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How to Stop Watery Eyes at Home: Exploring Effective Remedies 

Gina Walters



Watery eyes occur due to excessive tear production caused by irritation, allergies, or underlying eye conditions.

People are curious about the natural ways to treat the problem and help with excessive tearing. 

So, how to stop watery eyes at home?

Let us explore the answer to the above question and the causes of watery eyes in detail.

How to stop watery eyes at home

Watery eyes, medically known as Epiphora, is a common condition that can be difficult to manage at times.

However, some home remedies may help with excess tearing.

The home remedies for watery eyes include applying a warm compress, resting the eyes, using a humidifier, and more. 

Let us explore the home remedies in detail.

Proper eye hygiene: One should maintain proper eye hygiene by washing their face and eyes with a gentle cleanser. This helps remove allergens and irritants that may be contributing to watery eyes.

Warm compress: A warm compress helps relieve irritated eyes and improve tear gland function. A person can use a cloth dipped in warm water and apply it to the closed eyes for a few minutes. Repeat it several times a day.

Use of humidifier: One can use a humidifier in dry environments to add moisture to the air. This can help prevent Dry Eyes, a common cause of watery eyes. 

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Avoid allergens: Allergens like smoke, pollen, dust, and more may irritate the eyes and lead to excessive tearing. Individuals should identify and avoid allergens to create an eye-friendly space.

Artificial tears: Using over-the-counter artificial tears can help temporarily relieve dryness and reduce excessive tearing by lubricating your eyes. However, one should get a proper prescription from the doctor for eye drops for watery eyes.

Consult an eye expert for a proper treatment plan and follow their instructions. 

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One should not use over-the-counter medicines, as they can lead to unwanted side effects.

Alternatives of natural remedies for watery eyes

Watery red eyesSource: Siganture_image
Woman suffering from watery eyes

Home remedies are a cost-effective and easy way to deal with watery eyes. 

However, the doctor may prescribe other treatment options if the condition is serious or the home remedies are ineffective. 

The doctor will first diagnose the condition and recommend treatment options depending on the severity and causes of watery eyes. 

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The watery eye treatment options include medicines and surgery.

The doctors may prescribe Antihistamines for allergy-related water eyes and Decongestants for cold-related watery eyes.

One may also get prescription artificial tears or other anti-inflammatory eye drops to help with watery eyes caused by infections.

The doctors may also recommend surgical procedures like Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) to help with blocked tear ducts.

One should get regular eye exams for early detection of eye conditions and to help with watery eyes.

Dacryocystorhinostomy: A surgical procedure to treat blocked tear ducts by creating a new passage for tear drainage.

Key takeaways

Watery eyes occur when the tears are overproduced or insufficiently drained from the eyes.

However, one commonly asked question is, “How to stop watery eyes at home?”

The home remedies for watery eyes include warm compress, resting the eyes, using a humidifier, and more. 

Home remedies are a cost-effective and easy way to deal with the problem. 

However, the doctors may also recommend other treatment options like medicines and surgery in severe cases of watery eyes. 

Always consult an eye doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any home remedies for watery eyes due to allergies?

Yes, the home remedies for watery eyes due to allergies include rinsing eyes with saline solution, applying cold compresses, and avoiding allergens. 
A study states that using a cold compress can be as effective as using artificial tears. However, one should consult a doctor if symptoms persist.

When should you consult a doctor for watery eyes?

A person should consult a doctor if the watery eyes are accompanied by symptoms like pain, vision changes, discharge, or light sensitivity. 
One can also consult a doctor if the home remedies don’t provide relief or when the symptoms worsen.

Can I use contact lenses with watery eyes?

No, one should not use contact lenses with watery eyes, as excessive tearing can affect lens comfort and cause irritation. Consult a doctor for proper guidance and care.

What are the causes of watery eyes?

The watery eye causes include allergies, irritants, Dry Eyes, blocked tear ducts, Conjunctivitis, or environmental factors. One should get an eye exam to identify the cause of watery eyes for effective treatment of the condition.

Can I take medicines for watery eyes without consulting a doctor?

No, one should not self-medicate as it may cause unwanted side effects. Always consult a doctor and get proper prescription medicines. 

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