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Does Testosterone Make You Taller: The Growth Hormone

Julian Carter


does testosterone make you taller

Many teenagers and adults wish to grow taller as they are self-conscious about their height and lack confidence.

Testosterone is the hormone that helps with bone growth and muscular development during puberty.

While testosterone helps with height gain during adolescence, genetics and other variables also play a role. 

It is one of several factors determining height, not the only factor.

So, does having higher levels of testosterone contribute to increased height?

This article aims to investigate the subject, “Does testosterone make you taller?”

We will also look at the factors influencing height other than testosterone.

Potential effects of testosterone on growth

Testosterone has several benefits, such as improving bone density, sex drive, and increasing muscle mass. 

It also plays an important function in an individual’s growth and development. 

Testosterone helps develop main and secondary sexual characteristics in men or Assigned Males at Birth (AMAB) during puberty.

The body goes through considerable changes during puberty, including growth spurts and the development of secondary sexual traits.

Testosterone is primarily responsible for these changes in males, bone density, and muscle growth. 

However, testosterone levels might also hinder growth. Hypogonadism, or low testosterone in men, can delay puberty and slow down growth.

As a result, it is best to seek the advice of a medical professional to manage your low testosterone levels.

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Does testosterone make you taller

Blood sample for Testosterone testSource: jarun011_from_Getty_Images
Blood sample for Testosterone test

While testosterone offers numerous benefits, testosterone can contribute to increased height during puberty

However, testosterone is the secondary component responsible for making you taller.

Testosterone can only help you grow taller during  puberty. 

Once you reach adolescence, testosterone can no longer assist you in growing taller.

This occurs because the growth plates in your bones are open during puberty. 

As a person reaches adolescence, these growth plates close, limiting further bone growth.

However, testosterone alone is not the exclusive determinant of one’s height.

Other factors, such as genetics and hormones, are also responsible for the growth of an individual. 

Let’s discuss these factors in detail: 


The key variables responsible for growing you taller are genetics. 

According to a study, Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is responsible for 80% of your height increase.

Scientists believe that over 700 variations of genes are responsible for raising your height.

Some genes aid in generating growth hormones, while others influence growth plates.


Hormones are also in charge of height increase. They direct bone growth by instructing the growth plates.

Growth hormones, sex hormones, and thyroid hormones are all prevalent hormones that contribute to height gain.

According to one study, growth hormones can assist children with short stature to developing height.

Sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen may also aid in height gain.

On the other hand, low amounts of testosterone may impact bodily growth, especially height. 

As a result, contacting a healthcare professional to address low testosterone is important. 

Testosterone pills are one of the most common and simple therapeutic options for low testosterone. 

It’s essential to consult with your doctor about whether taking testosterone pills is safe for your specific situation.

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Summing up

Height is an important factor in improving and boosting confidence.

There are several factors responsible for increasing height and making an individual taller. 

But does testosterone make you taller? Yes, testosterone could lead to height growth during the adolescent phase.

Testosterone is a secondary factor responsible for height gain. 

Genetics and hormones, among other elements, significantly contribute to an individual’s growth and height.

The fundamental component responsible for height gain is genetics, and hormones aid height gain by guiding the growth plates to build new bones.

 Always consult your doctor before taking testosterone boosters for increasing height. Consuming them may increase the risk of side effects associated with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does testosterone cause growth plates?

Yes, testosterone contributes to the closure of growth plates during puberty, finalizing the growth of bones and signaling the end of the growth spurt.
However, genetics and other factors also influence this process.

Are there any safe alternatives to anabolic steroids for muscle growth?

Yes, there are various safe anabolic steroid alternatives for muscle building. Dietary adjustments and regular exercise can both aid in increasing muscle growth.

What is the relationship between testosterone and steroids?

Testosterone is created naturally, whereas steroids are synthesized. However, they are both utilized to increase muscle mass and strength. 
However, before taking steroids to improve muscle growth and strength, seeking medical advice from a reputable doctor is best.

Does testosterone contribute to increased height during puberty?

Yes, testosterone significantly contributes to increased height during puberty by stimulating bone growth, particularly in the long bones. 
It plays a crucial role in the growth spurt experienced during adolescence.

Is testosterone bad for height? 

Inappropriate testosterone levels can potentially stunt growth if experienced before or during puberty. 
However, normal testosterone levels during this stage are essential for achieving one’s genetically predetermined height potential.

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