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A Guide on Meditation for Erectile Dysfunction

Gina Walters


meditation for erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common Sexual Dysfunction that affects millions of men across the world. 

ED is the inability to get and maintain an erection.

The problem has both medical and non-medical solutions. While the medical treatments include medicines, surgeries, therapies, etc.

On the other hand, non-medical treatment options include eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, yoga, meditation, etc.

Amongst all of these ED treatments, meditation has been achieving a lot of popularity due to its successful results.

Meditation means achieving a mentally calm state by focusing on a particular movement.

Meditation for Erectile Dysfunction is a good way to deal with the problem if ED is caused due to psychological factors.

So, let’s delve deep to know more about the benefits of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation for Erectile Dysfunction

Meditation helps develop mindfulness and be present in the moment.

Practicing mindful meditation for Erectile Dysfunction will positively impact various aspects of your relationship.

It will help you develop a better sexual relationship with your partner by reducing sexual performance anxiety and increasing focus.

Now, let’s know these benefits of meditation further.

Reduce stress

Psychological stress can contribute to ED and other types of sexual dysfunction.

Stress can distract you from your thoughts and stop you from forming a sexual connection.

According to research, meditation can reduce panic in the mind. This will directly help in reducing stress.

Less stress will allow you to focus more on your partner and build a passionate sexual relationship.

Long-term stress can increase the risk of Hypertension, Heart attack, and stroke. Practice stress relief activities or consult a doctor.

Reduce anxiety

Can I take Xanax and Viagra for Performance AnxietySource: Andrzej_from_Getty-images

Sexual performance anxiety makes a person anxious during sex. It results in difficulty having an erection and may decrease libido. 

However, all of these can be improved through meditation. Studies claim that meditation helps to increase libido, sexual desire, satisfaction, erectile function, and much more. 

Hence, practicing meditation helps in calming your mind and reducing Anxiety, which is often linked to ED. This is because a  calm mind can focus better on intimacy.

Further, meditation will also help you achieve an erection faster by improving blood circulation. It Improves your sexual experience and reduces performance anxiety ED.

Boosts focus and confidence

Studies state that practicing meditation improves the focus and confidence of a person. 

A focused mind will help you perform better in bed and give more attention to your partner. It will also help in increasing arousal.

Unwanted thoughts will not cloud your mind, which may help you achieve an erection easily.

Meditation makes the mind clear and peaceful, helping increase sexual satisfaction and overcoming psychological ED.

The Best Meditation for ED: Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment. It helps us to escape from daily activities and worries. 

Practicing mindful meditation positively affects one’s sexual relationship. You can be more aware during sex, and it helps increase satisfaction.

Be consistent with meditation. A study showed that a 4-week meditation practice directly affected men’s ability to get and maintain an erection.

If meditation isn’t working out for you, you can enhance your ED treatment journey with the help of yoga too. Read: Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction.

Tips for Meditation

MeditationSource: FatCamera_from_Getty_Images
Meditation class

Guided meditation for Erectile Dysfunction is a simple way to start your mindful meditation journey. It can be a helpful home remedy for ED.

It is a great option as it provides a step-by-step meditation journey.

Choose a small goal. Start with 2-3 minutes daily and then increase the meditation time.

Practice meditation in a comfortable space.

You can use meditation apps or can consult a meditation expert for in-person sessions.

Be patient and practice meditation regularly. The time period for achieving results are different for every person.

Besides meditation, yoga may be an effective remedy for ED. Learn more: Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction (ED): A natural way to combat ED

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Key Takeaways

Erectile Dysfunction has both medical and non-medical treatments.

Erectile Dysfunction pills are a popular way to treat ED but are not the only option.

Meditation for Erectile Dysfunction is a popular at home treatment that offers various benefits.

One highly recommended technique for ED is mindful meditation. 

It helps in reducing performance anxiety and improves intimacy in a relationship. It makes the mind calm and increases focus. 

If you’re new to meditation, guided meditation for ED is a simple way to begin your meditation journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is meditation helpful for Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, meditation can help with Erectile Dysfunction.
It  improves many psychological factors, such as stress, focus, etc.

What is the best meditation for Erectile Dysfunction?

Mindfulness meditation is a research-proven Erectile Dysfunction meditation.

This technique focuses your attention on the present moment. It makes you more present and aware during sex and increases satisfaction.

Is it possible to treat Erectile Dysfunction quickly?

Medical treatments can be a good option to treat ED quickly.

There are a lot of Erectile Dysfunction pills on the market, such as Viagra, Cialis, etc.
Kindly consult a doctor before choosing any medical treatment.

Can Erectile Dysfunction be treated without medicines?

Yes, you can treat Erectile Dysfunction without medicines.

Meditation, exercise, yoga, a balanced diet, etc., are great non-medical ways to treat ED. 

Non-medical treatment takes longer to show results. Patience and consistency play a crucial role in non-medical ED treatment.

Is mindfulness effective against ED?

Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment.

Practicing mindfulness can help with a lot of sexual problems. It allows you to relax and pay attention to the present moment.

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