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All You Need to Know About Morning Wood

Julian Carter


Morning Wood

When the penis engorges with blood, and you awaken with an erection, it is known as morning wood or morning erection.

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) is a medical term for morning wood.

NPT is not brought on by being sexually aroused or experiencing a sex-related dream. 

In contrast, these erections are typically connected to specific phases of the sleep cycle, specifically REM sleep.

A full bladder, hormonal changes, and even physical contact from a bedsheet can all contribute to morning erections.

This article enlightens what morning wood is, its causes, and how to handle it.

What is morning wood

Morning wood is a common term for getting an erection when you first wake up in the morning.

It is quite common in males and is usually related to normal physiological processes during sleep.

During a period of sleep known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM), males get several erections throughout the night. 

It is a usual component of the sleep cycle that has nothing to do with sexual desire or dreams. 

The precise cause of these nocturnal erections is unknown. 

Although, it is thought to be connected to the body’s blood flow management and preservation of penile health.

It is more frequent throughout youth and early adulthood when testosterone levels are high

It can, however, happen at any age.

If a man does not have NPT regularly, it may suggest a health problem like Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

It describes the inability to obtain or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. 

Non-regular NPT can also indicate nerve or blood flow issues to the male reproductive organs.

The frequency of morning wood varies from person to person. 

Stress, hormone shifts, or certain medications can all influence its incidence.

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If you are worried about your sexual health or observe any substantial changes in your erections, immediately consult a healthcare practitioner.

What is the cause of morning wood

A man sleepingSource: YakobchukOlena
Having a healthy sleep schedule is important

The specific reason for morning wood is unknown. 

Several variables, including sleep cycle, testosterone levels, relaxation and less physical stimulation, a full bladder, and neurological processes, are thought to contribute to this phenomenon.

Sleep patterns: Morning wood is strongly linked to the sleep cycle, notably the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) period. 

REM sleep is supposed to promote increased blood supply to the penis, causing an erection since the brain is particularly active during this sleep period.

Testosterone levels: Testosterone is the main hormone essential for sexual function and desire. 

Morning wood is associated with higher testosterone levels, possibly contributing to its incidence.

One research discovered that males with hypogonadism, a condition that stops the sexual organs from completely functioning, had a rise in NPT after receiving testosterone medication.

Persistent erection problems can be frustrating, embarrassing and could be a warning sign of other health issues.

Relaxation and Reduced Physical Stimulation: The body is relaxed during sleep, and physical stimuli that might prevent erections, including Stress and physical exertion, are minimized. 

This composed condition allows for greater blood flow to the penis, which can lead to morning wood.

A full bladder: People who don’t get up throughout the night to urinate will wake up with a full bladder

A set of five nerves in the lower back called the sacral nerve may be compressed by a full bladder.

Because the sacral nerve is in charge of erections when you’re sleeping or half-asleep, stimulation of the nerve by a full bladder can result in an erection.

Neurological Factors: The central nervous system, namely the autonomic nervous system, regulates blood flow to the penis. 

The brain may produce neurotransmitters or participate in specialized neural activity during sleep that enhances the incidence of erections.

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  • How to get rid of morning wood

    Kegel ExerciseSource: Margaryta_Basarab_from_Getty_Images
    Kegel Exercise

    Men naturally experience morning wood, which usually goes away on its own without the need for treatment. 

    However, you may do a few things if morning erections are bothersome or painful. 

    Some of these are urinating, shifting positions, engaging in physical exercise, and using relaxation methods.

    Urinate: Morning wood may result from a full bladder. 

    When you first wake up, you should empty your bladder to aid the erection.

    Shifting positions: Positional changes can sometimes redirect blood flow and shorten the length of an erection

    Examples include standing up or sitting straight up.

    Exercise: Performing some kind of physical activity, like taking a stroll or doing some easy exercises, might assist in redirecting blood flow and perhaps lessen an erection.

    Relaxation techniques: Relaxation practices, such as deep breathing, meditation, or a warm bath, may assist lower overall arousal and relieving morning wood.

    It is highly recommended to forbid attempting to get rid of morning wood by applying pressure or indulging in self-harmful measures. 

    These activities can cause harm and have long-term consequences for sexual health.


    Morning wood, also known as Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT), is a common and natural condition experienced by males. 

    It refers to experiencing erections when you first wake up in the morning. 

    Morning wood is thought to be regulated by several elements, including sleep cycles, testosterone levels, relaxation, and neurological issues.

    It is often seen as an indication of routine sexual and erectile function. 

    Morning wood usually resolves itself without any intervention. 

    If morning erections create discomfort or annoyance, basic steps like urinating, changing positions, engaging in physical exercise, or practicing relaxation might assist.

    If you frequently have lengthy or painful erections or have worries about your sexual health, it is best to seek the advice of a healthcare expert.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Morning Wood Says About Your Health?

    Morning erections are a common occurrence and an important indicator of your physical fitness for an erection.
    Erections that vanish in the morning might serve as a wake-up call.
    If your morning wood has recently ceased, it may be a symptom that you have an underlying medical or psychological problem that is the cause of your Erectile Dysfunction.

    How to stop morning wood?

    Basic things such as urinating, changing positions, engaging in physical exercise, or practicing relaxation might assist in stopping morning wood.

    Can you have ED and still get morning wood?

    Yes. You may still have morning wood and Erectile Dysfunction (ED).
    The physiological changes during sleep, especially the increased blood flow to the penis, are the leading causes of morning wood.
    It is not only reliant on arousal during sexual activity or the capacity to keep an erection.

    Why do men have morning wood?

    Morning wood could result from several variables, including sleep cycle, testosterone levels, relaxation and less physical stimulation, a full bladder, and neurological processes.

    Why does morning wood go away when you urinate?

    Pressure from a full bladder can affect nearby structures, particularly the tissues that support erection.
    The pressure on the tissues in the pelvic area, including the penis, is reduced when you urinate and release the built-up urine.
    This pressure drop could be a factor in reducing or eliminating morning wood.

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