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Can You Get Eye Strain From Video Games? Effects and Remedies

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Written by- Gina Walters

Eye strain from excessive screen usage has become a common concern in the digital age. 

This is an especially prevalent problem among video game players. 

Prolonged exposure to screens while playing video games can lead to eye pain and discomfort.

Understanding the symptoms, effects, and preventive measures of eye strain from video games is crucial for preserving healthy vision.

Do video games cause eye strain

Video games do not directly cause eye strain. However, long periods of screen time while gaming can affect the eyes. 

Factors like intense visual content, improper viewing conditions, and prolonged focus can lead to eye strain while gaming. 

Taking regular breaks and adopting eye-friendly habits can help reduce the risk of eye strain during gaming.

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Symptoms of eye strain from video games

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Woman using laptop suffering from eye strain

Eye strain from video games presents with various symptoms that cause discomfort. These video game eye strain symptoms include:

Eye strain causes discomfort and dryness in the eyes due to lack of moisture. It may lead to difficulty focusing or blurry vision.

Irritation, itching, redness, and a burning sensation in the eye may occur after prolonged gaming sessions. 

Individuals may also experience persistent eye strain headaches around the temple or forehead. Their eyes may feel sensitive to bright lights. 

These symptoms indicate that the eyes are tired from excessive screen exposure while gaming and need rest.

Performing simple eye strain exercises like frequent blinking, palming, and focus shifting can help relieve the symptoms

Effects of video game eye strain

Persistent or recurring eye strain from excessive gaming can have various long-term concerns, such as:

  • Worsening vision
  • Poor eye health
  • Persistent eye pain or discomfort
  • Impact on daily life 

Extended periods of screen time during gaming can deplete your vision and eye health. You may experience temporary blurriness or trouble focusing.

Fatigued eyes can hurt your visual performance, leading to difficulties in concentration and slower reaction times.

Moreover, eye strain caused by gaming can interfere with everyday activities as it causes discomfort and decreases visual clarity.

Some individuals may resort to pain relievers for headaches caused by eye strain. Overuse of medications without addressing the root cause can be detrimental.

How to reduce eye strain while gaming

As mentioned above, persistent eye strain from prolonged gaming can worsen your eyesight and cause discomfort. 

Due to this, protecting your eyes to prevent eye strain is essential while gaming.

Remedies for eye strain during gaming involve following several practices for eye exercises, including —

Frequent breaks: Follow the 20-20-20 rule while gaming; every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds to relax eye muscles.

Ensure proper lighting: Make sure the lighting in the room is sufficient, and try to prevent any glare or reflections on the screen.

Adjust screen settings: Optimize brightness, contrast, and font size for comfortable viewing.

Blink frequently: Blink consciously several times to prevent dryness and maintain eye moisture.

Maintain proper posture: Sit at an adequate distance from the screen to reduce eye strain. 

Use blue light filters: Consider using blue light filters or specialized gaming glasses to reduce strain from screen glare.

Stay hydrated: Drink water to prevent dehydration, aiding in maintaining adequate eye moisture.

These practices can significantly minimize eye strain and enhance comfort during gaming sessions.

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The takeaway

Eye strain from video games can lead to symptoms like dry eyes, headaches, eye pain, and blurry vision

This strain results from various factors, including intense visual focus, improper lighting, and prolonged screen exposure.

While gaming can lead to temporary discomfort, taking certain precautions to minimize these issues is important. 

This includes taking regular breaks, adjusting screen settings for optimal viewing, and maintaining good posture. 

Practicing these habits and prioritizing eye health can minimize the negative impacts of long gaming sessions. It can enhance their visual comfort and overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What helps eye strain from video games?

Taking frequent breaks, optimizing screen settings, using proper lighting, and practicing eye exercises can reduce eye strain from gaming.

How do I protect my eyes when playing video games?

Take breaks, adjust screen settings, maintain proper posture, use blue light filters, and keep the gaming area well-lit to protect your eyes.

Do gamers have eye problems?

Long gaming sessions without breaks or proper eye care can lead to eye strain and related issues. However, not all gamers necessarily experience eye problems.

Can eye strain cause vertigo while playing video games?

You don’t typically get vertigo from eye strain. However, prolonged visual focus and other factors might contribute to dizziness or discomfort.

Why do video games hurt your eyes?

Video games hurt your eyes due to prolonged screen exposure, intense visual content, improper lighting, and inadequate viewing conditions.

Can video games cause permanent eye damage?

Prolonged exposure to screens might cause eye strain. However, there’s limited evidence that video games directly cause permanent eye damage.

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