1. Chemotherapy: A Miraculous Cancer Treatment That Helps Save Lives


    Chemotherapy, also called “Chemo,” is an aggressive form of chemical drug therapy intended to destroy rapidly growing cells in the body. It is generally used as a cancer treatment because cancer cells grow and divide faster than any other cells. Chemotherapy is done by a doctor who specializes in cancer treatment - called an Oncologist. They will work with you and propose the best treatment plan for you.

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  2. 10 Signs Of A Karmic Relationship

    Karmic relationship

    A karmic relationship is a kind of relationship that’s meant to foster the lessons we require to learn in this lifetime regarding love and partnership. It can be thought of as a soulmate relationship as there’s a connection between two souls, although it's quite different from twin flames or soulmates that are curative in nature. Most people would have been into these karmic relationships in their lifetime.

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  3. Air-conditioning Overuse Can Be Detrimental. Beware!

    Air conditioning

    Most people prefer using air conditioning to counterbalance the weather change effects. But unfortunately, many people would be unaware of the health issues overuse of air conditioning causes. This blog will educate you regarding the illness caused due to the overuse of air conditioning. You will also come across some tips that you can consider for the safe utilization of air conditioning.

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  4. 10 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Reduce Global Warming

    Global warming

    Global warming doesn’t just imply warming; that’s the reason why “climate change” has become one of the most favored terms among investigators and policymakers. While the entire planet is becoming hotter on average, the temperature rise could have paradoxical effects, including frequent and more severe snowstorms. Global warming affects the Earth in many significant ways: by melting ice, by drying out already-arid regions, by causing weather extremes, and by disrupting the careful balance of oceans.

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  5. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatment: Prevent The Infection From Affecting Your Fertility

    pelvic inflammatory disease treatment

    The doctor often suggests antibiotics to treat PID because they sometimes remain unaware of the type of bacteria responsible for developing PID. Therefore, PID-infected patients need to complete their medicine course even if their condition gets better before completing the course. Pelvic inflammatory disease treatment sometimes involves surgeries that are required to treat the infection.

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  6. What Is The Role Of Consulting Firms To Help U.S. Control The Pandemic?


    The United States exceeded nine million COVID-19 cases on October 30, but this bleak milestone is less terrifying than the rate at which it has been attained. The nation reported a million cases in just 14 days, between October 16 and October 30. Cases hadn’t increased in that rate since late July when the COVID-19 pandemic spiked across the South and Southwest.

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  7. Must-have Classroom Precautions For COVID-19

    Novel coronavirus

    If wearing fabric masks is advised in your school, then ensure your students are informed about when they should wear masks and any associated school policies, including how to discard used masks securely to eliminate the dangers of contaminated masks in classrooms as well as playgrounds.

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  8. How Erectile dysfunction & Performance Anxiety Differ?

    Erectile dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction is one of the very common sexual problems in men. It is also called impotence and refers to a medical condition in which men are unable to achieve or maintain erections. Either they don't get erections at all, or their erections are not firm enough or last long to have a pleasant sexual activity.

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  9. See How Wearing Face Masks Can Protect Your Life?

    Wearing face masks

    With the reopening of various states from shelter-in-place order, multiple parts of the nation now necessitate people wearing face masks in public spaces to minimize the transmission of COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has reconstructed life as we know it. Many of us are still staying home, avoiding people in public spaces, changing daily habits such as going to school, or work in unimaginable ways.

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  10. How To Save A Relationship In Crisis?


    One of the toughest challenges we have to face is - relationship crisis. During this period, what we do can have a lasting impact on our lives. A distressed relationship is demanding enough and can quickly deteriorate without some expert advice and the right tools. In this blog, you’ll come across some of the most potent measures you can take to save a relationship crisis. 

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