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What Causes Pink Eye During Pregnancy?

Gina Walters


pink eye during pregnancy

Conjunctivitis, another name for Pink Eye, is a common eye disease that can happen to anyone, even pregnant women. 

Women who are pregnant often have a lot of questions about their baby’s health and safety. 

In this article, we will talk about what causes Pink Eye during pregnancy. 

We will also discuss the various symptoms and safe ways to treat Pink Eye during pregnancy.

What causes Pink Eye during pregnancy

Many factors can cause Pink Eye during pregnancy. Pink Eye is primarily caused by three main factors: bacterial, viral and allergic.

Viral Pink Eye is the most common form of Conjunctivitis that affects 75% of the population.

Due to little changes in the immune system, pregnant women are prone to viral Conjunctivitis, which is linked to the common cold.

Bacterial Pink Eye is another type of Conjunctivitis that is even more contagious

Due to the fact that pregnant women are more sensitive to allergens like pollen and pet hair, they might be more prone to allergic Pink Eye. 

Irritants like smoke or pollution can also cause Pink Eye since pregnant women are more likely to be sensitive to these irritants. 

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Pink Eye symptoms during pregnancy

The conjunctiva is the thin layer that lines up the white part of the eye. Pink Eye, also called Conjunctivitis, affects this thin layer and causes a burning sensation. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), red eyes, itching due to pink eyes, and swelling of the cornea are some common symptoms of Pink Eye. 

Women with Pink Eye who are pregnant may also have a thick mucus discharge that won’t stop easily, making them feel like something is in their eyes.

It’s important to remember the symptoms can be different for each person and depend on the type of Pink Eye they have.

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Remember to wash your hands after you touch anyone with Pink Eyes and avoid touching your eyes without washing your hands properly.

How to treat Pink Eye during pregnancy

Eye careSource: Syda_Productions
Glaucoma patient can also take this eyedrop

Most of the time, knowing the symptoms is important in identifying the type of Pink Eye and treating it. 

Still, it’s important to consult a doctor to make sure there aren’t any risks during pregnancy.

Since there aren’t any well-known treatments for viral Pink Eye, doctors usually tell their patients to use fake tear drops. 

Artificial teardrops help people get rid of the itching, swelling, and eye pain. These eye drops can help with both viral and allergic Conjunctivitis symptoms. 

Artificial tear drops are safe for pregnant women to use because their main purpose is to keep the eyes wet.

It has been found that antibiotic eye drops like Erythromycin, Tobramycin, and Gentamicin are safe to use for pregnant women. 

Doctors often give these medicines to treat bacterial eye infections that cause bacterial Pink Eye. 

But it’s still a good idea to talk to your doctor about the best way to treat your condition.

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Avoid taking any medicines before consulting a doctor. Your doctor will examine your condition and then recommend the right dosage.


It is important for a pregnant woman to know about anything and everything that can affect her or her baby’s health.

Therefore knowing about the causes of Pink Eye during pregnancy is also important. 

One should also know about the symptoms and how to treat these symptoms safely. 

Conjunctivitis, or Pink Eye disease, can be caused by several things, such as allergies, irritants, bacterial or viral illnesses, etc. 

Even though the symptoms often happen at the same time, it is important to see a doctor during pregnancy to make sure you get the safe treatment. 

If you have bacterial pink eye, you may be given antibiotic eye drops and artificial tear drops to help with the itching and pain. 

Finally, the best way to deal with pink eye during pregnancy and protect both the mother’s and baby’s health is to get professional help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can pregnant women get Pink Eye?

Yes, pregnant women can get Pink Eye, which is also called Conjunctivitis. This can happen because of viruses, germs, allergies, and irritants. Because of changes in their immune systems during pregnancy, they may be more likely to get illnesses that cause Pink Eye.

What are the common symptoms of Pink Eye during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, Pink Eye often causes redness, itching, swelling of the conjunctiva, a thick mucus flow, and a feeling that something is stuck in the eyes. But the signs may differ for each person and each type of Pink Eye.

How can Pink Eye during pregnancy be treated safely?

Pink Eye during pregnancy can be treated safely with artificial tear drops to ease irritation, swelling, and discomfort. Doctors may prescribe Erythromycin, Tobramycin, or Gentamicin for treating bacterial Pink Eye. Before taking any medication, consult a doctor for the right guidance.

Is it safe to use artificial tear drops during pregnancy for Pink Eye?

Yes, artificial tear drops are safe for pregnant women to use. The main purpose of these tears is to provide moisture to the eyes and ease any discomfort associated with Pink Eye, making them a suitable option during pregnancy.

What should I do if I suspect I have Pink Eye during pregnancy?

If you think you might have Pink Eye while you’re pregnant, you should see a doctor right away to get the correct diagnosis. Getting medical help right away will protect both your health and the health of your baby.

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