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Erectile Dysfunction Exercises to Treat ED

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Written by- Julian Carter

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) makes it difficult for a man to get and keep an erection.

According to Reuters, 18 million men experience ED or impotence in America. But medicines, surgeries, and therapies are not the only available treatment for impotence. 

Men can try out some exciting and rewarding exercises.

These exercises include Kegal exercise, Aerobics, or Pilate.

Here’s a brief guide to understanding how these exercises can help you treat impotence.

3 Easy Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Exercises are always a better alternative for ED treatment. If you are done with popping Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil tablets to treat ED.

You can definitely try some of these easy exercises mentioned below:

Kegel Exercise

Impotence can be treated with Erectile Dysfunction exercises like pelvic floor exercises

These workouts are meant for the pelvic floor muscles on the lower side. 

This exercise basically targets the Pubococcygeus muscle.

Pubococcygeus muscles support the prostate and vagina in males and females respectively.

Doing pelvic floor exercises will undoubtedly make the pubococcygeus stronger. 

Also, they are quite successful in treating Erectile Dysfunction.

Kegel ExerciseSource: Margaryta_Basarab_from_Getty_Images
Kegel Exercise

Here are different types of Kegel exercises:

Flat Back Pelvic Exercise

To begin this pelvic floor muscle exercise, one should lie on their back.

Keep your knees relaxed and bent, pointing upward, and your hands on either side.

Draw your penile region in and try to get it closer to your abdomen. 

After five seconds, hold the position for five more. Then you can relax and resume your original position.

Repeat this process three to five times, and you will see the change.

Sitting on Chair Pelvic Exercise

Sit on a chair in an upright position and away from resting your back on the chair.

Squeeze and relax the muscles in the penile region as if you are trying to stop the urine from flowing.

Hold this position for three to five seconds in eight sets.


According to the a 2011 study, Aerobics helps in managing ED.

It is noted that Aerobic exercises help you treat Cardiovascular conditions. These exercises show improvement in maintaining a good flow of blood.

The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of Aerobic exercises. This should be done almost 5 to 7 times a week for good cardiovascular health. 

Additionally, this exercise helps maintain the right blood pressure, Diabetes, and weight. Additionally, it also improves healthy bodily Cholesterol, etc. 

Some of the notable Aerobic exercises are as follows:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Rowing
  • Jumping

Alongside performing these exercises, doctors might suggest a diet plan. This diet plan will be full of the right protein, vitamins, and other nutrients. 

These might collectively help in treating Erectile Dysfunction.

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Pilates Exercises

Erectile Dysfunction exercises like Pilates help in increasing the body’s pelvic strength.

Pelvic Curl, Knee Fallouts, and Supine Curve exercises can help you treat ED.

Pilates ExercisesSource: Syda_Productions
Pilates Exercises

Pelvic Curl Exercise

This exercise can be performed by lying down on the back with bent knees and arms on the sides.

Contract and relax the muscles in the pelvic region every time you exhale.

Push your back to the floor, and raise the pelvis toward the belly button.

Gently lift your buttocks and plant your heels firmly on the floor.

Squeeze your buttocks while lifting yourself.

Supine Foot Raises

Supine Exercise should be performed by lying down straight on the back.

Exhale and contract the pelvic floor muscle. Additionally, while you do this, raise one leg while keeping the pelvis and spine still.

Inhale when you bring the leg down. Similarly, repeat this exercise with alternate legs. 

You can perform this exercise in different sets.

Knee Fallout Exercises

Begin this Erectile Dysfunction exercise by lying down on your back. Your hands should be flat on the ground and your knees bent.

Now move your knees to the sides as you inhale and exhale.

Keep on moving your knees inside and towards the side as you breathe.

Continue doing this movement in different sets to see a visible improvement.

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In case of any difficulty, stop, relax and consult a general physician. These difficulties include breathing issues, joint pain, heat exhaustion, or high heart rate.

Summing up

Popping medicines for any health-related condition has been the easiest tactic. Medicines might have some side effects and interactions. 

Thus, exercise and the right diet plans could be a rewarding remedy for ED.

Erectile Dysfunction exercises like Aerobics and Pilates have improved impotence in American men.

Thus, these exercises are a remedy for ED in men.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can exercises correct Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, exercises can correct Erectile Dysfunction or impotence in men.
You can practice different exercises like Kegal exercise, Aerobics, and Pilates to improve your sexual dysfunction.

What Aerobic exercise can I do to improve impotence?

Aerobic exercises like swimming, jumping, running, cycling, etc., can help men with Erectile Dysfunction.

How long does it take to cure ED with exercise?

Exercises like Aerobics help treat underlying causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).
If these exercises are done regularly, for at least six months, they will help cure ED.

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