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Can I Get a Swollen Eye From Allergies?

Gina Walters



Being allergic to something can make your eyes swell up, which can be painful and annoying. 

Various things present in your surroundings can cause allergic reactions, which often cause swelling and redness around the eyes. 

In this article, we will talk about whether you can get swollen eye from allergies or whether it is just a myth. 

We will also look at the various treatment options available for swollen eyes.

Do allergies cause swollen eyes

People who have allergic reactions often get swollen eyes. In some cases, this can turn into allergic Pink Eyes as well. 

Most of the time, allergies affect the conjunctiva, which is the clear, white part of the eye. 

Dust, pet dander, etc., can cause the conjunctiva to swell when they come in contact with it. 

Studies show that allergic reactions in the eyes often happen simultaneously with Rhinitis or a stuffy nose. 

Ocular symptoms like swollen eyes are observed in 40-60% of allergic disorders cases.

People with Rhinitis from  allergies may also have watery eyes and a runny nose

According to another study, allergies may also give you red eyes and itchy, swelling your eyelids.

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Common Allergens Causing Swollen Eyes

Eye allergySource: Andrei310_from_GettyImages
A closeup of an swollen eye

Several environmental factors can lead to allergies. Therefore, finding the allergen that causes swollen eyes is critical for effective treatment. 

Pollen, pet dander, mold spores, dust mites, and certain foods are among the most common allergy-causing factors

These allergens induce allergic reactions from our body due to the release of histamines, chemicals released by the body to fight off allergies.

Finding out about your allergy triggers can help you to take preventive measures to reduce exposure and the risk of swollen eyes.

Histamines: These are chemicals released by our immune system to fight off foreign objects that enter our body, thus causing allergic reactions.

Treating swollen eyes from allergies

Many treatment options can help reduce eye swelling caused by allergies. 

Staying away from allergens and using a cold compress are two other effective ways to reduce swelling under the eyes caused by allergies. 

Not letting pollen or dust in through open windows and using air filters are good ideas. 

Regularly washing your eyes is also helpful in getting rid of still allergens. 

Not only does cleaning your eyes with water help eliminate allergens, but it also makes them feel better. 

Several studies have shown that antihistamines are very good at treating Pink eye symptoms like swelling. 

Decongestant eye drops or artificial tear drops can also eliminate eye allergy symptoms like redness and swelling.

Before taking any medication it is important to consult a doctor for the right dosage and to avoid any side effects.


In conclusion, swollen eye from allergies are not a myth; they are a common and uncomfortable reality for many.

Pollen, dust, and other environmental factors can cause allergic responses that usually affect the conjunctiva.

To control and lower the risk of swollen eyes, it’s important to know about the common allergens and how to avoid them.

Luckily, there are various effective treatment options available for treating swollen eyes. 

These treatment options include avoiding allergens, using cold compresses, and medications like antihistamines and decongestant eye drops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can allergies cause one eye to swell?

While it’s theoretically possible for an allergen like pollen or pet hair to enter one eye, causing a temporary issue, this occurrence is quite low. Suppose you experience redness, swelling, or tearing in only one eye. In that case, it is more probable that the cause is unrelated to allergies.

How do you make an allergy eye swelling go down?

People who want to reduce the swelling caused by eye allergies can try several home treatments. Some of these are using a cold cloth, eye drops, and staying away from things that might be allergens.

How long does a swollen eye due to allergies take to go away?

This feeling of itching can last for up to 48 hours. Most of the time, the pink or red look lasts three days, and the eye puffiness lasts up to seven days.

What to do if one eye swells?

You can reduce the swelling in the eyelid by putting a cold cloth or a tea bag on it. Using a water rinse can also help get rid of crust and discharge.

Can untreated eye allergies permanently harm the eyes?

If you don’t treat your eye issues, they won’t hurt your eyes permanently. Still, they may cause redness and pain that lasts for a long time. Also, there is a chance of getting eye diseases in some situations.

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