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Vitamin D Sources- 10 Food Items To Swear By!

Gina Walters


Food that are rich source of Vitamin D

Vitamins are the essential nutrients that our body needs in adequate amounts for proper growth and development. Vitamin D aids our bodies to absorb calcium. Calcium is one of the core elements of bones.

A deficiency of vitamin D may cause certain diseases, including rickets or osteoporosis. Vitamin D also has a crucial role in muscle, nerves and immune systems.

The prime source of vitamin D is sunlight. On regular days most people get adequate sunlight exposure that converts into calcium in their body.

Only people living farther from the equator are mostly deficient in this nutrient as they don’t receive much sunlight.

But during winners or when you’re stuck indoors due to some other reasons, you are likely to have Vitamin D deficiency. 

Luckily, sunlight is not the only source of vitamin D. There are some other less-known sources as well that don’t require going out in sunlight. Read on and fathom some of the fantastic ways to boost your vitamin D levels in the body.

1. Sit By Your Window

You can’t go outside, but you can still sit by your window for some time. It will not only help get some vitamin D but also will improve your mood. Make a routine to spend at least 10-20 minutes sitting by your window or doing your exercises on your verandah or terrace of your home. 

2. Choose A Health Supplement

There are several Vitamin D supplements available out there on the market.

But taking into account that you’re stuck indoors for long and probably not getting as much fresh produce, as usual, you should choose a high-quality multivitamin supplement.

We are fans of Ritual, a one-per-day capsule developed for women by age, that streamlines the vitamin-taking procedure and is even scented with mint so you can pleasantly gulp the pill.

3. Try A Light Therapy Lamp

If you are unable to get natural light, what’s the next thing? Artificial light, indeed! Now there’s a severe risk of coronavirus infection outdoors, and you’re compelled to stay inside apartments where you may not be getting enough natural light.

In such a case, you can try a light therapy lamp to enhance your light exposure.

Studies suggest that a light therapy lamp can also help elevate your mood and regulate your circadian rhythm (our 24-hour biological cycle).

4. Boost Your Dairy Consumption

Cow’s milk or non-dairy alternative milk such as almond milk, soy milk and oat milk – are all excellent sources of Vitamin D.

If you prefer to consume your dairy, then it would be wise to choose yoghurt, cheese, or any other products that are rich in vitamins.

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5. Eat Canned Fish

Canned fish, including salmon or tuna, are excellent sources of Vitamin D. Buying canned fish would be great now as you can keep them in your storeroom for a considerable time. 

6. Eat Eggs

You can consider eating eggs regularly for an additional boost of vitamin D. Remember, all of the vitamin D is in the egg yolks, and not in whites.

Yes, egg yolks are full of fat content, but if you are deficient in vitamin D, you should eat them or else other serious problems can occur.

7. Drink Orange Juice

Apart from being an abundant source of vitamin C, orange juice is also a good source of vitamin D. Include a glass of fresh orange juice in your diet for an extra dose of vitamin D content. 

8. Make The Most Out Of Mushrooms

The only Vitamin D sources in the produce section is Mushrooms. It would be best if you can choose the one that has been exposed to ultraviolet light by the producers.

You can also attempt to grow mushrooms in the garden of your home; it will be a fun and healthy indoor activity. If you really wish to have an additional dose of vitamins, make a mushroom omelette, to gain the added benefits of eggs.

It would be a healthy, delicious snack option to munch on.

9. Look For Some Other Vitamin D Fortified Foods

There are several vitamin D fortified foods, including oatmeals, cereals, plant yoghurts, plant milk, and orange juice. Make sure you read the labels before buying any product. 

10. Try Beef Liver

Beef livers may not be that delicious but are one of the few foods that provide vitamin D, though in small amounts. If you are okay with eating meat, try beef liver to get an extra dose of vitamin D. 

Our bodies require an adequate daily dose of vitamin D to stay healthy, but you can quickly get deficient of these nutrients when you’re cooped up indoors.

Hope, this blog would be a great help for those who were anxiously looking for alternative sources of vitamin D. 

We wish you all to stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy! Happy Quarantine!

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