulfillment with other activities
  • Using sex to escape problems
  • Difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships

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  • What causes high libido

    There are numerous factors that can affect a person’s sex drive and cause high libido.

    Some of the major causes of a high libido are hormonal changes, psychological issues, lifestyle choices, puberty, drugs, health, etc.

    It is vital for individuals and even couples to understand the causes of high libido. Let’s delve deeper into these causes.

    Fluctuating hormone levels

    Chemical formula of TestosteroneSource: GreenApple78_From_Getty_Images
    Fluctuations in T-Levels causes variation in libido

    A person’s sexual desire is greatly influenced by hormones like testosterone and Estrogen.

    Even a slightest change in these hormone levels can cause the libido levels to change. 

    Therefore, changing hormone levels are one of the major causes of low libido or high libido.

    Understanding high and low testosterone causes in your body is crucial for a better understanding of your sexual life. 

    For instance, libido may get impacted by hormonal changes that occur during menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, or postpartum. 

    Puberty or aging

    Significant physical and physiological changes occur during puberty. A study reveals that physical exercise raises one’s urge for sexual activity. 

    Adolescents experience a significant increase in libido during puberty.

    Similarly, hormonal changes that come with aging can also affect a person’s sex drive. These aging-related hormonal changes may result in enhanced libido in certain older individuals.

    Physical exercise

    According to a 2018 study, regular physical activity has many advantages, including a good effect on sexual arousal and desire. 

    Regular exercise or workout can reduce stress to a great extent. It also increases blood flow and produces endorphins. 

    An increase in sex desire is a result of all of these factors. 

    Yoga, running, and other physical activities can help you control a strong libido. Exercise reduces libido and helps to channel surplus energy.

    Health conditions

    High libidos are sometimes caused by certain medical issues. 

    An example of such a health condition is Bipolar disorder, a mood disorder. It can cause fluctuations in libido due to changes in mood and energy levels. 

    Addressing the underlying health condition with proper medical treatment can help manage libido levels.

    Less stress

    Sexual desire can be significantly impacted by stress. 

    A decrease in libido may result from high amounts of stress. On the other hand, less stress can make you more sexually active. 

    You should engage in stress-relieving methods like deep breathing exercises, meditation, and spending quality time with loved ones.  It can positively influence libido.

    Healthy sexual relationship

    A satisfying sexual relationship can contribute to a higher libido because emotional and physical intimacy fosters a stronger desire for sexual activity. 

    Partners should communicate openly and understand one another. It is essential to keeping a connection strong.

    Switching medication

    As a side effect, some medications might reduce libido.

    Antidepressants, antipsychotics, and hormonal contraceptives are a few of these medications.

    You should consult your doctor if your medicine is causing you to have a high libido. They can adjust the dosage or switch medicines to help manage the situation.

    If you feel your sexual desire is affecting other vital areas of your life, it’s crucial to consult your doctor.

    High libido in women

    The female reproductive system experiences fluctuations in sexual desire throughout the menstrual cycle. 

    Libido often peaks around the time of ovulation when Estrogen levels are at their highest. 

    Variations in sexual desire and a raised libido may result from this rise in hormone levels.

    If you are on your period and experiencing increased sexual desire but not wishing to become pregnant, it is important to use contraception carefully.

    How can I manage a high sex drive

    Having a high sex drive can be a normal part of being human. 

    It might, however, occasionally cause problems with day-to-day living. 

    This section will go through useful advice and methods for controlling a strong libido, including yoga, meditation, drugs, sex therapy, etc.

    Meditation and yoga

    A man doing meditationSource: hitdelight
    Yoga and Meditation can help individuals with high libido

    Yoga and meditation can help individuals develop mindfulness and self-control. 

    These practices help in managing sexual impulses and high libido. It also helps to prevent sexual desire from getting out of control.

    Sex therapy

    You can try sex therapy with a qualified therapist to manage high libido. 

    They can offer helpful advice and coping mechanisms for dealing with a high libido. 

    The effects of excessive libido on a person’s life and relationships can also be discussed during these treatment sessions.

    Consider medication

    In some cases, doctors may suggest medication to regulate libido if it becomes excessively problematic. 

    However, this approach should only be considered after a thorough evaluation by a doctor.

    Just like Horny Goat Weed is popular for treating low libido, there are various medications for low libido too.

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    Summing up

    A high libido is a normal and healthy aspect of human sexuality. It poses no issues for many individuals and adds to their overall well-being. 

    However, if a high sex drive starts interfering with daily life or relationships, addressing the concerns is essential. 

    Understanding the causes of high libido and exploring available treatments, including meditation, yoga, medications, etc, is crucial.

    It can help individuals manage their sexual desire effectively and maintain a healthy balance in life.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What age is libido highest?

    Libido typically peaks during adolescence and early adulthood, around the late teens to mid-20s. However, it can vary among individuals.

    Why do I have a high libido?  

    High libido can result from hormonal fluctuations, health conditions, stress levels, or medications. It’s essential to assess its impact on your life and relationships.

    Is it good to have a high libido?

    Having a high libido can be good for some people and problematic for others. It is subjective. It becomes a problem when it starts influencing other aspects of your life.

    How do you know if you have a high libido?

    An overwhelming desire for sexual activity that feels out of control is an indication of high libido. It often leads to potential issues in various areas of life like frustration, distraction, losing focus, etc.

    What increases high libido?

    Factors like hormone levels, physical exercise, being in a satisfying sexual relationship, and reduced stress can contribute to increased libido.

    At what age does libido peak?

    Libido often peaks in adolescence and the early stages of adulthood, typically between the late teens and mid-20s.

    What is having a high libido like?

    If your libido is excessive and it starts to affect your relationships and daily life, it can be difficult. However, it is a common element of their sexuality for many people.

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