07 Steps To Enhance Emotional Intimacy In A Relationship

Lacking physical, sexual, and emotional intimacy is one of the biggest and most common challenges in romantic relationships.

For instance, you may feel as if you aren’t emotionally connected with each other as before even if you are spending a lot of time with each other, or you may find it harder to trust each other. 

So, how do these intimacy challenges arise from?

Well, it may occur when you have been together for a long time or have recently undergone a major life change, including moving to a new city or job change.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the easiest ways to enhance emotional intimacy in a relationship and feel closer than ever.

Steps to Improve Emotional Intimacy

1. Be A Good Listener

It may sound simple, but it’s really significant and can boost your emotional intimacy level in even a short conversation. Make an effort to listen to what your partner is saying.

We all are habitual in laying our own assumptions and judgments on top of our own or the other person’s thoughts and actions.

We are so busy listening to the noise of judgment and constantly thinking of what to say next or how to prove the other person wrong; that it can be very difficult to understand what our partner is trying to convey.

Don’t just jump to conclusions by saying – “I have a better point to make,” “Well, that implies…”, etc.

When you do this, you are not just missing out on words this person is saying, but also how they are saying it as well.

Do not start blaming your partner while talking. Stop, think and listen to your significant other.

Tips for being a good or a non-judgemental listener:

  • Leave room for silence: Sometimes, just staying quiet can provide your partner with more room to convey their thoughts and experiences more deeply.
  • Nodding and maintaining eye contact: This will help signify they have your undivided attention.
  • Avoiding the urge to turn the entire conversation towards yourself: You may ask clarifying questions, but avoid turning the conversation entirely towards yourself and spoiling the gist of the conversation.

2. Make Time To Do Something Meaningful Together: 

Certainly, date night is important. But, if it is just another ritualistic event in which both of you sit away from each other checking emails and social media notifications, you aren’t doing anything to reinforce your bond.

Deepened your connection by focusing on just each other as people and on your relationship.

Take a pleasant drive to have ice cream, take a cooking class, swimming, etc.

Spending time in a nicer environment, such as a restaurant, is no better than talking over the kitchen table when it comes to building emotional intimacy.  

3. Express Gratitude For The Slightest Things: 

Is saying “I love you” enough to show gratitude towards your partner? It also means showing your appreciation for the little things they do each day for you. You can try saying “thank you” for the things you generally take for granted.

Maybe your partner turned off the light you left on in another room, or maybe they remembered to buy toothpaste, or maybe they got you out of bed for a job interview – no matter how small or big the things are, express your gratitude towards them.

These all small gestures are acts of caring, and acknowledging them can remind both of you how deep your bond is.

Small surprises, small gifts, little efforts count.

4. Indulge Each Other’s Passions:

Everyone likes to spend time on activities they like or enjoy the most, and that’s essential too. But not all can show the same level of interest and enthusiasm for the activities their partner likes. 

For instance, your partner loves to read books. Know what’s their favourite book and give it a shot. At first, it may seem boring, but it can give you a new insight into what makes your partner love the book so much.

Moreover, doing so is also an excellent way to demonstrate affection and provides you with a shared experience to talk over.

Or maybe your partner has a favourite hobby like playing the guitar, hiking, gardening, or something that you know nothing about. Ask your partner to help you learn more about it.

You will probably get to see a new side of your partner, plus you may end up with a new fun shared activity.

5. Create A “Nice” List:

It’s very easy to emphasize the flaws of your partner, and of course, you can find many as no one is perfect. Most of us are so busy finding flaws in our partners that we often overlook their positive side.

That’s why we recommend creating a “nice” list. You can sit with your partner and jot down the things you like or appreciate about each other.

You can also do this activity alone – it will help you rethink the qualities of your partner that drew you to them and can improve your emotional intimacy.

6. Invest In Yourself:

Several wise thinkers and relationship experts have observed that two strong individuals make a strong relationship. Focusing on yourself, your wellness, and your personal development is vital for your health as a couple.

When you are feeling your best, you can participate more fully, mindfully, and meaningfully. 

Here are some self-care products for general complications like hair loss, acne, dry skin, or lips. Using  A-Ret GelFinpecia, or Tazret Cream might help you. For best results, you can even consult a dermatologist.

Spend time working on yourselves. Have important conversations with your family and friends, and remain assured you are faithful to your priorities. Do everything you can to develop into who you are as an individual.

7. Address Intimacy Issues In Couples Therapy Or Individual Therapy:

If you find that emotional intimacy issues are consistent for you and your partner, you may consult a therapist for further support. 

Couples therapy can help you with improving communication skills with your partner, get support for enhancing emotional intimacy and work on any underlying issues that are hampering your connection.

Individual therapy can also benefit some people as it will get to know what’s making intimacy difficult in your relationship and how you can fix it.

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