1. UTI Symptoms: Very Common But Can Be Treated!

    UTI symptoms

    A urinary tract infection is a condition in which the urinary system gets infected by microbes in multiple ways, such as prolonged exposure to unclean/unwashed restrooms, urinary catheters, kidney stones, weak immune system, etc. Females have a higher chance of developing UTIve a higher chance of symptoms than men. This can be because females have to come in almost direct contact with the restroom as compared to men. Getting infected with an unwashed washroom is one of the major UTI causes.

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  2. Getting Disturbed When Other's Snore While Sleep? Here Are Easy Remedies For It

    Remedies For Snoring

    Snoring can be a sign of a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. However, when comparing snorers and non-snorers, snorers without sleep apnea face thickening or abnormalities in the carotid artery. This is due to the vibrations produced from snoring, causing trauma and inflammation in the artery. These changes can cause atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries involved in several vascular diseases.

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  3. Fix Your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction With These 8 Best Exercises

    Exercises To Fix Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Dysfunction

    People usually don’t think much about temporomandibular joints (TMJ), although we use them a lot in our day to day activities. It is a joint that connects the jawbone to your skull. Your temporomandibular joints come into action every time you talk, swallow, and chew. Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) dysfunction occurs when something goes wrong with your jaw joints and muscles. Usually, this happens because of an injury, inflammations, such as arthritis, or overuse.

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  4. What Makes You Snore During Sleep?


    This might excite you that almost half of the population snore at some point in their lives. However, almost 40% of men and 24% of adult women are habitual to snoring. Some people occasionally snore when their throat muscles relax due to the use of alcohol, other depressants, tiredness, or while sleeping on your back. Snoring can create a nuisance for the people around them without realizing that the person is snoring.

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  5. What Do You Need To Know About Radiation Sickness?

    Radiation sickness

    When you tend to receive substantial doses of radiation over a short period, it damages your body. This condition is called “radiation sickness.” How sick you will be is determined by the amount of radiation absorbed by your body. Radiation sickness is rare but often very serious or even life-threatening. Majority of cases of radiation sickness have occurred after some nuclear industrial accidents such as the Chernobyl explosion in Ukraine (1986) and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, amid the second world war.

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  6. How Can Online Couples Counselling Save Your Relationship?

    Online couples counseling

    This novel coronavirus pandemic has put couples under tremendous stress - either they have quarantined apart or living just with each other for months in close quarters. Maintaining a relationship has never been easy, yet the pandemic brings it with a new surge of challenges, including job uncertainty, financial stress, exceptional levels of parenting burnout, etc. It is no surprise that many couples nowadays realize the significance of couples therapy.

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  7. 07 Steps To Enhance Emotional Intimacy In A Relationship

    Emotional intimacy

    Lacking physical, sexual, and emotional intimacy is one of the biggest and most common challenges in romantic relationships. For instance, you may feel as if you aren’t emotionally connected with each other as before even if you are spending a lot of time with each other, or you may find it harder to trust each other. So, how do these intimacy challenges arise from? Well, it may occur when you have been together for a long time or have recently undergone a major life change, including moving to a new city or job change.

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  8. Chemotherapy: A Miraculous Cancer Treatment That Helps Save Lives


    Chemotherapy, also called “Chemo,” is an aggressive form of chemical drug therapy intended to destroy rapidly growing cells in the body. It is generally used as a cancer treatment because cancer cells grow and divide faster than any other cells. Chemotherapy is done by a doctor who specializes in cancer treatment - called an Oncologist. They will work with you and propose the best treatment plan for you.

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  9. 10 Signs Of A Karmic Relationship

    Karmic relationship

    A karmic relationship is a kind of relationship that’s meant to foster the lessons we require to learn in this lifetime regarding love and partnership. It can be thought of as a soulmate relationship as there’s a connection between two souls, although it's quite different from twin flames or soulmates that are curative in nature. Most people would have been into these karmic relationships in their lifetime.

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  10. Air-conditioning Overuse Can Be Detrimental. Beware!

    Air conditioning

    Most people prefer using air conditioning to counterbalance the weather change effects. But unfortunately, many people would be unaware of the health issues overuse of air conditioning causes. This blog will educate you regarding the illness caused due to the overuse of air conditioning. You will also come across some tips that you can consider for the safe utilization of air conditioning.

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