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How to Apply Testosterone Gel for Maximum Effectiveness

Julian Carter


how to apply testosterone gel

Testosterone gel is a medicated product used to treat Hypogonadism, a condition that inhibits the production of testosterone in men.

The topical gel is a form of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) used to boost testosterone levels. 

For better overall well-being, it is necessary to maintain healthy levels of testosterone in the body.

Doctors often recommend testosterone gel to overcome low testosterone.

However, the proper application of testosterone gel is necessary to ensure desired results.

This article will guide you through how to apply testosterone gel for maximum effectiveness. 

How to apply testosterone gel

Testosterone gel is used as Testosterone Replacement Therapy to overcome the symptoms of low testosterone in men.

The medication should be used topically.

The recommended dose of the medication is 40 mg of testosterone once a day.

Your doctor can adjust the dose between 10 and 70 mg based on your condition.

Testosterone gel helps your body regain normal testosterone levels by entering the bloodstream through skin absorption.

However, to ensure maximum absorption and desired results within a stipulated time, it is necessary to apply the gel properly.

Follow the below-mentioned instructions on how to apply testosterone gel properly:

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Apply the gel on your shoulders and upper arms

Testosterone GelSource: HappyNati
Man applying testosterone gel

Gently compress the packet to deliver the recommended dose of testosterone gel to your fingertips. 

Apply the testosterone gel to a clean and dry surface of your shoulders and upper arms once daily or as directed by your doctor.  

To restrict other people and animals from touching the application area, it is usually applied to places that can be easily covered by clothing.

Do not apply this medicine to skin that is inflamed or damaged. 

Avoid applying the gel to the genitals

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Wash your hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after using this medication to lower the possibility of unintentionally transferring it to others. 

If someone else ever unintentionally takes this medication and gets it on their skin, wash the affected area as quickly as you can with soap and water.

Wait a few minutes for the application site to thoroughly dry before dressing. 

Cover the application site with clothes

After washing and drying your hands, it’s time to put on clothes to cover the application area.

Cover the application site with clothes (such as a t-shirt) until you thoroughly wash the regions with soap and water.

This is done mostly for the safety of others (including pets). 

Allow 10 minutes for the testosterone cream/gel to permeate your skin before covering the site with clothes. 

The contact area should be cleaned with soap and water as soon as possible if it has come in direct contact with the patient’s skin where testosterone gel has been applied. 

Follow your doctor’s instructions

Always follow your doctor’s instructions while using the gel to reduce the risk of any negative consequences.

Wait 2 to 5 hours (2 to 5 hours, depending on the brand) before taking a shower or swimming to give the medication time to show the desired results. 

To get the greatest benefits from this medication, use it regularly at the same time every day.

Never change your dose of the medications without consulting your doctor, as it may lead to side effects.

Precautions to be taken

Although testosterone gel is effective in boosting testosterone levels in the body when used properly and in prescribed amounts.

Following precautions must be taken while and after applying the gel to minimize the risk of any possible side effects.

Read the instructions carefully

Before using testosterone gel, read the instructions printed on the patient information leaflet provided with the pack.

Ask your physician or chemist if you have any queries. 

Each product’s dosage guidelines should be carefully read.

Misuse or overdose of testosterone gel can lead to side effects such as liver problems, heart issues, and stroke.

Beware of any unfavorable side effects

Testosterone is a steroidal hormone.

When testosterone gel is applied to the skin for a long time, there is a higher chance that it may have unfavorable side effects. 

Some common side effects of prolonged use are blood in the urine, trouble urinating, and frequent urination.

Inform your doctor immediately if any adverse symptoms persist for a long time.

Visit your doctor regularly

Consult a doctorSource: business_images
Consult a doctor to know dosage

It’s important to arrange routine medical appointments with your doctor (every few months or so) so they can monitor whether the testosterone treatment is functioning as desired. 

Hormone levels can take three to six months of daily testosterone gel treatment, perhaps much longer, to return to normal.


Testosterone gel can be used to deliver testosterone to the male body deficient in natural testosterone ( Hypogonadism).

However, one must know how to apply testosterone gel to ensure maximum effectiveness and absorption of the medication.

Wash your hands before and after applying the gel.

The gel should be applied onto the cleaned and dried skin of the shoulders and upper arms.

By following these step-by-step instructions for the application in this article you can achieve the desired outcomes within the stipulated time.

Always consult your doctor and follow all the necessary precautions given by them prior to using the gel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it best to apply testosterone gel in the morning?

You should apply testosterone gel in the morning and shower in the evening or after your morning shower for optimal absorption.
Using the gel any other time might conflict with the dosing schedule and may hinder its effectiveness.
As a result, it can take longer to achieve the intended objectives.

How many times do you apply testosterone gel?

Testosterone gel should be applied once daily, preferably in the morning, for better results.

Where do you apply testosterone gel for maximum absorption?

The testosterone gel should be administered on the dry surface of your shoulders and upper arms.
Avoid applying the gel to the penis, scrotum, or damaged or inflamed skin.

What is the correct way to apply testosterone gel?

For maximum effectiveness, testosterone gel should be applied to the clean, dry, and undamaged skin of your shoulders or upper arm unless your doctor directs you to apply it to another area of your body.

Should you rub in testosterone gel?

No. You don’t need to massage or rub the testosterone gel.
You should apply it gently and let It slowly absorb through the skin.
The alcohol in the gel helps the skin absorb it more effectively.

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