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Eye Strain and Vertigo: Understanding the Connection

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Written by- Gina Walters

Eye strain happens when the eyes focus intensely on something for prolonged periods.

On the other hand, Vertigo is a sensation of dizziness and spinning, often accompanied by nausea and loss of balance.

Eye strain and Vertigo are common eye conditions caused by long-term exposure to digital screens.

Let us explore more about the connection between eye strain and Vertigo.

Can eye strain cause Vertigo

Yes, eye strain can potentially cause Vertigo.

Eye strain may cause tension in the eye muscles and affect the muscles responsible for maintaining balance and spatial orientation.

A person may experience a feeling of dizziness as a result of the balance problems caused by eye strain.

Also, the strain on the eye muscles can affect the vestibular system and potentially lead to symptoms of Vertigo.

Additionally, visual stimuli from prolonged screen time can overwhelm the brain and increase the feelings of dizziness and imbalance.

One should consult an eye expert to help manage eye strain and Vertigo.

Spatial orientation: The ability to be aware of one’s position in space and navigate surroundings accurately.
Vestibular system: The system that maintains balance and spatial orientation. It includes the inner ear structures and neural pathways.

Symptoms of Vertigo from eye strain

Vertigo caused by eye strain has symptoms like sensations of dizziness and unsteadiness. 

The sensation can be accompanied by lightheadedness that can make it hard to maintain balance.

Also, a person may experience eye strain symptoms like headache, blurred vision, Dry Eyes, and more. 

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Individuals may notice increased sensitivity to motion, especially when transitioning from one visual focus to another. 

The severity of the above Vertigo symptoms induced by eye strain can differ.

Consult an eye doctor and discuss your medical history for proper diagnosis.

Consult a doctor if you constantly experience Vertigo symptoms, as they can indicate underlying medical conditions.

Treatment options for eye strain-induced Vertigo

eye exerciseSource: irynakhabliuk
Woman doing eye exercise for eye strain relief

Treatment options for Vertigo resulting from eye strain help resolve the underlying causes and provide relief.

The treatment options include medicines, eye care, home remedies, and more.

The doctors may prescribe medicines, like Dramamine and Meclizine, to help with dizziness or headaches associated with eye strain-induced Vertigo.

Also, one should ensure that their prescription glasses are up-to-date to reduce eye strain. 

Individuals can also try eye strain remedies like eye rest, artificial tears, and more to help manage eye strain symptoms.

Consult an eye expert and stay hydrated for eye strain relief and proper eye recovery.

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Key takeaways

Eye strain and Vertigo are common eye problems that may lead to eye discomfort and restrict daily activities.

Vertigo is a dizzy sensation that makes one feel like their surroundings are moving or spinning. 

A person may experience a feeling of dizziness as a result of the balance problems caused by eye strain.

The symptoms of eye strain-induced Vertigo include headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, and more.

Fortunately, treatment options like medicines, eye care, home remedies, and more can help reduce the discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does eye strain cause Vertigo?

Yes, prolonged eye strain can lead to Vertigo. Eye strain can disrupt the balance between the eyes and the vestibular system, affecting muscle tension and visual stimuli processing. The imbalance can contribute to dizziness and Vertigo.

Can eye strain cause Vertigo while playing video games?

Yes, one can get eye strain from video games, leading to symptoms like blurred vision and headaches. In some cases, the intense visual focus and rapid movements associated with gaming may lead to vestibular imbalance and cause Vertigo.

How to prevent eye strain from Vertigo?

One can follow the 20-20-20 rule, maintain proper lighting, stay hydrated, take regular breaks, practice eye exercises, and more to help prevent eye strain-induced Vertigo. However, consult a doctor if the symptoms persist.

How do I know if my eye strain is causing my Vertigo?

The best way to identify eye strain-induced Vertigo is by recognizing the symptoms. Eye strain may be associated with  Vertigo if a person experiences dizziness and imbalance with long screen use or focusing issues.

Can you get eye strain and Vertigo from glasses?

Yes, wearing the wrong prescription glasses or outdated lenses can cause eye strain. Additionally, glasses may contribute to vestibular issues and Vertigo by causing an imbalance in visual perception. It is critical to get regular eye check-ups for accurate diagnosis and prescriptions.

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