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Unraveling the Mystery: Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

Gina Walters



Red Eye is a noticeable side effect of consuming weed that has sparked curiosity among people. 

However, why does weed make your eyes red?

Weed lowers blood pressure, dilates blood vessels in one’s eyes, and makes them appear red. 

Let us explore the scientific connection between weed consumption and eye redness. 

Why does weed make your eyes red?

Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the active ingredient in weed that can lead to Red Eyes

THC is the psychoactive ingredient that makes people feel good and calm when they consume weed.

A study states that weed has a calming effect and can reduce blood pressure in older adults.

Interestingly, THC also plays an important role in causing Red Eyes.

Avoid rubbing your eyes, as it may increase the discomfort and redness. 

When THC enters the body after weed consumption, it has a vasodilatory effect on all the blood vessels in the body. 

Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels that leads to an increase in blood flow by reducing blood pressure. 

In the case of the eyes, the expansion of blood vessels creates the bloodshot effect by making the white part of the eyes appear red.

However, weed eye redness is temporary and goes away with time.

Regular use of weed can also lead to Dry Eyes and discomfort. Consult an eye doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment options.

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How long do Red Eyes last from weed?

Eye redness (viral pink eye symptom)Source: dtimiraos_from_Getty_Images
A Closeup of a red eye

Red Eyes caused by weed normally last for one to two hours after consumption. 

However, the duration of Red Eyes is not the same for all weed users. 

The duration of eye redness differs based on the amount of THC in blood and how quickly one’s body breaks down the THC.

Some individuals may experience serious redness, while others may only notice a small change in the eye color. 

Individuals who use weed for the first time or those with a lower tolerance may be more sensitive to Red Eyes.

Also, Glaucoma patients may use weed or marijuana, as it can lower eye pressure. 

However, one should not use weed for Glaucoma treatment as it may cause unwanted side effects.

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How to get rid of Red Eyes from weed?

Several treatment options and home remedies for Red Eyes may help relieve discomfort and redness. 

One can use artificial tears or lubricating eye drops to help provide relief by reducing redness and dryness.

Home remedies like cool compress and proper sleep may also help with weed eye redness. 

Cool compress may help shrink the blood vessels and reduce Red Eye symptoms like itching and tearing.

However, consult a doctor if the eye redness is consistent, as it may be a sign of other medical conditions like Dry Eye.

Do not smoke weed or marijuana, as it can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Key takeaways

Red Eye is a common sign of weed smoking, and many people are curious about “Why does weed make your eyes red?”

The Red Eyes are commonly caused by THC-induced vasodilation.

THC is the psychoactive ingredient that makes people feel good when they consume weed

The THC leads to the widening of blood vessels and creates the bloodshot effect.

Fortunately, one can try treatment options like artificial tears and cold compress to deal with eye redness.

Consult a doctor for a proper eye diagnosis and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you stop your eyes from getting red when you smoke weed?

Yes, you can reduce Red Eyes when smoking weed. One can use lubricating eye drops to help with excessive eye redness.

Is redness in the eyes a normal side effect of smoking weed?

Yes, redness in the eyes is a common and normal side effect of smoking weed. THC, the primary psychoactive compound in weed, leads to increased blood flow in the eyes. This expansion of blood vessels results in eye redness.

Does strain-dependent weed consumption cause Red Eye?

Yes, Red Eyes after weed consumption can be strain-dependent. Strains with high THC concentrations are more likely to cause vasodilation and bloodshot eyes.

How long does eye redness last after using weed?

The duration of eye redness after using weed varies from person to person but typically lasts for a few hours. It depends on factors such as individual tolerance and the amount of weed consumed.

Are there any home remedies for getting rid of Red Eyes after smoking weed?

Yes, home remedies for Red Eyes after smoking weed include applying a cold compress to shrink blood vessels and getting sufficient sleep. The remedies may help relieve dryness and reduce redness.

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