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Choosing the Best Eye Drops for Watery Eyes

Gina Walters



Watery eyes are a common eye symptom characterized by excessive tear production.

It can also occur due to poor drainage of tears from the eyes, in some cases.  

Watery eyes can also lead to a lack of vision clarity and may cause discomfort in some individuals.

Dry Eye syndrome, allergies, or some underlying eye infection often lead to watery, itchy eyes.

Fortunately, watery eyes can be treated with the correct medications, including eye drops.

This article will discuss eye drops for watery eyes and the best sources to buy them. 

Causes of watery eyes

The choice of treatment for watery eyes depends on the underlying factor causing it.

Eye conditions such as Pink Eyes, Glaucoma, and Keratitis can cause watery eyes in some individuals. 

In some cases, Dry Eyes can also cause watery eyes. 

In addition, if allergens or foreign substances enter the eye, they might cause excessive tearing as part of the natural cleansing process of the eye.

It is important to consult an eye doctor to treat these eye conditions effectively to avoid potential risks and side effects.

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Best eye drops for watery eyes

Treatment for red spots in the eyesSource: stefanamer_from_Getty_Images
Woman using eye drop

As discussed above, it is important to understand the cause of watery eyes for effective treatment. 

Watery eyes caused by mild allergies usually resolve on their own. 

If watery eyes do not go away on their own, try the following eye drops: 

Antihistamine eye drops: Antihistamine  eye drops like Allegra may be required for effective relief from severe eye allergies causing watery eyes

Lubricating eye drops: Dry Eyes can also lead to watery eyes; in that case, lubricating eye drops such as Restasis are best for treating watery itchy eyes

Prostaglandin analog eye drops: Such eye drops are usually prescribed to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) in individuals with Glaucoma or ocular hypertension. 

Your doctor may prescribe Glaucoma eye drops such as Bimatoprost, if Glaucoma is causing excessive tear production

Antibiotic eye drops: Antibiotic eye drops such as Tobramycin, Ciprofloxacin are typically prescribed for Pink Eyes, helping to eliminate the bacterial infection and alleviate symptoms, including watery eyes

It is important to consult an eye care professional to determine the underlying causes of watery eyes for proper treatment. 

 It is crucial to consult an eye specialist as untreated watery eyes, especially if caused by infections, may lead to the spread of the condition. 

Side effects of using eye drops for watery eyes

Like any other medications, eye drops for watery eyes can also cause some side effects. 

Although these side effects are usually minor and go away on their own within a few days.

Lubricating eye drops, usually used for watery eyes, can cause blurred vision and red eyes in some people. 

In certain cases, anti-allergic eye drops used to treat watery eyes may cause minor drowsiness or dry mouth.

In rare cases, using eye drops for watery eyes can lead to severe side effects such as corneal damage.

It is essential to note that having severe side effects can also suggest medication intolerance

In such cases, it is essential to consult an eye specialist and get medical attention from a doctor.

Proper hydration and frequent breaks during extended screen time help to reduce eye strain, lowering the risk of watery eyes associated with eye fatigue.

Where can you buy eye drops for watery eyes

Several options are available for purchasing eye drops to treat watery eyes.

Individuals can buy eye drops for watery eyes from a local pharmacy with a valid prescription. 

You can also get them online from e-pharmacies, which provide a large range of options at reasonable costs for added convenience.

It is essential to exercise caution as many unauthorized pharmacies offer counterfeit medications. 

Remember that licensed online pharmacies follow Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements and require a valid prescription for selling medicines.

GoodRx Medicine is a reputable and authorized platform that ensures the quality and authenticity of its medications.

Unlike unauthorized pharmacies, GoodRx Medicine prioritizes customer safety, offering reliable products and adhering to regulatory standards.

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Summing up

Watery eyes occur due to excessive tear production, causing irritation and discomfort. 

Pink Eyes, Glaucoma, and Keratitis are some common eye conditions that cause watery eyes. 

Watery eyes can be treated with the correct medication, such as eye drops.

Mild watery eyes can be treated using lubricating or antihistamine eye drops for watery eyes. 

Seeking medical advice is crucial for properly treating underlying conditions such as Glaucoma leading to watery eyes.

There are various options for purchasing eye drops for watery eyes with a valid prescription. 

It is essential to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and effective treatment of watery eyes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What eye drops are best for watery eyes? 

There are no ‘best’ eye drops for watery eyes because their effectiveness differs from person to person. 
You must get a proper diagnosis of your eye condition to identify the best eye drops for your watery eyes.

Can I use the same eye drops for different causes of watery eyes?

Using the same eye drops for different causes of watery eyes may not be effective. 
Each cause requires specific treatments. 
Consult an eye care professional to identify the right eye drops for your condition.

Do eye drops stop eye-watering? 

Watery eyes can be treated with prescription eye drops. 
These eye drops address the underlying causes of watery eyes, reducing excessive tear production.
Visiting an eye specialist before using eye drops for watery eyes is best. 

Can I use over-the-counter eye drops for watery eyes?

 Over-the-counter eye drops can be suitable for watery eyes, depending on the cause. 
However, consulting with an eye care professional for personalized advice is crucial to ensure the right product for your specific condition.

Can eye drops treat watery eyes caused by dryness?

Yes, lubricating eye drops can be effective for dry eye-induced tearing. 
Your eye care professional can recommend suitable options based on your condition.

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