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How to Increase Libido in Women: Understanding Women’s Sexual Health

Julian Carter


how to increase female libido instantly

Female Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), often known as low libido in women, is a common issue with sexual health. 

It describes a woman’s continual or persistent lack of interest in sexual activity, which may result in depression or relationship troubles. 

A woman’s libido might change for several reasons, including hormonal shifts, stress, aging, and physical health issues. 

Many women experience a loss of sexual desire at some time in their life. 

However, various treatments are available for women to improve their libido, ranging from dietary modifications to therapy.

This article will go through numerous methods for how to increase libido in women.

Symptoms and causes of low libido in women

Since every woman’s sexual drive is different, what one woman thinks to be a low libido may be totally normal for another. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the following symptoms and is finding it difficult to engage in sexual activity, this might be a warning sign of low libido:

  • Reduced sexual desires or thoughts
  • Lacking any desire to engage in sexual activities of any kind, including masturbation
  • Lack of arousal or trouble becoming excited
  • Sensitivity to sexual stimuli has been reduced

Low libido can be brought on by several conditions, including medical, psychological, and social problems.

Susan Davis, a professor of women’s health at Monash University, says, “life pressures, mental health problems, thyroid issues, relationship difficulties, some medications, or hormonal changes can all contribute to low libido.” 

Body image as well influences a woman’s sexual self-esteem and desire.

A study found that reduced libido affects around 26% of premenopausal women and just over half (52%) of menopausal women.

Before opting for any treatment for low libido, consult a certified medical professional.

How to increase libido in women

Treatment of low libido in women depends upon the underlying cause.

Lifestyle modifications, psychological approaches, and, in some situations, medicinal procedures can increase women’s libido. 

Lifestyle changes

a man standing in front of his cycleSource: GoodLifeStudio_from_Getty_Images_Signature
Maintaining a healthy life leads to better sexual health

Lifestyle modifications, including regular exercise and a healthy diet, improve libido in women.

Regular exercise: Exercising daily can boost blood flow and sexual responsiveness. 

It can also lite up your mood and energy levels, enhancing sexual desire.

Kegel exercises can improve orgasm and sexual pleasure by enhancing the strength of pelvic floor muscles.

On the other hand, yoga can help you improve your overall well-being and boost your sexual drive while reducing stress.

Eat a balanced diet: Lean meats, fresh produce, whole grains, and fruits are all good for your libido and overall health.

Oysters, chocolate, and strawberries are a few aphrodisiac foods that are believed to boost libido.

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Psychological approaches

Managing stress and healthy communication with your partner can help improve libido in women.

Stress management: Meditation, deep breathing, and yoga are all techniques that can help you manage stress and boost your sexual drive.

Sleep deprivation can also lead to stress, thus reducing sexual desire. 

Make sure you receive adequate peaceful sleep each night.

If Anxiety, stress, or depression affect your libido, speak with a qualified counselor or therapist.

Communication: It’s essential to communicate your feelings, wants, and aspirations to your partner in an open and honest manner. 

A happier sexual relationship may result from sharing your feelings and worries with the other person.

Low libido can lead to distress and relationship issues.

Medical treatments

Medical treatment for boosting libido in women can be of several types depending on the underlying reason for the low libido. 

It is essential to speak with a healthcare expert; ideally a gynecologist or a sexual medicine specialist, to decide the best treatment for individual needs. 

Hormone treatment and medication adjustments are two medical methods that may be investigated to boost libido in women.

Hormone therapy: Hormone treatment may be suggested by the doctor if hormonal imbalances, such as low estrogen or testosterone levels, cause low libido. 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which raises arousal and heightens sexual desire, may be advantageous to some women.


Viagra pillsSource: atlasstudio
Oral Medication can often times treat low libido in women

Your doctor may discuss your current medications with you to determine whether they have a history of having adverse effects on the ability to have sex. 

It has been demonstrated that antidepressants like Paroxetine (Paxil) and Fluoxetine (Prozac, Sarafem) can reduce sex desire. 

Another type of antidepressant called Bupropion (Wellbutrin SR, Wellbutrin XL) frequently increases sex drive and is occasionally administered to women who have issues with sexual interest or arousal.

In addition to counseling, your doctor may prescribe a libido-boosting prescription. 

Flibanserin and Bremelanotide are FDA-approved treatments for premenopausal women to help them increase their libido for sexual stimulation.


Most women suffering from low libido are looking for the answer, how to increase libido in women.

People’s sexual impulses and libido vary widely in their natural state. 

Low libido is a complex problem with emotional, psychological, and physical factors. 

Recognizing that everyone’s libido is different, exploring various approaches to see what works best for you is essential. 

In some situations, medicinal therapies can naturally increase women’s libido.

While low libido or a rapid shift in libido might indicate a health problem, it is best to see a doctor before beginning any treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase libido in women naturally?

Naturally, a woman’s libido can be increased by communication with her partner, eating aphrodisiac foods such as oysters, apples, and almonds, and reducing stress.

How to increase libido in older women?

In older women, libido can be increased by regular physical activity, reducing stress, and hormone therapy.

What makes a woman have a high libido?

In women high libido could be a result of several factors including high level of hormone estrogen, physical well-being, a better emotional state, and realtionship satisfaction.

How can a woman increase her libido and energy?

Healthy lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, stress management, and limiting intake of alcohol can all aid women in increasing their libido and energy. Apart from this, in some cases, medicine changes and hormone therapy can also be helpful.

How to increase sexual libido in women?

Regular pelvic floor and aerobic exercises, consumption of aphrodisiac foods, stress reduction, and healthy communication with partners all tend to increase sexual libido in women.

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