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Is It Unhealthy to Not Get Morning Wood? A Closer Look

Gina Walters


have morning wood but still have ed

Morning wood or morning erections refer to Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT). 

It happens when a man has an erection while sleeping in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

Erections in the morning are perfectly natural and healthy. 

Morning wood might be caused by various processes.

These include brain relaxation to changes in sex hormone levels while sleeping.

The absence of a morning erection isn’t usually a cause for alarm. 

However, a lack of morning wood could indicate deteriorated penile health or Erectile Dysfunction.

In this article, we’ll look at morning wood, its causes, and what they mean for your general and sexual health. 

We’ll also discover whether is it unhealthy to not get morning wood.

What is morning wood

Morning wood, also known as Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) or morning erections, occurs when a male’s penis grows erect while sleeping, usually upon waking up in the morning. 

For many guys, this is a common and regular occurrence.

Men typically get many erections while sleeping. 

NPT affects men of all ages, including young children

Many individuals believe that a morning erection indicates sexual stimulation. 

This, however, is only sometimes the case. 

Morning wood is most likely your body’s reaction to one of several psychological events.

Morning erections are typically seen as a sign of healthy male physiology, and their frequency tends to diminish with age. 

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Causes of morning wood

A variety of factors trigger morning erections

Currently, no research fully supports any of the explanations concerning morning erections. 

According to experts, three primary factors that should be taken into account are physical stimulation, sleep cycle, and hormone imbalances.

Sleep Cycle

Men go through multiple cycles of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and non-REM sleep when sleeping. 

Numerous biological processes, including the release of vital hormones like testosterone, can be affected by these sleep cycles.

During these sleep cycles, males might have several erections throughout the night. 

Morning wood, in particular, comes in the last sleep phases, when REM sleep is more common. 

During this time, the body relaxes. and increased blood flow occurs throughout, including the genital area, leading to an erection.

Hormonal shift

Chemical formula of TestosteroneSource: GreenApple78_From_Getty_Images
Shift in Testosterone can cause issues with morning wood

Hormones are essential in the control of sexual function. 

Several vital hormones, including male sex hormones like testosterone, are produced by your body while you sleep.

Male sexual characteristics, including a deep voice, facial hair, and sex drive, are all believed to be caused by testosterone.

A morning erection may develop because your system’s average testosterone concentration is highest just after sleep.

This may also explain why morning wood becomes less prevalent with age. 

As people age, their testosterone levels drop, resulting in less sex drive and fewer morning erections.

Physical stimulation

Even though your eyes are closed while asleep, your body is still aware of what is happening around it. 

You may grow erect if you or your lover accidentally touch or graze your genitals. 

Your body detects the stimulus and produces an erection.

Is it bad if you not have morning wood

Morning wood is a great predictor of both sexual and general health

If you usually wake up with an erection, this is an excellent sign that your body is biologically capable of achieving an erection.

It’s also entirely natural not to wake up with an erection now and again. 

Most guys get an erection 3-4 times while sleeping. 

Sometimes you’ll wake up without an erection since you fell asleep incorrectly. 

It’s typically not an issue as long as it happens occasionally.

The absence of morning wood, or morning erections, does not always indicate an underlying health problem. 

It is common for the frequency of morning erections to differ between individuals. 

Some men may feel morning wood regularly, while others may not experience it at all.

Several variables, including age, hormone variations, sleep quality, stress levels, and general health, can cause morning wood. 

The frequency of morning erections may decrease as men age, which is considered a regular component of the aging process.

Consult a doctor if you routinely have morning wood but suddenly notice a significant change in your erections. 
However, additional underlying health concerns might cause a lack of morning wood in general. 

Hormonal imbalances, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, and neurologic problems are examples of these.

Medications may also impair your ability to experience morning wood. 

On the other hand, a lack of morning wood does not always indicate Erectile Dysfunction.

Sometimes ED could result from stress, Anxiety, lifestyle choices, and other underlying health conditions.

What to do if you don’t have morning wood

A man stressedSource: peshkov_From_Getty_Images
Stress may be a factor why you are not getting morning wood

Even if you aren’t usually experiencing morning erections, it is pretty common and may not indicate any serious health issues. 

The best course of action is to see a doctor if you consistently don’t get erections in the morning and are worried about your sexual health. 

However, frequently lacking morning wood may indicate a chronic physiological or psychological disorder, such as ED. 

Most of the time, a lack of morning wood or ED may be treated with food, lifestyle changes, and medicine.

Stress, Anxiety, and a lack of sleep can all impair sexual performance, including morning erections. 

Stress management measures, exercise, and excellent sleep hygiene may aid in restoring erections.

Some medications can have an impact on sexual function. 

If you believe that a medication you’re taking is the cause behind absence of morning wood, consult a doctor immediately.

Excessive alcohol and drug abuse can impair sexual function. 

Erections may improve if these substances are reduced or eliminated.

Sometimes, doctors may prescribe oral medicines such as Sildenafil or Tadalafil to help regain your erections.

These pills improve the blood supply to the penis, aiding in firm and long-lasting erections.


Wondering whether is it unhealthy to not get morning wood or not?

Many men have morning erections regularly, especially between adolescence and maturity. 

They are often attributed to bodily physiological processes, such as hormonal fluctuations, sleep patterns, and nervous system activity when sleeping.

Even if the absence of erections in the morning is not cause for concern, recurrent problems with erections during sexual activity may require additional investigation by a medical professional.

Also, other accompanying symptoms of underlying health conditions may need a doctor’s assistance. 

Several medical conditions might bring on these symptoms.

These include Erectile Dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, cardiovascular issues, or neurological abnormalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my morning wood not going away?

Irregular sleep patterns, hormonal imbalance, certain medications, and underlying medical problems such as Priapism are all potential causes of chronic morning wood.

Does morning wood mean you’re healthy?

A healthy flow of blood and nerves to the penis is indicated by having an erect penis when you wake up. Morning wood also suggests that you have the physical capacity to achieve and sustain an erection when awake.

Is it normal if I don’t get morning wood?

It’s not always a problem if you don’t have an erection in the morning. Men may awaken at various sleep cycle stages when an erection is not happening. Even yet, morning erections may reveal some information concerning Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and penile health.

Why does morning wood occur?

Hormonal changes, sleep cycle, and physical stimulation can all lead to morning wood.

Is morning wood good or bad?

Morning wood often indicates that everything in your body is functioning well. However, you might consult a doctor if your morning erection lasts over an hour.

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