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Know how long does testosterone pills take to work

Julian Carter


how long does testosterone pills take to work

Testosterone pills aid in boosting the level of testosterone in the body.

These pills come in different forms and dosages.|

How long does testosterone pills take to work? This is the big question for those who decide to take these pills.

However, before answering this question, one should know about these pills.

Thus, this article shall emphasize the role of testosterone pills, and the time taken to show their activity.

What are testosterone pills

Testosterone pills can enhance your physical and sexual health, thereby potentially increasing your libido, sexual functioning, and energy levels.

However, the results may vary among individuals.

One can see the positive effects of these pills depending on the underlying cause of low testosterone.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone naturally produced by your testicles.

It significantly influences several aspects of physical health, such as muscle mass, bone density, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, and even sexual health.

A drop in testosterone levels may have negative effects on your overall well-being.

Low testosterone levels may greatly impact your life, which can cause fatigue, depression, and low libido

Some men may even encounter Sexual Dysfunction, such as Erectile Dysfunction, marked by the inability to achieve erections.

Before considering testosterone pills, consult a doctor to minimize the risks associated with them.

How long does it take for testosterone pills to work

Although the benefits of testosterone pills on your body occur somewhat quickly, you might not feel the symptoms right away. 

But throughout the first few weeks, you can expect to see improvements.

The major effects of testosterone pills may take longer to develop.  

The significant effects on quality of life can be recognized within 3–4 weeks and may vary depending on individual body conditions. 

Although each person’s body is unique, some common changes can be experienced in the first three to eight weeks. 

These include increased libido, improved mental health, and increased energy.

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Within three to four months, testosterone pills can help you see a change in your physique along with regular workouts and a nutritious diet.

According to a journal published by NIH, effects on libido start to show after three weeks and are maximized at six, after which no more increases are expected to occur. 

Improvements to erections and ejaculations might take up to six months.

After three to six weeks, the effects of depression become noticeable, rising between eighteen and thirty weeks.

Effects on bone start to show after six months and last for at least three years.

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Factors affecting the working of testosterone pills

pills on prescriptionSource: Uros_Poteko
The pills should have their dosage imprinted on them

Several factors can affect how well testosterone pills work.

These include dosage, age, lifestyle choices, and underlying health conditions.

Dosage: Dosage is the amount prescribed of the pill to be taken daily.

The dose affects how long it takes to get the desired result. 

The body produces testosterone as per the dosage consumed. 

Also, an overdose may lead to side effects. 

Hence, always follow the dose prescribed by your doctor to avoid any health issues. 

Age: Age greatly impacts the physiology and metabolism of a person.

Compared to older people, young individuals can have results considerably faster. 

Due to weak physiological processes, the body produces testosterone from pills more slowly in older adults.

A long-term use of testosterone pills can alter the body’s normal process of making testosterone.

Lifestyle choices

Avoid SmokingSource: Rattankun_Thongbun_from_Getty_Images
Avoid Smoking

The testosterone level drops significantly in individuals consuming alcohol in excess and smoking.

These people may see results from the testosterone pills for a long time. 

However, with regular exercise and avoiding alcohol and smoking, one can find favorable outcomes readily.

Underlying health conditions Underlying medical conditions such as Hypothyroidism (low thyroid), Cancer, untreated prostate cancer, and Obesity often lead to low testosterone levels.

Individuals with these health issues may get the desired results quite late as compared to healthy individuals.


Most people considering testosterone pills are worried about how long does testosterone pills take to work.

A decline in testosterone levels can affect multiple regions of the body. 

Restoring testosterone at its maximum level has several advantages, including increased energy levels and increased libido.

Since testosterone pills take time to start working, dose uniformity is essential. 

Consult a healthcare provider if no noticeable benefits are observed after using the product for a few weeks or months. 

But it’s essential to always get medical advice before changing your dosage or stopping testosterone pills.

Also, you should always consult a doctor before considering any testosterone pill.

Individual responses to these pills may vary considerably from person to person. 

The duration of testosterone pills’ effectiveness varies depending on several factors, including lifestyle choices and the underlying reason for low testosterone levels. 

Nonetheless, for best effects, the pills should be used consistently and for an extended time. 

The final outcome should appear in four to six months if you are persistent enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for testosterone pills to start working?

Usually, testosterone pills take around 3-4 weeks to show the desired results.

Do testosterone pills start to act right away?

Although you might not see the results immediately, your libido, energy, and mood should improve between three to eight weeks.

Till when does the effect of testosterone pills last?

The majority of the time, the benefits may last up to six months. In certain cases, they might run longer

Can you use testosterone pills forever?

Your body stops producing its own testosterone when you take testosterone pills or get testosterone treatment for a long time.
However, if you stopped taking the pills, the amount of testosterone in your system would only last for three or four weeks.

Is it okay to take testosterone pills daily?

Taking testosterone pills daily may lead to some side effects.
Prolonged intake of these pills can make you dependent on the pills and often alter the natural process of your body’s hormone production

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