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The Ultimate Guide to Taking Bimatoprost Over the Counter

Julian Carter


bimatoprost over the counter

 Bimatoprost is an ophthalmic medication that reduces pressure inside the eyes in people with Glaucoma and Intraocular Hypertension.

In recent years, it has gained a lot of popularity to be used for growing inadequate eyelashes.

Although Bimatoprost is a prescription medication, it has been sold over the counter also.

However, buying Bimatoprost over the counter can be pocket-friendly, but using it without a doctor’s consultation can affect your health.

This article will focus on whether you can buy Bimatoprost over the counter or not and the risks associated with buying it without a doctor’s prescription.

Can I buy Bimatoprost over-the-counter

Yes, you can get Bimatoprost over the counter to reduce eye pressure and get longer eyelashes.

The FDA approved Bimatoprost as a prescribed medication to reduce eye pressure in 2001.

However, some hidden active ingredients in it can lead to potential side effects when Bimatoprost is used in higher doses than recommended.

These ingredients may not undergo the rigorous examinations and quality monitoring necessary for prescription medications.

Also, the medication can lead to several side effects, such as red eyes and swelling, and itching in the eyes.

It may also lead to blurred vision and hallucinations, which may hinder your daily activities.

Hence, the FDA limited Bimatoprost to being a prescription medicine because. They believed that its adverse effects, overuse, or improper usage might have negative repercussions.

Thus, having it over the counter without a doctor’s prescription is not a wise decision.

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Remove the contact lenses, if any, before using Bimatoprost, as Benzalkonium Chloride in the medication may cause the discoloration of contact lenses.

Why one should not buy Bimatoprost over the counter

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Pharmacist selecting medicines from local pharmacy

Although Bimatoprost is available over the counter, buying it without a doctor’s prescription may lead to potential health risks.

Following are some reasons that may restrict over-the-counter use of Bimatoprost:

  • If patients use Bimatoprost without consulting a doctor, they may not be taught how to use the medication properly or informed of any potential side effects. This can further worsen their condition
  • The Bimatoprost you are buying over the counter may be expired, fake, or contain some impurities that increase the risk of side effects
  • The safety and efficacy of several Bimatoprost substitutes available over the counter can not be guaranteed as these are not regulated by any regulatory authorities
  • Using an unregulated over-the-counter Bimatoprost supplement might interfere with your current treatment plan if you take other prescriptions or have medical conditions like Uveitis
  • As over-the-counter Bimatoprost substitutes do not require a medical prescription, you may miss the actual diagnosis of the condition

Improper diagnosis may make your condition worse

Before using Careprost, know whether is it safe for you or not. Read our article: Is Careprost Safe? Understanding the Risks and Benefits to know more.

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  • Safety considerations while buying Bimatoprost over the counter

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    Purchase the medicine mentioned in prescription

    People often do self-diagnosis and buy Bimatoprost or other medications over the counter.

    However, this can lead to severe outcomes.

    Hence, the following safety measures need to be followed while buying Bimatoprost over the counter:

    • Always purchase your medication from a reputed and trustworthy pharmacy
    • Do not give in to the temptation of “spam” emails promoting inexpensive medication
    • Over time, all medications lose their efficacy and need to be replaced
    • Before utilizing Bimatoprost or any other product, make sure to check the expiration date
    • Adults are more likely to experience side effects; hence, elderly people should use the medication cautiously

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    Using over-the-counter Bimatoprost may increase the risk of side effects. Always consult a doctor before using it.


    Nowadays, more individuals turn to the internet to learn about their medical conditions.

    Some people tend to buy over-the-counter medicines to cure their health issues without seeing a doctor.

    However, many websites offering these medicines are not licensed, making purchases from them potentially risky.

    Bimatoprost is one such medicine that is available over the counter.

    But buying Bimatoprost over the counter is not a wise choice, as it may contain some hidden ingredients that can lead to side effects.

    Hence, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before taking Bimatoprost or any other medications.

    Their advice is essential for determining whether the medication is effective and knowing the dose, side effects, and negative interactions with other medications.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Bimatoprost available over the counter?

     Although Bimatoprost is a prescription medication, it can be available over the counter.
    However, the over-the-counter use of Bimatoprost is not approved by any regulatory body due to safety issues.

    Why should one not use Bimatoprost over the counter?

    Using Bimatoprost over the counter is not recommended.
    Over-the-counter Bimatoprost substitutes may contain some hidden that can affect your health.

    Can I use Bimatoprost for growing eyebrows?

    Yes, Bimatoprost is shown to stimulate eyebrow growth with no side effects.

    Is Bimatoprost over the counter is safe?

    No, there are no fundamental safety precautions included in uncontrolled over-the-counter Bimatoprost substitutes.
    Hence, using Bimatoprost without a doctor’s prescription is not recommended.

    Is there any over-the-counter alternative to Bimatoprost?

    No currently, the FDA or any other regulatory body does not approve any other over-the-counter substitute of Bimatoprost for growing eyelashes or reducing eye pressure.

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