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Where to Apply Testosterone Gel For Maximum Absorption?

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Written by- Julian Carter

Testosterone gel is an effective Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to boost testosterone levels in both males and females.

However, many people wonder where to apply testosterone gel for maximum absorption.

Proper application of the gel is crucial for its effectiveness.

This article will discuss the procedure of application of testosterone gel and precautions to be taken while applying the gel.

Where to apply testosterone gel

The testosterone gel should be applied onto the shoulders, upper arms, inner thighs, or stomach unless your doctor instructs you to use it on another region of your body.

According to a comparative study published by NIH, testosterone gel, 1%, is most efficiently absorbed on the arms and shoulders.

Always apply the gel to clean, dry, undamaged skin. 

Do not put this medication on your penis or scrotum. 

Use the medication cautiously if you have a cut, scrape, or other form of damage on your skin.

Let the gel dry on your skin Before you put on clothing.

To prevent over-application, switch to other areas of the skin.

Testosterone gel offers several benefits in improving your overall well-being. Read our article: Testosterone Gel Benefits for Empowering Health: A Comprehensive Guide to know the advantages of testosterone gel.

With aging, testosterone levels often decline. They peak by early adulthood, and then starting around age 40, they can start to decline by up to 1% per year.

How to apply testosterone gel

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Woman using Testosterone Gel

The testosterone gel should be used externally only.

Do not take it by mouth. 

The sachet’s whole content should be applied immediately onto the skin.

Wash your hands properly before and after the application of the gel.

Use it at the same time each day or as directed by your physician.

Apart from testosterone gel, testosterone pills are also effective in enhancing testosterone levels in your body. Read our article: Exploring Testosterone Pills for Men

Don’t use it more than the recommended amount. 

Always read the instructions written on the gel packaging before use.

In order to prevent others from coming into contact with the drug on your skin, let the skin air dry before covering it with clothing.

Before taking a shower or swimming, wait at least 2 hours after administering this medication.

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  • The recommended dose of the medication is 5g of gel (or 50 milligrams of testosterone).

    Your doctor can adjust the daily dose according to the individual’s condition, up to a maximum of 10 g of gel per day.

    If you missed the dose, apply the medication as soon as you remember. 

    If it is already the time of your next dose, skip the missed one and resume your usual dosing regimen.

    Are you wondering whether testosterone supplementation boosts your libido or not? Read our article: Does Testosterone Increase Sex Drive: Understanding the Connection to know more.

    Precautions to be taken

    Testosterone gel can spread to other people through your body. 

    A severe danger of negative effects exists for anybody who comes into contact with the medicine, including people and animals. 

    If skin-to-skin contact is unavoidable, cover the medicated area with clothes. 

    In the case of unintentional contact, immediately wash the skin of the contacted individual with soap and water. 

    Expecting or pregnant individuals should avoid contact due to the risk of severe birth abnormalities.

    This medication can affect your blood sugar.

    So, if you have Diabetes, check with your healthcare provider to see if diet or medication modifications are needed.

    The medication may interact with Diabetes medicines, Warfarin to prevent blood clots, and Steroids like Prednisone or Cortisone.

    Tell your healthcare provider if you are taking any of these medications before considering testosterone gel.

    Also, to minimize the risk of the side effects associated with testosterone gel, the following precautions need to be taken:

    Inform your doctor if you are allergic to testosterone, other medications, or healthcare products.

    Do not use the gel if you have prostate or breast cancer.

    Before considering the medication, always discuss the risks associated with testosterone gel with your doctor.

    Overdose of the medication may lead to severe side effects. Use as directed by your physician.


    Testosterone gel can effectively boost testosterone levels in the body.

    However, its proper application and usage are essential to ensure the total effectiveness of the medication.

    Many individuals considering TRT wonder where to apply testosterone gel for maximum absorption. 

    For maximum absorption and effectiveness, the gel should be applied to the shoulders, upper arms, inner thighs, or stomach.

    It is advisable to avoid contact with other individuals after applying the gel, as direct contact may lead to skin irritation and other side effects.

    Always consult a certified healthcare professional before using testosterone gel.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is the best place to apply testosterone gel?

    For maximum absorption, testosterone gel should be used on the shoulders, upper arms, inner thighs, or stomach.

    Does testosterone gel result in penile size growth?

    According to a study published in the Journal of Urology, topical testosterone led to an average increase in penile length and girth of 52.9% and 60%, respectively.

    Can a wife get infected with testosterone gel?

    After prolonged skin contact with the application site of male users, testosterone gel may spread to women and children.

    Where does testosterone gel absorb best?

    Testosterone gel is most effectively absorbed on the arms and shoulders.

    What is the best time to apply testosterone gel?

    For better results, testosterone gel should be administered daily at the same time in the morning or as directed by your physician.

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