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Oestrogel Gel 80 gm

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About Oestrogel Gel 80gm

Oestrogel is formulated with the female sex hormone Estradiol, responsible for regulating various functions throughout the body.

It is an excellent treatment for the symptoms linked with menopause, such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and itching. 

It is also an effective treatment for Osteoporosis, which is the weakening of bones.

This gel can only be obtained through a medical professional's prescription.

Besins Healthcare manufactures Oestrogel 80gm gel.

Oestrogel uses

Since Oestrogel contains Estradiol, it can aid menopausal women whose bodies produce less Estrogen. It is a kind of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

It treats menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings.

It protects postmenopausal women from developing Osteoporosis, which weakens bones. Estradiol gel treats low Estrogen levels in females with ovarian failure.

Prostate and breast cancer can also be treated with Oestrogel gel 80 with other anticancer medications.

Working of Oestrogel

As mentioned, Oestrogel Gel 80gm contains Estradiol.

Oestrogel Estradiol 80 grams is prescribed when the body does not naturally make enough Estrogen. 

Estradiol gel is used as a Hormone Replacement Treatment. 

It relieves menopausal symptoms by acting as a substitute for Estrogen.

Additionally, this protects the bones from becoming fragile and porous over time.

How to use it

Take Oestrogel gel only when your healthcare provider prescribes it.

This medication is for external use; therefore, it should not be taken orally.

Follow the dosage and duration instructions provided by your doctor.

Before applying the gel, make sure your hands are clean and wash your hands after you use the gel.

Oral medications containing Estradiol gel are also available, such as Progynova 2 mg and Progynova 1 mg.

Side effects

Most adverse effects do not necessitate medical treatment and subside as the body responds to the medication. Consult your physician if symptoms continue.

  • Hair loss
  • Breast pain
  • Breast enlargement
  • Uterine bleeding
  • Depression
  • Joint pain
  • Itching
  • Irritable bladder
  • Leg cramps
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Leukorrhea


Interactions may reduce the efficacy of your medications or raise the risk of side effects. 

Discuss with your physician any possible medicines, disease, and food interactions.

Drug Interaction

Disease Interaction

Food Interaction

Anti-epileptic medicines

Breast cancer

Grapefruit or Grapefruit juice

Medicines for infections

Vaginal bleeding


Viral infection medications

Blood clot in the leg 

Fatty meals

High blood pressure drugs

Cancer of the Endometrium 


Blood thinner medicines

Liver or kidney disease


Note: This is not the complete list of interactions of Oestrogel. Please talk to your doctor or some medical expert to get more information regarding the interactions


Before and after taking Estradiol gel, keep the following things in mind:

  • Please do not consume Oestrogel 80gm gel if you are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • The use of Oestrogel gel 80gm may raise the possibility of blood clots. While using this gel, you should contact your doctor frequently to ensure that its effects are being monitored carefully
  • Confer with your healthcare provider if you have a history of vaginal bleeding, Breast cancer, or blood clots in your legs or lungs since your dose may need to be adjusted


Place in a dark, dry, and cool location away from direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oestrogel used for?

Oestrogel gel is an Estrogen hormone. It aids in treating Estrogen insufficiency symptoms in women, such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness. 

It is also prescribed to postmenopausal women at an increased risk of bone fractures and has few therapeutic options to reduce that risk.

What time of day is best to apply Oestrogel?

The prescription differs from person to person, and one can take Oestrogel 80gm gel at any time during the day, but consistency is important.

How quickly does Oestrogel work?

It may take a few weeks before you notice any improvement in your symptoms, and you may experience some side effects initially. Continue taking the medicine for at least three months to determine if it's working or not.

Can too much Oestrogel cause weight gain?

Oestrogel Gel 80 gm may result in either weight gain or reduction. It is a common adverse effect. Therefore, if you exercise consistently and consume a nutritious diet, you can prevent weight gain.

Who should not take Oestrogel Gel 80 gm?

Individuals with abnormal vaginal bleeding, liver or kidney disease, a bleeding problem, Breast or Uterus cancer, or who have suffered a stroke or heart attack should not apply Oestrogel 80 gm. 

Additionally, it should be avoided during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

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