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All You Need to Know About Testosterone Gel for Women

Julian Carter


Testosterone Gel for Woman

It is a misconception that testosterone is only a male hormone; it is also produced by women too. 

Along with estrogen and progesterone, testosterone is simply one of the sex hormones that women produce.

As women age, the body’s testosterone levels progressively decline.

Reduced testosterone levels can cause a decrease in sex drive or desire for sexual activity.

However, several treatments are available to regain testosterone levels, and testosterone gel is one of them.

This article will discuss the effectiveness of testosterone gel for women.

Testosterone gel for women

In women, low testosterone levels result in low libido, weakness, and mood swings.

To address low testosterone symptoms, doctors usually recommend Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

However, the effectiveness of TRT for women still remains a question.

TRT can be given in the form of gels, patches, injections, and pills.

Most women generally prefer testosterone gel to overcome symptoms of low testosterone as it comes with minimal side effects and is easy to use compared to other forms of TRT.

Testosterone gel can help perimenopausal or postmenopausal women with symptoms like reduced sex drive (libido), difficulty achieving orgasm, and reduced interest in sex. 

However, the effectiveness may vary among individuals.

Before the menopause, women make three times more testosterone than estrogen. 

How testosterone gel works for women

Testosterone GelSource: HappyNati
Woman using Testosterone Gel

After you apply the testosterone gel it gets absorbed by the skin. 

Through the skin, it introduces regulated doses of testosterone into the circulation. 

Testosterone that has been released into the circulation attaches to receptors in cells and tissues.

Then, it begins to have an impact on the body, causing physiological changes like increased libido, improved mood, etc.

Testosterone gel usually comes in the form of a tiny sachet, tube, or pump dispenser.

You simply need to apply a pea-sized quantity of this gel to your inner forearm, inner thighs, or lower belly and allow it to dry.

The prescribed daily dosage of female testosterone replacement is about 5mg.

After the administration of the gel, wash your hands properly. 

While it is drying (which takes about 10 minutes), you shouldn’t touch anyone else. 

After application, the region should not be cleaned for three hours to allow it to get absorbed by the skin. 

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Effectiveness of testosterone gel for women

According to a journal published by NIH, testosterone gel greatly boosted female fertility in 25 women who had IVF.

However, the dose, overall health, and underlying medical conditions of the woman all determine the effectiveness of the testosterone gel.

The medication may take many months to start working, and not all women will experience success. 

Younger women who have early menopause frequently get advantages from testosterone usage. 

It is extremely probable that your testosterone levels would go very low very fast if you have your ovaries surgically removed. 

This is because your ovaries produce most of the testosterone in your body. 

Therefore, doctors usually recommend three to six months of treatment with testosterone gel.

Are there any side effects of testosterone gel

AlopeciaSource: SIganture@GettyImages

In women, testosterone works differently than men and is turned into estrogen.

Women may have unwanted side effects and physical changes depending on whether they have too much or not enough testosterone.

However, generally, there are no noticeable side effects as testosterone gel is used to raise testosterone levels to normal before menopause.

Although, some women might face Hirsutism or excessive facial or body hair.

It is one of the most common side effects experienced by some women using testosterone gel.

The other rare side effects of this gel can be as follows: 

  • Alopecia
  • Greasy skin and acne 
  • Unusual thickening of voice
  • Uncommonly huge clitoris
Do not take two doses at once if you missed the prescribed dose, as it may lead to side effects.


Testosterone gel for women is an effective way of Testosterone Replacement Therapy to boost testosterone levels.

Although testosterone is the primary male hormone, it is also found in women.

Low testosterone levels in women can result in low libido and reduced interest in sexual activity.

Thus, testosterone gel can be administered to the skin to deliver the required amount of testosterone in the body.

However, the effectiveness of testosterone gel may vary among individuals depending upon dosage and the woman’s overall health.

Usually, there are no noticeable side effects of testosterone gel, but in some rare cases, it can lead to unusual thickening of voice and greasy skin.

Hirsutism, or excessive facial or body hair, is the most common side effect of testosterone gel reported by some women.

Hence, it is advisable to seek a doctor’s advice before considering testosterone gel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is testosterone gel safe for women?

Yes. Although there are no noticeable side effects of the gel in women.
In rare cases, it may lead to the development of unusual hair growth or acne.

How quickly does testosterone gel work for women?

The testosterone gel usually takes around a few months to show any positive signs in a woman.

Where should a woman apply testosterone gel?

The testosterone gel should be directly applied onto the inner forearm, inner thighs, or lower belly skin.

What does testosterone gel do for a woman?

Testosterone gel can aid in boosting libido and sexual desire in women after menopause.

How long does testosterone gel take to function in females?

It takes several months for testosterone gel to work for women, and it is ineffective for every woman.
The gel’s effectiveness also varies among women depending on their overall health and dosage strength.

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