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Understanding the Difference: Careprost vs Latisse

Gina Walters



The two most popular choices for treating Glaucoma are Careprost and Latisse. 

The medications have also gained attention for their effectiveness in promoting eyelash growth. 

However, many people want to know what makes Careprost different from Latisse so they can choose the best product.

Let us explore more about Careprost vs Latisse to help you decide which product is right for you.

Is Careprost the same as Latisse

No, Careprost and Latisse are not the same medicine.

However, both Careprost and Latisse are medicines that help with Glaucoma and boost eyelash growth.

These medicines come in the form of a topical solution and are used as eye drops.

However, the main difference between Careprost and Latisse is their branding and pricing. 

Latisse is a brand-name medicine and is the first FDA-approved medicine for Eyelash Hypotrichosis.

However, Careprost is a generic medicine and is a good option for Glaucoma treatment and eyelash enhancement. 

Careprost is more popular among people as it is more affordable than Latisse.

The choice between Careprost and Latisse comes down to personal preferences and budget.

One should remove their contact lenses and eye makeup while applying Careprost and Latisse. Wait 15 minutes and allow the serum to dry before putting your contacts back.

Ingredient and efficiency comparison

Bimatoprost is the main active ingredient in both Careprost and Latisse.   

A study states that Bimatoprost may help with Eyelash Hypotrichosis by enhancing eyelash length, thickness, and darkness.

Bimatoprost also helps in the treatment of Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension.

Ocular Hypertension:  A condition in which the pressure within the eye increases.
Eyelash Hypotrichosis: It is the medical term for inadequate eyelash growth that may lead to thin and short lashes.

Therefore, the two medicines are equally effective as they have the same active ingredient.  

When used on a regular basis, Careprost may help improve one’s medical condition. 

However, the results may not be the same for everyone, as individual responses can vary.

Do not use Careprost or Latisse if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Cost comparison

Careprost and Latisse are different in terms of cost, which is an important factor when deciding between the two medicines.

Latisse comes with a higher price tag as it is a brand-name medicine. On the other hand, Careprost is affordable as it is a generic medicine. 

The lower cost of Careprost makes it an attractive option for people who are budget-conscious or looking for a cost-effective way to enhance eyelashes. 

Also, a person requires a prescription to buy both Careprost and Latisse.

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Careprost vs Latisse: A comparison

Eye careSource: Syda_Productions
Image of a woman using eyedrop

The comparison between Careprost and Latisse can be important for people who are looking for treatment options for Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension, and Eyelash Hypotrichosis. 

Careprost vs Latisse

Basis of differenceCareprostLatisse
Active ingredient BimatoprostBimatoprost
Treatment option forGlaucoma, Ocular Hypertension, and Eyelash HypotrichosisGlaucoma, Ocular Hypertension, and Eyelash Hypotrichosis
Prescription required YesYes
Brand-name vs genericGenericBrand-name
Cost$15 or more$60 or more

The above table can help people make an informed choice between Careprost and Latisse.

However, consult a doctor before starting any medication.

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Key takeaways

Careprost and Latisse are medicines that may help in the treatment of Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension, and Eyelash Hypotrichosis. 

However, many are curious about Careprost vs Latisse.

Careprost and Latisse are equally effective and have the same active ingredient, Bimatoprost. 

The main difference between Careprost and Latisse is branding and cost.

Latisse is an expensive brand-name medicine, whereas Careprost is a more cost-effective generic medicine.

Therefore, choosing Careprost and Latisse depends on one’s preference and budget. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Careprost work as well as Latisse?

Yes, Careprost works as effectively as Latisse in helping with Glaucoma and eyelash growth. Both products contain Bimatoprost as their active ingredient. However, Careprost is a more affordable option than Latisse without compromising efficiency.

Do I need a prescription to purchase Latisse and Careprost?

Yes, one needs a prescription to buy Careprost and Latisse. Always consult a doctor before starting any medicine to avoid side effects.

Can I use Careprost or Latisse while wearing contact lenses or makeup?

No, one may not use Careprost or Latisse while wearing contact lenses or makeup. Remove your contact lenses before applying the product to avoid contamination. 
Wait 15 minutes and allow the serum to dry before putting your contacts back. Also, apply makeup after the serum dries for maximum results.

Are there any side effects of Careprost and Latisse?

Yes, the active ingredient in Careprost and Latisse may cause some side effects. The common side effects include eye irritation, redness, and dark skin around the eyes. However, rare side effects include breathing problems and dizziness. Consult a doctor if you experience any of the side effects.

How do Careprost and Latisse work?

Careprost and Latisse contain Bimatoprost, which removes the excess watery fluid from the eye and helps lower the risk of optic nerve damage and loss of sight. Bimatoprost also promotes eyelash growth and darker pigmentation.

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