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How To Increase Male Libido: Essential Ways to Increase Sex Drive 

Gina Walters


how to increase male libido

Sex drive, often known as libido, naturally differs from person to person.

Male sexual function, whether in men or Assigned Males at Birth (AMAB), is crucial but can vary among individuals.

Several conditions, including Depression and excessive cholesterol, may impact a person’s libido.

However, it is a medical issue that can be managed. 

So how to increase male libido, and what are the options for treating low male libido?

There are numerous methods for boosting male libido. This article will focus on essential ways to increase male libido in detail. 

Factors that affect libido

Knowing the factors that affect male libido is essential before learning how to treat low libido.

A study has also mentioned the effect of Type-2 Diabetes in causing low libido in men or AMAB.

Various factors can affect low libido in males. It is important to know low libido causes for effective treatment of low libido in men. 

Some of the causes of low libido in men are: 

A man stressed while holding a bottle of alcoholSource: D-keine_From_Getty_Images
Stress, depression and substance abuse

Psychological and physical well-being play significant roles in determining one’s libido levels.

If you have low libido, you must see a doctor immediately because it could lead to anxiety and relationship problems

How to increase male libido

It is essential to enhance male libido for sexual well-being and satisfaction.

There are many ways to increase libido naturally, including managing Anxiety and leading a healthy life.

Let’s explore practical ways to increase libido in detail: 

Managing Erectile Dysfunction

Due to the difficulties in getting and sustaining an erection, sexual dysfunctions like Erectile Dysfunction (ED) may influence the desire to engage in sexual activity.

ED management is essential to increase male libido. There are many medications available for ED treatment

Medications like Viagra and Cialis are prescribed for ED and ED-induced low libido. 

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  • Manage Anxiety

    Males with high Anxiety levels frequently struggle with libido and sexual performance.

    This Anxiety could be general sex-related Anxiety or brought on by life stress.

    People who have a demanding job schedule, caring obligations, or other life difficulties may feel worn out. 

    As a result, they may experience a low level of sexual desire.

    According to a 2017 review of Erectile Dysfunction in young men, Anxiety, and Depression may lower desire and worsen sexual dysfunction.

    Anxiety is a highly treatable condition, and many individuals recover completely with appropriate treatment and support.

    Focus on foreplay

    A person’s libido may be increased by having better sexual experiences, which may also raise their sex drive. 

    Increasing the amount of time spent touching, kissing, using sex toys, and engaging in oral sex can improve a person’s sexual experience. 

    These actions are referred to as outercourse by some.

    A 2017 study found that only about 18% of women experience orgasms through penetrative sex alone, whereas 33.6% claim that clitoral stimulation is required.

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

    a man standing in front of his cycleSource: GoodLifeStudio_from_Getty_Images_Signature
    Maintaining a healthy life leads to better sexual health

    Low libido in males or AMAB can result from various lifestyle decisions. 

    These choices can be resisted by leading a healthy lifestyle, which may also increase male libido.

    Men’s sex drive might increase with regular exercise. According to a study, exercise may enhance male and female sexual functions. 

    Some researchers suggest that Obesity may also cause low libido, and exercising can help to manage Obesity and maintain body weight. 

    Testosterone therapy

    Men’s low libido is frequently caused by insufficient testosterone. 

    By controlling testosterone levels, testosterone replacement therapy may help improve male libido.

    A study suggests that testosterone therapy may enhance male libido and erectile performance.

    Before implementing these methods to boost male libido, it is necessary to see a medical professional.

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    Many causes of low libido in males include medication, chronic illness, and low fitness levels. 

    So how to increase male libido? Or how to increase male libido naturally? 

    You can effectively increase male libido by incorporating natural methods and lifestyle changes. 

    Managing Anxiety and therapy can also help in increasing male libido after 60. 

    Managing ED with the help of ED medications might also help to increase male libido. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What naturally increases male libido? 

    Certain herbs like maca root or ginseng can naturally increase male libido, promoting a healthier and more satisfying sex life. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, stress management, and sufficient sleep are also essential for healthy sexual health.

    What can a man drink to increase his libido?

    Certain drinks can make you last longer in bed and increase libido. Beverages like watermelon juice, pomegranate juice, or green tea contain compounds that may enhance blood flow, boost testosterone levels, and increase libido.

    How can a man regain his libido?  

    A man can regain his libido by adopting a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, a balanced diet, stress management, and sufficient sleep. Considering natural supplements or therapies after consulting a healthcare professional can also help some males. 

    Can regular exercise help increase male libido? 

    Yes, exercising regularly may help increase male libido. Regular exercise and weight lifting help to increase Testosterone levels which may improve libido in men or AMAB.

    What impact does pornography or excessive masturbation have on male libido?

    Masturbation or excessive pornography may reduce libido or contribute to low libido. Desensitization, performance anxiety, Erectile Dysfunction, and interpersonal problems could also result.

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