Q1. Is Goodrxmedicine a licensed online pharmacy?

Ans. Goodrxmedicine is a certified and licensed online pharmacy that ensures the best quality medicines at the most affordable price 


Q2. Is it compulsory to have a prescription to shop with your online pharmacy?

Ans. Yes. We do not approve of the purchase of any medicine from our online drugstore without a certified doctor’s prescription. 


Q3. Is my personal information that I register while making a purchase, safe with you?

Ans. Yes. We make sure that the details that you share with us are safe. We have brought together the best technology to keep the database encrypted. Our team members only reach out to your information in the process of placing the order. We assure you that none of the data that you share with us is sold by us to any third party. 


Q4. What are Generic Drugs?

Ans. These are the drugs that contain exactly the same ingredients that the medicine of the patent company constitutes, the only difference is that they are cheaper because they are not sold under the brand name. Generic Drugs are produced only when the patent of the original drugs expire. 


Q5. Are these drugs safe to consume?

Ans. No matter whether the drug is generic or named under the brand, there are certain FDA guidelines that every medicine has to adhere to. Since both the generic drug and the brand drug have the same active ingredients (though they differ in inactive ingredient), the risk and benefit factors are almost the same.


Q6. Why are generic drugs so cheaper than brand drugs?

Ans. This is because the generic drug, unlike a brand drug, doesn’t spend money on marketing, advertising, and other expensive procedure. They just involve manufacturing, packaging and distribution costs. 


Q7. How long does the order take to be delivered? 

Ans. It takes 10 to 12 business days for the successful delivery of the orders. 


Q8. Is there any way I can avail discount on my orders?

Ans. Yes. Sign up to our newsletter and get a 10% discount on all orders. 


Q9. What is the procedure of canceling the order?

Ans. You can simply initiate the cancellation process by mail to our customer service executive at support@goodrxmedicine.com.