Some known Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction by Massaging

The inability to attain or maintain an erection is called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). 

ED symptoms include an erection that does not sustain long enough or is not strong enough for sex.

Oral medicines and surgery are two of the most prevalent therapies for ED today. 

However, men frequently rely on prostate massage before these more advanced treatments. 

Some men still take it in conjunction with other treatments nowadays.

This article will teach you about remedies for Erectile Dysfunction by massaging.

Prostatic massage

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Prostatic massage for ED

Prostatic massage can be beneficial for men suffering from ED. This massage can help by cleaning the prostatic duct. 

Massage may also help stop the growth of infections and clear clogged fluids. 

Studies suggest that men taking prostate massage notice improvement in ED symptoms.

Since the 19th century, prostatic massage has been in use to treat Prostatitis. Nowadays, some believe it can be a therapy for ED as well.

However, the number of researches on this topic has been few. Prostatic massage is not widely in use to treat ED. 

However, for some guys, this alternative therapy approach may be beneficial in addition to traditional forms of treatment.

Acupressure points for Erectile Dysfunction

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Acupressure points to treat ed

Acupuncture works on the principle of meridian lines. These are a network of energy conduits throughout the body. 

Energy blocks in meridian lines are supposed to be released through Acupuncture therapy.

Blockages in meridians can cause pain and illness. 

Stimulation of these lines can be done with needles or through touch. This may assist in enhancing health, rectifying imbalances, and restoring wholeness.

“Acupuncture and acupressure work by stimulating both the nervous system and the vascular system,” says Dr. Joshua Hanson, DACM of Hanson Complete Wellness in Tampa, Florida.

If you are experiencing ED, consult a doctor. Your best path of treating it is to have a medication

According to Hanson, this therapy works just like ED medications. Acupuncture therapy can help blood vessels to widen. This enables an erection to occur.

The most significant advantage of acupressure therapy is that it can be done at home. 

The following pressure points may be beneficial in the treatment of ED.

HT7 (Wrist)

The crease in your wrist is where HT7 is present. It is around one finger’s breadth from the edge aligning with your pinky finger.

LV3 (Foot)

LV3 is present on the top of your foot. It is right between the space of your big toe and your second toe. It is just above the joint where the two bones of your foot connect.

KD3 (Ankle)

KD3 is on the inside of your lower leg, above your heel. Present midway between the medial malleolus and the Achilles tendon.

SP6 (Ankle/Lower Leg)

SP6 is inside your lower leg, four fingers above your ankle bone.

ST36 (Lower Leg)

ST36 is present on the outside of your shinbone. In front of your lower thigh, around four fingers’ breadth below the knee.

Self-massage may be beneficial for other parts of your body as well. Acupuncturist Dylan Stein states, “Massaging the lower back and sacrum is perfect for ED.”

“You can also massage the same area up front, from your belly button to your pubic bone.”


ED is relatively prevalent and can be managed in a variety of ways. 

The prostatic massage was once one of the most common treatments in the 19th century. 

However, as medicine has evolved, doctors are less likely to employ this method.

This does not prevent people from obtaining a prostatic massage for ED. 

Its use is frequent in combination with other forms of treatment.

Acupuncture therapy works on the principle of meridian lines. 

According to Dr. Joshua Hanson, DACM of Hanson Complete Wellness, Acupuncture can help widen the blood vessels.

Thus increasing the blood flow and helping an erection. HT7, LV3, KD3, SP6, and ST36 are some acupuncture points that can help.

Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction by massaging is still a topic of research. Still, the best action is to consult a doctor and take medication.

Medial Malleolus: The tiny, conspicuous bone near the end of the tibia on the inner side of the ankle.
Achilles Tendon: It is a strong fibrous thread that links your calf muscles to your heel bone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you massage for Erectile Dysfunction?

Massaging the lower back and Sacrum is quite beneficial for treating ED.

Can massage therapy help Erectile Dysfunction?

There is limited evidence that massage therapy is an effective treatment for ED. 
However, several tiny studies have revealed that males who use the practice see some benefits.

How do you pleasure a man who has Erectile Dysfunction?

Kissing, stroking, genital play, and oral stimulation can all be delightful whether or not there is an erection.

Where are the pressure points to increase arousal?

The region two finger spaces below the belly button, can assist in creating both intimacy and desire.

What is the fastest way to cure Erectile Dysfunction at home?

Exercise, particularly moderate to strenuous aerobic activity, have shown to improve ED in recent research.

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