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How Long Can the Average Man Stay Erect? A Closer Look

How Long Can the Average Man Stay Erect

Many men struggle to perform in bed, which may adversely affect their relationship with their partner. Maintaining erections and lasting long in bed is a priority for most men. There is no universal standard of how long sexual activity lasts or how long a penis stays erect. The duration of an erection varies among individuals … Read more

Why Does A Man Have To Pee After Ejaculating? Reason Behind It

why does a man have to pee after ejaculating

Many men experience the sudden urge to urinate after an orgasm. The need to urinate after ejaculation is a natural physiological response.  Although it is essential to pee after ejaculation to prevent the risk of UTIs, the urge to pee is not correlated to it. In this article, we explore the question “why does a … Read more

The A to Z of Ejaculation in Men and Women


Ejaculation is a natural and integral part of the human sexual experience. It brings pleasure and promotes reproduction.  It is a biological process that occurs due to sexual stimulation. Ejaculation in men and women has distinct differences and serves various purposes. This article discusses the physiology and sensation of ejaculation in men and women. It … Read more

The Surprising Benefits of Not Ejaculating: What You Need to Know

benefits of not ejaculating

Ejaculation is a natural and physiological process that occurs in males during sexual activity.  It is the release of semen from the penis, accompanied by orgasmic sensations.  Ejaculation is a significant aspect of sexual health and reproduction.  However, some people may practice semen retention. It refers to consciously avoiding ejaculation and preserving semen within the … Read more

Is It Unhealthy To Not Ejaculate: Know The Truth

is it unhealthy to not ejaculate

Ejaculation in males, or Assigned Males at Birth (AMAB), occurs when the penis produces semen (a white fluid) in response to sexual stimulation. Male ejaculation is a complicated process which mainly consists of two stages: ejection and emission. Ejaculating regularly has many benefits, including relieving stress and reducing Depression and Anxiety. However, several individuals encounter … Read more

From Science To Satisfaction: Why Does Ejaculation Feel So Good?

why does ejaculation feel so good

Ejaculation is a natural and pleasurable experience that occurs during sexual activity. It is the release of semen from the penis. Intense physical and emotional sensations usually accompany it.  Both men and women experience ejaculation during sexual intercourse. The frequency of ejaculation varies among individuals.  Some may experience it multiple times while some less frequently. … Read more

At What Age Does A Man Start Ejaculating: Answers And Insights

at what age does a man start ejaculating

Ejaculation is the release of a fluid called semen  from the penis. It occurs during sexual intercourse or masturbation, and is often accompanied by an orgasm.  A sticky liquid called cum or semen is released during this process, which is essential for reproduction. A question that often arises, “At what age does a man start … Read more

Ejaculation After Vasectomy: What to Expect

ejaculation after vasectomy

Ejaculation is a physiological process where the penis releases semen during sexual arousal and orgasm.  It is a natural and essential part of the reproductive system in males. After undergoing a vasectomy, many men may wonder about the changes they can expect in their ejaculation.  Vasectomy involves cutting or blocking the vas deferens or the … Read more

What Happens if a Man Stops Ejaculating: Exploring the Answer

what happens if a man stops ejaculating

Ejaculation is a natural process by which semen is released from the penis during sexual stimulation and orgasm. A man experiences ejaculation and orgasm simultaneously.  But, it is also possible to have ejaculation without orgasm or vice versa. Ejaculation plays a crucial role in releasing sperm, which is necessary for fertilizing an egg and initiating … Read more

Prostate Ejaculation: Understanding the Unique Sensation

prostate ejaculation

Prostate ejaculation is an interesting reproductive function in men. It involves fluid release from the prostate gland during sexual arousal and orgasm.  While ejaculation is commonly associated with the release of semen from the penis, prostate ejaculation refers specifically to the expulsion of prostatic fluid.  Let us explore prostate ejaculation and its significance in sexual … Read more