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How Do I Apply Bimatoprost Eye Drops Correctly? An Informative Guide

Gina Walters


how do I apply bimatoprost eye drops correctly

Bimatoprost is a medication commonly prescribed to treat Glaucoma and Intraocular Hypertension. 

It is also approved to treat Hypotrichosis of the eyelashes (inadequate growth of eyelashes). 

Though the medicine is effective, proper application is important to ensure it works well. As a result, you may ask, “How do I apply Bimatoprost correctly?”.

This article offers a comprehensive guide on the proper and safe application of Bimatoprost eye drops.

How do I apply Bimatoprost eye drops correctly

The correct application of Bimatoprost eye drops depends on the purpose of its use. 

If you’re using them for Glaucoma or Intraocular Hypertension, you can pour the drops directly into your eyes.

However, if using the solution for eyelash growth, you should apply the drop to the base of your eyelash.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to apply Bimatoprost safely and correctly. 

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  • How to use Bimatoprost for Glaucoma

    Bimatoprost can help address the symptoms of Glaucoma and Intraocular Hypertension. The solution can be applied directly to the ocular surface. The usual dose is one drop every evening. 

    To apply Bimatoprost eye drops correctly, follow these steps:

    • Preparation: Wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly. Ensure your face is clean and free of makeup.
    • Tilt your head back: Tilt your head backward slightly to create a comfortable angle for applying the drops.
    • Create a pocket: Create a little pocket by slowly pulling down your lower eyelid, allowing a safe space for the drop.
    • Pour the drop into the eye: Hold the Bimatoprost dropper close to your eye. Squeeze one drop into your eye carefully without touching the eye or eyelid.
    • Close your eyes: Gently close your eyes for a few seconds. Avoid blinking excessively, as this may cause the medication to drain out.

    How to use Bimatoprost for eyelash growth

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also approved the use of Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution for eyelash growth. To use Bimatoprost for eyelash growth, follow these instructions:

    • Clean your face: Wash your face and remove any makeup or contact lenses.
    • Apply on eyelashes: Apply one drop to the base of the upper eyelash with the provided brush, like applying eyeliner. Avoid letting the drops come into contact with the eye.
    • Avoid excessive application: Using more than the suggested amount will not enhance results and may cause undesirable side effects.

    Considerations before applying Bimatoprost

    Before applying Bimatoprost, there are certain precautions, side effects, and interactions to consider for safety. 

    Bimatoprost is a prescription medicine and should be used under medical guidance only. Incorrect use of eye drops can harm your health and damage your eyes.

    Therefore, the following considerations should be kept in mind before using Bimatoprost:

    Bimatoprost precautions

    When using Bimatoprost for eye conditions, keep the following precautions in mind:

    • Avoid touching the eye: Ensure the dropper tip never touches your eye or any other surface to avoid infection.
    • Use a clean applicator: If provided, apply the solution with a clean brush or applicator.
    • Do not double dose: Using more than one drop will not enhance the effects of the medicine.
    • Avoid contact lenses: Remove contact lenses before applying Bimatoprost. Reinsert them after about 15 minutes to prevent potential absorption of the medication.

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    Consistency is key: Apply Bimatoprost at the same time every day for optimal results. Skipping doses can reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

    Bimatoprost side effects

    Mild eye irritation, itching, or redness at the application site are common. These side effects typically subside within a short period.

    In some cases, though uncommon, individuals may experience changes in iris color, darkening of eyelid skin, or increased eyelash growth.

    Severe side effects of Bimatoprost are rare. However, you must contact a healthcare professional if you experience severe eye pain, vision changes, or signs of an allergic reaction.

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    Bimatoprost interactions

    Consult a doctor before using this medicineSource: pixelshot
    Consult a doctor before using this medicine

    Inform your doctor of all medications, including eye drops, you are using. Some eye drops may interact with Bimatoprost.

    Exercise caution using other prostaglandin analogs, as they may interact with Bimatoprost.

    Ensure you inform your healthcare provider of any allergies or existing medical conditions, especially regarding eye health.

    Remember, this information is not exhaustive. Always consult a healthcare expert for personalized advice and address concerns about using Bimatoprost. 

    They can provide customized recommendations for your specific situation.

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    Do not share your Bimatoprost medicine with others, even if they have the same condition.


    Before using Bimatoprost solution, you may ask, “How do I apply Bimatoprost eye drops correctly?”.

    You can pour the eye drops in your eye with clean hands by tilting your head back and pulling down your lower eyelid. It is essential to maintain hygiene when applying the drops.

    If using the solution for eyelash growth, you may apply a drop on the base of your upper eyelash with a clean applicator.

    Proper application of Bimatoprost eye drops is essential for their effectiveness in treating Glaucoma or enhancing eyelash growth. 

    Please consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice regarding using Bimatoprost eye drops.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I apply Bimatoprost eye drops with contact lenses?

    Yes, you may apply Bimatoprost eye drops with contact lenses. But it’s advisable to remove the contacts before application. Reinsert them after 15 minutes to prevent potential absorption.

    Can I use the same bottle for both eyes?

    Yes, you can use the same bottle for both eyes. However, ensure the dropper doesn’t touch the eyes to prevent contamination.

    What if I accidentally touch my eye with the dropper?

    If the dropper accidentally touches your eye, wipe your eye with a clean tissue or cotton swab to prevent contamination and potential irritation.

    Can I apply Bimatoprost eye drops in the morning instead of at night?

    Applying Bimatoprost in the evening is generally recommended, but consult your healthcare provider for personalized dosing instructions.

    What should I do if I forget a dose of Bimatoprost?

    If you miss a dose of Bimatoprost, continue with the next scheduled dose. Refrain from doubling up on doses to make up for a missed one.

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