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Tugain 5% 60ml

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What is Tugain 5

Tugain 5 solution contains Minoxidil, a member of the class of medicines known as vasodilators.

It is prescribed to stimulate hair growth in men with Male Pattern baldness.

It acts on the scalp to promote hair growth in areas of baldness and should only be applied to the scalp region.

This prescription-based medicine is FDA-approved and can only be purchased with a doctor's recommendation. 

Cipla Ltd. is the leading pharmaceutical company that manufactures revolutionary Tugain 5.

Uses of Tugain 5

Tugain 5 solution containing Minoxidil is prescribed for treating Male Pattern baldness (also known as Androgenic Alopecia).

Male pattern baldness

Male Pattern baldness, also known as Androgenic Alopecia, is men's most frequent type of hair loss.

Each hair has a growth cycle. With Male Pattern baldness, this growth cycle weakens, and the hair follicle shrinks, resulting in shorter, finer hair strands.

Eventually, each hair's growth cycle ends, and no new hair develops in its place.

Male Pattern baldness is associated with genes and male sex hormones. 

How does Tugain 5 work

Minoxidil is the active ingredient of Tugain, which helps reverse the hair loss process of Androgenetic Alopecia.

Minoxidil is a vasodilator. Its vasodilating effect dilates blood vessels. Therefore, when applied to the scalp, it increases blood circulation. 

It is believed to Reverse the miniaturization of follicles. However, the actual working of Tugain 5 is unknown.

Additionally, it stimulates follicle movement to the growth phase and extends each follicle growth phase.

How do you use Tugain 5

Please consult your physician, as they will provide the most appropriate usage instructions based on your medical condition.

  • Before using the medication, thoroughly cleanse and dry the scalp
  • This product may be used on damp hair. Fill the applicator with 1 milliliter of the solution or 20 drops
  • Apply the solution uniformly to the thinning area of the scalp by separating the hair in the area of thinning
  • Rub gently in. Allow the solution to dry completely before adding styling products (gels, mousse, etc.) 
  • After application, wash your hands thoroughly. Avoid contact between the medication and your eyes. Rinse your eyes with cold water if this occurs

Side effects of Tugain 5

Tugain 5% may have adverse side effects. Follow your physician's instructions to avoid these side effects.

Many users who take this medication do not encounter serious side effects. However, if you have any adverse effects, visit your doctor immediately.


Talk to your doctor about all the possible interactions to prevent any adverse effects.

Drug Interaction

Talk to your physician to learn all the medicinal interactions:

  • Guanethidine
  • Disulfiram
  • Metronidazole

Disease Interaction

Report all of your diseases to your doctor to prevent medicine-disease interactions:

  • Heart disease 
  • Hypertension
  • Fluid retention
  • Renal failure/Dialysis
  • Pheochromocytoma
  • Any other skin problems, irritation, or Sunburn on the scalp

Precautions before using Tugain 5

Take into consideration some cautions while using Tugain 5

  • Inform your doctor if you have allergies to Minoxidil or if you have any other allergies
  • This product contains inactive substances that can cause allergic reactions or other complications. Consult your pharmacist for further information
  • Consult your doctor before Tuagin if you have any of the following health conditions: Scalp ailments (including Eczema, infection, and wounds), heart issues (including chest pain, heart attack, and heart failure), Renal disease, and Liver disease
  • Avoid using shampoo on your hair or use a hair dryer for four hours after applying Tugain 5%, as doing so may reduce its effectiveness
  • During the initial two weeks of use, hair loss may increase. This is normal and a sign that Tugain solution 5 is effective


  • Keep the medication at room temperature, out of direct heat, moisture, and light
  • Keep out of children's reach

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long should we use Tugain?

Due to the slow nature of hair growth, it may take some time to observe new hair growth. You must apply Tugain 5 Solution for at least four months or as your doctor prescribes.

Does Tugain 5 work?

It is effective for baldness or thinning on the crown of the head but less effective for a receding hairline or hair loss in the front. Tugain 5% Solution is not appropriate for sudden or unexplained hair loss.

Is the hair growth by Tugain 5% treatment permanent?

Yes, you must continue using this medication for hair growth to continue. After three to four months of discontinuing this medication, the regrown hair may fall out, and balding or hair loss may resume.

Can Tugain 5 be used on the face?

Tugain Solution 5 is intended for use on the scalp; avoid applying it to the face. If Tugain 5% Solution comes in contact with other body parts, properly rinse with water.

Can Tugain 5 be used for beard growth?

Do not use Tugain solution 5 for beard growth. Tugain is recommended only for hair loss on the scalp.

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