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Should I Stop Drinking Coffee if I Have Glaucoma? Understanding the Link

Gina Walters


should I stop drinking coffee if I have glaucoma

Glaucoma is a complicated eye disease that affects a lot of people around the world. 

It’s marked by high pressure inside the eye, and if it’s not handled, it can damage the optic nerve and cause vision loss. 

Many people with Glaucoma have questions like “Should I stop drinking coffee if I have Glaucoma?”.

In this article, we will look at the above question and check whether there is any Glaucoma and coffee.

People with Glaucoma are often told to avoid coffee because it can worsen their situation.

Study shows that there is a strong link between Glaucoma and drinking coffee.

The survey shows that drinking coffee can be a major cause of Glaucoma than those who don’t.

Studies also show that drinking coffee may worsen Glaucoma, especially in men.

On the other hand, one study says that coffee’s caffeine does not affect people with Glaucoma.

Instead, the various ingredients of coffee may cause bad effects.

Because of these results, people with Glaucoma might want to think about not drinking coffee.

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Does coffee interact with Glaucoma medicine

Researchers have found that people who drink coffee may have high eye pressure (Intraocular Pressure).

The pressure inside the eyes is called Intraocular Pressure, and too much of it can cause Glaucoma symptoms.

Glaucoma eye drops are meant to lower this pressure, so drinking coffee might make these medicines less effective.

It is also possible for caffeine to affect a person’s blood pressure, which could make the recommended medication less effective.

Explore more about the Glaucoma medicines to avoid with our article: Glaucoma Medications to Avoid: What You Need to Know

Your doctor can help you determine whether or not you can have coffee with Glaucoma eye drops or what amount is safe for you to avoid any interaction.

How to treat Glaucoma

Glaucoma patient using eyedropSource: RealPeopleGroup_from_Getty_Images
Glaucoma patient using eyedrop

Glaucoma is an eye problem that can cause people to lose their sight. There are several ways to treat it. 

Low eye pressure (Low IOP), a big risk factor for Glaucoma, is the main goal of treatment. 

Eye drops like Careprost that contain Bimatoprost, laser treatments, and surgery are all common ways to treat Glaucoma

IOP can be lowered with medicine and eye drops, and laser treatments can help the eye drain fluid better. 

When the disease is more advanced, surgery is sometimes considered. 

Seeing an ophthalmologist for regular checkups is important to keep track of progress and make any necessary changes to treatment plans to protect vision.

Want to explore the various tests involved in determining Glaucoma symptoms? Read our article: Understanding Glaucoma Tests: A Complete Guide.

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In conclusion, there is no clear answer to the question, “Should I stop drinking coffee if I have Glaucoma?”.

Some studies prove drinking coffee may increase the risk of Glaucoma, but the effects vary from one person to another. 

While some studies suggest the possibility of a link, especially in men, others stress that caffeine may not be the only cause. 

People who have Glaucoma need to talk to their ophthalmologist for personalized guidance. 

Drinking coffee in moderation and closely monitoring your Intraocular Pressure is best.

Do not self medicate, always consult a doctor before taking any medicine to avoid any interaction or side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Glaucoma patients drink coffee?

Caffeine can increase eye pressure, which is a cause of concern for individuals with Glaucoma. Glaucoma occurs when fluid accumulates in the inside portion of the eye, resulting in increased pressure on the optic nerve.

How much coffee is too much for Glaucoma?

According to the study, people with the highest genetic risk score for Glaucoma and who drank over three cups of coffee daily had a 3.9 times higher incidence of the disease than those with low genetic risk and low caffeine intake.

What drinks should Glaucoma patients avoid?

Too much caffeine intake can potentially increase Intraocular Pressure, a major cause of Glaucoma. Consuming more than five cups of coffee in a day can also further the risk of developing Glaucoma. Moreover, it is advisable to avoid alcohol consumption.

What is the best drink for Glaucoma?

A study found that having a cup of tea every day may help reduce your risk of developing Glaucoma by up to 74 percent.

Are there alternatives to treating Glaucoma besides medication?

Yes, Glaucoma can be treated with the help of medicines like Careprost, laser treatments, and surgery, depending on the severity of your condition. Regular check-ups with an ophthalmologist are essential to supervise the progress of your treatment plans.

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