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The Benefits of Zinc: Does Zinc Increase Testosterone?

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Written by- Julian Carter

Zinc is a vital nutrient and the second most prevalent mineral found in the human body. 

It plays a critical role in various bodily functions, including protein synthesis, muscular development, and wound healing. 

A deficiency of zinc can not only affect your bodily functions but also your sexual health.

Lack of zinc in the body is found to be associated with Hypogonadism or low testosterone.

Since our systems can not produce or retain zinc, we must obtain it through our foods or supplements on a daily basis. 

So, does zinc increase testosterone?

Before you add zinc supplements to our diet, let’s learn more about the connection between zinc and testosterone.

Does zinc increase testosterone

Healthy testosterone levels are necessary for increasing libido and maintaining secondary sexual characteristics in men.

Additionally, testosterone supports the growth and maintenance of red blood cells, bone density, mood, and general well-being.

Hence, it’s important to maintain appropriate testosterone levels and explore ways to do so.

Zinc supplementation has been regarded as an excellent method of increasing testosterone levels.

However, there is little data available to support the use of zinc supplements to raise testosterone levels. 

In one comparative study, 40 men between the ages of 20 and 80 were examined. 

It was found that men who restricted their intake of zinc saw a decline in testosterone in their blood. 

A rise in serum testosterone levels was discovered after the intake of zinc in the form of zinc gluconate.

According to research published by NIH, zinc is essential for sperm health and the development of testes.

Testes are the male genital organs responsible for the synthesis of testosterone and are vital for a male’s sexual health.

According to a study, taking 220 mg of zinc sulfate twice daily can effectively restore testosterone levels to normal, thus treating Hypogonadism.

However, the available data does not support widespread recommendations for the use of zinc for all forms of Hypogonadism.

Do you know?
Testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day. They are highest in the morning.
Testosterone formula on a male body's backgroundSource: Jun_From_Getty_Images
Consuming Zinc boots Testosterone levels substantially

Studies clearly show a connection between testosterone and zinc.

Hypogonadism or testosterone deficiency may be linked to zinc insufficiency. 

Low testosterone, often known as low T, can cause Erectile Dysfunction, weight gain, a loss in strength and muscular mass, and low libido or poor sex drive.

Several studies have revealed that consuming zinc supplements can boost men’s testosterone levels.

However, the link between the two is still not completely understood.

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  • According to a growing body of studies, zinc supplements may also be able to assist in treating Erectile Dysfunction

    In certain trials, it was discovered that zinc supplementation improved testosterone levels while restoring erectile function in zinc deficit males.

    Another study examined the effects of zinc supplementation along with weight training on testosterone levels.

    The study found that having zinc supplements for 6 weeks along with weight training can boost testosterone levels in men.

    However, the study was small, and further research is needed to determine exactly how zinc levels affect testosterone levels.

    But, the outcomes point to a link between the two.

    How to get zinc for testosterone enhancement

    zinc-incontentSource: Africa's_Images
    ZInc tablets

    Unlike other vitamins and minerals, zinc cannot be stored by the body.

    Hence, it is essential to obtain the required amount of zinc each day through your diet.

    Oysters and beef are excellent sources of zinc. 

    Vegans and vegetarians can acquire zinc with dark chocolate, dairy products, nuts, and seeds, etc

    To balance the zinc in their body, some people may require a supplement. 

    However, these people should consult their doctor before taking any zinc supplements as they may contain some hidden ingredients, leading to adverse health consequences.

    Also, zinc overdosing can be harmful and have negative effects on magnesium and copper levels in the body.

    Testosterone supplements may lead to some side effects. Take them only after consulting your doctor.


    Most men rely on natural supplements like zinc to boost their testosterone levels.

    Although a close link has been found between zinc and testosterone,  does zinc increase testosterone levels?

    Several studies suggest that zinc deficiency has been linked to low testosterone levels.

    Zinc supplementation, along with dietary intake of zinc, can help boost testosterone and sexual function in men.

    However, consulting a doctor is essential before considering any supplements to improve testosterone levels and sexual health.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much zinc should I take to raise testosterone?

    The prescribed per-day dose of zinc is 11 milligrams for men and 8 mg per day for women to increase testosterone. 
    However, the dosage can be increased to 30-80 mg daily. 
    Before beginning a zinc supplement routine, it is crucial to speak with a doctor to ensure you are taking the right dosage for your individual requirements.

    Does Vitamin D and zinc increase testosterone?

    Yes, both vitamin D and zinc are known to boost testosterone levels.
    However, further research is needed on this.

    Is zinc a testosterone blocker?

    Zinc aids in both the production of testosterone and its preservation for usage by the body’s androgen receptors. 
    This is usually achieved by inhibiting the enzyme aromatase, which would otherwise trigger the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. 

    Does zinc lower testosterone in females?

    No, zinc does not decrease testosterone in females.
    Studies suggest that zinc supplementation can improve testosterone levels and sexual function in postmenopausal women.

    What are the best forms of zinc for boosting testosterone?

    Several distinct forms of zinc are available, including zinc gluconate, zinc citrate, and zinc picolinate.
    According to studies, Zinc Picolinate is frequently suggested among them due to the body’s greater ability to absorb it.

    Is zinc good for testosterone?

    Yes, it has been found that zinc plays an important role in increasing testosterone levels in men.
    Zinc deficiency can lead to low sperm count and low testosterone levels.

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