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How to Get an Erection and Make it Last: The Ultimate Guide

Gina Walters


How to Get an Erection: 7 Proven Ways to Prevent ED

If you experience difficulty getting or keeping an erection, you’re not alone. Around 18 million people in the US face challenges in achieving a sufficient level of hardness for sex. Various factors can influence the ability to get an erection, and understanding these aspects can help improve sexual function. 

Using medications, surgical interventions, and lifestyle adjustments can aid in achieving and maintaining a firm erection for a longer duration. This article delves into these options in detail to help you improve sexual function.

How does an erection happen

An erection involves two components: sexual arousal (from visual, physical, or mental stimuli) and enhanced blood circulation to the penis. 

Sensory and mental stimulation from your brain sends signals through nerves to your penis. These signals prompt the relaxation of the muscles in the corpora cavernosa, a spongy tissue, enabling blood flow to fill the spaces. This increased blood flow hardens and enlarges your penis, causing an erection.

However, Sexual Dysfunction, like Erectile Dysfunction, can make it difficult to get an erection easily. It is essential to consult a doctor and seek medical help.

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How to get a boner using medications

Getting harder erections isn’t just about quick improvement and maintaining firmness for longer periods. Your doctor uses ED pills, surgical procedures, and supplements to manage your ED problem.

Let’s understand these techniques in detail:

Erectile Dysfunction pills

ED pill in hand
ED pills

ED pills, such as Cenforce or Cialis, work by increasing blood flow, helping men attain and maintain an erection.

These medicines belong to Phosphodiesterase Type-5 (PDE 5) inhibitors class of medications. PDE5 inhibitors help to relax the muscles in the blood vessels of the penis resulting in improved circulation.

Enhanced blood flow resulting from PDE 5 and can aid in attaining a firm and lasting erection, thus addressing ED effectively. 

Did you know?
Cialis is popularly known as the “weekend pill” due to its longer duration of action compared to other ED medications.

ED supplements

Panax Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, and L-arginine are some ED supplements that can help enhance blood flow to the penis, helping in erection quality. 

These supplements contain ingredients that enhance vascular health and improve erectile function, helping people achieve satisfactory erections. While effective, further research is needed to ascertain their safety and efficacy for long-term use.

Be cautious of unregulated supplements claiming to improve erections, as their safety and efficacy may not be verified.

Surgical process

Surgery is the last resort for treating Erectile Dysfunction; you should consider surgery when all other ED treatments are ineffective. 

However, opting for a surgical procedure to address ED can offer several benefits. Surgical interventions, such as penile implants, can provide a long-term solution for men seeking to achieve erections.

Individuals who have undergone prostate surgery can seek guidance from their doctor on methods to achieve an erection. They may recommend penile injections or vacuum erections devices to help get a boner easily.

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How to get an erection naturally

Man doing exercise in the living room
Man doing exercise

While some lifestyle changes like exercise and diet can enhance erectile function, their effects may not be as immediate as those of ED medications or surgical interventions.

Let’s discuss these natural measures in detail:

Healthy diet: A healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins can support overall vascular health, potentially lowering the risk of ED. 

Regular exercise: Regular exercise can improve blood circulation that can contribute to better erectile function by supporting the mechanisms involved in achieving and maintaining an erection. 

If you want to know more about exercises for Erectile Dysfunction, Read Exercises You Should Do to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Limiting alcohol consumption and smoking: Research suggests that people who regularly consume alcohol have higher chances of developing ED. Another research found that smoking may reduce the body’s ability to create Nitric Oxide (NO). Regular smoking and drinking alcohol can cause ED and may affect your ability to maintain an erection over time.

Communication: Psychological factors can influence sexual well-being. Mental and emotional issues may affect erectile function in the absence of underlying physical health issues.


An erection is when the penis becomes hard and enlarged, usually in response to sexual arousal or stimulation. Understanding how to get an erection requires considering both physical and mental aspects.

ED medications, surgery, and taking supplements are some of the most effective techniques to get an erection. Adopting healthy habits like regular exercise, eating a nutritious diet, and seeking medical advice may be crucial in treating ED.

Seek medical help to determine the most appropriate treatment based on your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can lifestyle changes improve erectile function?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, nutritious diet, adequate sleep, and stress management can improve your erectile function. These changes can improve blood flow and hormone levels, leading to better sexual performance and satisfaction.

How does age affect erectile function?

Age-related changes in blood flow, hormone levels, and overall health can impact erectile function. Still, it’s not inevitable and can often be managed effectively.

What is the role of mental health play in Erectile Dysfunction?

Psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, and relationship problems can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction, and addressing these concerns is important for treatment.

Are there natural remedies for Erectile Dysfunction?

Natural remedies like acupuncture, certain herbs, and lifestyle modifications may help improve erectile function in some cases.

Can psychological factors cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Psychological factors like stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues can contribute to Erectile Dysfunction. Counseling, therapy, and partner communication can help address these underlying causes and improve erectile function.

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