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Are Testosterone Boosters Safe: Discovering the Truth

Julian Carter


are testosterone boosters safe

Testosterone boosters are popular supplements marketed to increase testosterone in men with low levels. 

Besides claiming to raise testosterone levels, these products also promise to improve mood, increase energy, and build muscle mass. 

But are testosterone boosters safe to use?

Since these products include a range of different ingredients, the efficiency and safety of testosterone boosters might vary greatly from one supplement to another.

This article will enlighten you on the safety and side effects of testosterone boosters.

Are testosterone boosters safe

The safety and efficacy of testosterone boosters is a subject of debate.

However, using them along with lifestyle adjustments can help boost your testosterone levels.

Testosterone boosters are supplements that claim to raise your testosterone production.

Most are available over the counter without a prescription and often contain herbs and other natural compounds.

Since the FDA does not approve these supplements, we can not guarantee their effectiveness and safety.

However, prescription medications, such as testosterone gels, pellets, injections, and testosterone pills, are FDA-approved to treat low testosterone. 

They are known as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). 

To acquire these various types of TRT, however, a valid prescription from a registered doctor is required.

Hence, when used on a doctor’s prescription, TRT is considered safe and effective.

Overall, research on the substances often found in herbal testosterone boosters is conflicting. 

Some are supported by scientific data indicating that Vitamin D, for example, has been shown in studies to raise testosterone levels in males.

Increased intake of Ashwagandha, magnesium, and zinc has also been linked to elevated testosterone levels.

Though TRT is more effective than herbal supplements, there are also several possible risks associated with it.

Among these include an increased chance of developing a growing prostate, fluid retention, and cardiovascular issues like Hypertension, stroke, and heart attack.

Thus, it’s essential to remember that, unlike medicinal products, supplements do not go through the extensive and required clinical trial procedure to detect adverse effects and establish safety.

This indicates that there is still plenty of information we don’t know about certain active substances included in a lot of over-the-counter testosterone boosters.

Are you considering using testosterone pills to overcome low testosterone symptoms but worried about their safety? Read our article:Is Taking Testosterone Pills Safe: Safety, Effectiveness, and Potential Side Effects?“.

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  • Side effects of testosterone boosters

    AcneSource: pixelshot
    Acne (side effect)

    While testosterone boosters for men are considered an effective way of increasing testosterone, there are certain adverse effects to be aware of. 

    Although they are uncommon and sometimes associated with low-quality supplements, you should be aware of the complete picture. 

    These side effects include:

    • Male pattern hair loss
    • Breast enlargement
    • Acne
    • Testicular atrophy
    • Loss of libido
    • Excessive aggression
    • Mood swings
    • Infertility

    These side effects usually vanish once your body gets used to the supplement.

    However, in rare cases, testosterone boosters lead to severe outcomes like prostate enlargement, Hypertension, Polycythemia, and increased levels of prostate-specific antigen in the blood.


  • Testicular atrophy refers to a health condition where a male’s testicles slowly shrink in size.
  • Polycythemia is an increase in the levels of red blood cells, leading to the thickening of blood.
  • Safety considerations

    Before opting for any testosterone booster, the following safety measures need to be considered to minimize the risk of side effects:

    • Testosterone may interact with medications, such as corticosteroids, blood thinners (Warfarin, Apixaban), and insulin
      Tell your doctor if you are taking any of these medications or any other supplements
    • Testosterone may also interact with certain health conditions like Diabetes, liver and heart disease, and breast and prostate cancer. Inform your doctor if you have any of these conditions 
    • Testosterone boosters should be taken only after consulting a doctor in the prescribed dosage
    • These supplements are not intended to be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women and children below the age of 18 years

    Read Do Testosterone Pills Work: Unraveling the Efficiency of These Pills to know if testosterone pills really work or not.

    Do not combine testosterone boosters with any other medications and supplements, as they may interact and cause side effects.


    Testosterone is essential for the overall well-being of a man. 

    It helps you keep steady moods, regular sexual drive, and mental sharpness, in addition to supporting strong, healthy bones and muscles.

    Testosterone boosters are an effective choice for anyone wishing to raise their testosterone levels or get rid of some of the symptoms of low testosterone

    But are testosterone boosters safe?

    Prescription TRT medicines, such as gels, injections, or pills, are safe when recommended by a doctor. 

    But there is no guarantee that herbal OTC supplements and pills are safe or not.

    And apart from TRT, the FDA has not approved herbal supplements as a prescribed treatment for low testosterone

    Therefore, it’s advisable to see your doctor before including any testosterone boosters in your usual medical regimen. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are testosterone boosters safe for building muscle?

    Most men use testosterone boosters for building muscles. 

    However, the FDA has not approved these supplements, hence their safety can not be guaranteed.

    Is it safe to take testosterone boosters?

    Although testosterone boosters are found to be effective in treating symptoms of low testosterone, they can lead to side effects if used inappropriately.

    These side effects include acne, hair loss, breast enlargement, and loss of libido.

    Are testosterone boosters safe for men over 65?

    Testosterone boosters, when consumed as prescribed TRT form, can be safe for men over 65.

    However, these can only be used to boost testosterone in men over 65 if they are suffering from Hypogonadism or significantly lower testosterone levels.

    These supplements are not intended to be used if low testosterone results from increased age.

    Is there any food to boost testosterone?

    Yes, foods like pomegranate, oysters, ginger, green leafy vegetables, tuna fish, and egg yolk are known to boost testosterone in men.

    Can a man increase his testosterone naturally without testosterone boosters?

    Yes, a man can naturally boost his testosterone levels by having a healthy diet, regular exercise, proper sleep, and managing stress.

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