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Privacy and Cookie Policy

At Goodrx Medicine, we prioritize the privacy and security of our customers. 

We utilize strong encryption tools to safeguard any personal information provided to us. 

We strive to assist users in making well-informed decisions about medication choices and to improve their shopping experience on our platform.

Collection of Personal Information

We request personal details of customers for specific purposes:

Registration: Registering on our website requires providing the necessary personal details to streamline the shopping process.

Communication: Providing your email enables us to address queries, handle grievances, and fulfill orders efficiently.

Users are not required to share personal information. Choosing to provide personal information classifies users as 'opt-in.' 

Users have the right to withdraw shared information in their account settings whenever they choose

However, it is important to provide certain personal information in order to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

Goodrx Medicine may use submitted emails to send marketing, promotional, or informative content to users.

Understanding Cookies and their Purpose

Cookies are small data packets sent by a website to a user's device. They help distinguish individual customers and, in some cases, prevent unwanted advertisements.

We use cookies to:

  • Analyze website traffic to understand our customer base better

  • Identify our top-selling products to cater to our customers effectively and ensure a reliable shopping process

Policy Alterations

We reserve the right to modify our privacy policies at any time. Before disclosing any information on the website, users are encouraged to evaluate the privacy and cookie policies.

We value your privacy. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or concerns concerning our privacy practices or the utilization of cookies.