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What are the Different Supplements to Delay Ejaculation?

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Written by- Julian Carter

Premature Ejaculation (PE) refers to the situation where a male experiences an orgasm faster than desired by their partner.

According to research, 20-30% of sexually active men suffer from PE.

Premature Ejaculation can be awkward and frustrating. It may result in lower sexual satisfaction for both parties involved.

But, PE is a treatable condition. One can increase sexual satisfaction by using supplements to delay ejaculation.

This article discusses the types of supplements to delay ejaculation in detail.

What Supplements Delay Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation supplements are a well-known treatment option.

Supplements encompass a range of natural substances that are believed to have an impact on sexual function and performance. 

Zinc, Magnesium, and vitamins are some supplements to delay ejaculation.

Let us discuss the supplement options in detail.


Zinc supplements help increase immunity, metabolism, and much more.

According to a study, men who use a Zinc supplementation regime have seen an increase in testosterone levels. This may increase libido.

Increased testosterone works in increasing sex drive that might help you last longer in bed.

Further research is still needed to establish a more transparent link between Zinc and Premature Ejaculation.

Quick Fact:
Zinc is found in foods like meat, fish, nuts, etc. Consume these food items to increase Zinc naturally.


Magnesium is important for many functions in our body, like blood pressure regulation, muscle function, nerve function, etc.

It is also responsible for one’s reproductive health and healthy sperm production.

Seeds, nuts, oats, etc., are Magnesium-rich food. Incorporate this food into your diet to increase Magnesium naturally.

Taking Magnesium supplements also helps the heart and immunity.

Research states that men with significant PE had lower seminal Magnesium levels.

Therefore, incorporating Magnesium supplements to delay ejaculation can potentially enhance an individual’s sexual function.


Different vitamins are responsible for different functions in our body.

A study found a link between Premature Ejaculation and low level of Vitamin B12.

Another study stated that men with acquired Premature Ejaculation have lower vitamin D levels.

The above studies suggest that certain vitamin deficiencies can be a possible cause of PE.

Do not self-medicate yourself with PE medicines. Always consult a doctor.

Other Alternatives

Pilates ExercisesSource: Syda_Productions
Pilates Exercise

Supplements to delay ejaculation are a well-known and widely used treatment option for Premature Ejaculation (PE). However, there are alternative treatments available in addition to supplements to help with PE.

One can take medicines to manage their PE journey. 

Another approach is to explore home remedies, exercise regularly, and maintain a balanced diet, which can naturally help with PE.

Surgery may be a possible option for individuals significantly affected by Premature Ejaculation.

Selective Dorsal Neurectomy, Inner Condom technique, and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Gel Glans Penis Augmentation are some surgical techniques for Premature Ejaculation.

However, research shows that one should view surgery as a last resort for managing PE. Before considering surgery, consult a doctor to discuss the procedure’s options, potential risks, and benefits.

Medications may help with your PE journey

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Premature Ejaculation is a common problem.

There are many treatment options available for PE.

Supplements to delay ejaculation are a well-known treatment option for PE.

After consulting a doctor, you may use vitamins, Zinc, and Magnesium supplements to help with PE.

Other treatment options for Premature Ejaculation are medications, home remedies, exercises, diet, and surgery.

Kindly consult with your doctor and choose a suitable treatment option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a man last before ejaculating?

The time period for ejaculation and sexual satisfaction is different for different people.
Premature Ejaculation means when you ejaculate within 1 minute of intercourse.

3 minutes or longer is the typical length of sexual activity.

Does Magnesium delay ejaculation?

Magnesium is important for reproductive health and healthy sperm count. Therefore, taking Magnesium supplements might help with Premature Ejaculation.

Kindly consult with a doctor before taking any supplements.

Is there a natural cure for  Premature Ejaculation?

Yes, there are various ways to help with Premature Ejaculation, like supplements to delay ejaculation, home remedies, diet, and exercises.

Natural treatment options may take some time to show results. Patience and consistency is the key to natural options. 

Is Premature Ejaculation permanent?

Premature Ejaculation isn’t usually permanent. Treating an underlying condition that’s causing PE, such as stress or Anxiety, may help you last longer during sex.

Is it safe to take supplements to delay ejaculation?

Yes, it is safe to take supplements. But consult your doctor as supplements may have potential side effects or interact with other medicines. 

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