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Why is Eliquis so Expensive: Understanding the Cost

why is eliquis so expensive

Eliquis, a widely prescribed anticoagulant, has become a vital medication for millions worldwide. Even though it helps avoid blood clots and strokes in important ways, many patients don’t understand why it costs so much.  In this article, we’ll talk about the things that make Eliquis so expensive and some ways to deal with the costs. … Read more

Lung Cancer- Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Doctor diagnosing lung cancer

“Only 15% of lung cancers are caught at an early stage. However, the survival rate drops to 3.5%.” Think twice before taking that puff of cigarette smoke. Smoking cigarettes is the number one risk factor for developing lung cancer. Almost 80 to 90% of lung cancer deaths in the United States have been linked to … Read more

How to Avoid a Cardiac Death- Guide to Survival

Man encountering a cardiac arrest

“Sudden cardiac death is the largest cause of natural death in the United States, causing about 325,000 adult deaths in the United States each year.” Cardiovascular diseases have claimed to be a leading cause of death in the United States. It has been estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that one person … Read more

Hypertension: A chronic Illness That Can Be Prevented

Testing for hypertension

“An estimated 1.28 billion adults aged 30-79 years worldwide have hypertension, most (two-thirds) living in low- and middle-income countries.” Says WHO What is Hypertension? A person’s Blood pressure in the body is the force that blood exerts against the arteries, this pressure particularly depends upon the resistance of the blood vessels and on the heart’s … Read more

Diabetic Coma: A Life Threatening Medical Emergency

Man testing for Diabetes

“Researchers estimate that 34 million people living in the United States have diabetes.” Diabetes is a disease in which the blood sugar or blood glucose levels become too high resulting in insulin resistance or less production in the body. Long term exposure to such a metabolic disease leads to serious damage to the heart, blood … Read more

Scoliosis Treatment- A Guide to Treating Curved Back

A man suffering from scoliosis back pain

Are you dealing with a hunched-back? Have you noticed your spine looks like the shape of the letter C or S? Scoliosis pain is a condition when the spine is curved to either the left or right side or both of the body.  Scoliosis pain makes the spine curve to one side. The bend caused … Read more

Effective Ways For Distance Cholera Infection!

Lab testing cholera in water

Cholera is a contaminated disease that occurs from food or dirty water. Cholera is a dreadful epidemic contagious disease. It is identified by watery diarrhoea, utmost deprivation of fluid and electrolytes from the body, and acute dehydration reaction. It can be lethal. Vibrio cholera is the bacteria responsible for cholera disease occurring in the first place … Read more