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All You You Need To Know About High Libido In Men

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Written by- Gina Walters

High libido is a common term used to describe a high sex drive or a strong and frequent desire for sexual activity.   

Men with high libido frequently witness a strong desire for sexual intercourse and think about sexual encounters more regularly than others.  

High libido in men is quite normal and is caused by several factors, such as hormonal imbalances, psychological factors, individual preferences, and certain health conditions. 

Generally, high libido isn’t a matter of concern unless it hampers your well-being and relationship. 

Continue reading this article to know more about high libido in men, its signs, causes, and potential treatment options.

Signs a man has a high libido

The frequency and signs of high libido or sex drive may vary among individuals.

The following symptoms may indicate that a man has high libido:

  • Recurrent sexual thoughts
  • Intense and frequent desire for sexual activity
  • Heightened sex arousal
  • Searching out sexual experiences on one’s own
  • High attraction to sexual impulses
  • More enjoyment from sexual activities
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What causes high sex drive in males

Chemical formula of TestosteroneSource: GreenApple78_From_Getty_Images
Fluctuations in T-Levels can cause variation in sexual interest and libido

Although high libido is common, most men are worried about it.

Several biological, psychological, and social factors influence high libido or sex drive in men.

These factors include hormonal changes, aging, excessive exercise, intake of aphrodisiac foods, and a sound relationship. 

Also, overall well-being and hypersexuality can also cause high libido in men.

Hormonal fluctuations: Hormones play a significant role in the sexual health of a man.

Testosterone is the main hormone in males that regulates sex drive in men. 

Changes in testosterone levels can impact libido. 

The level of hormones fluctuates at various stages in a man’s life.

Testosterone tends to decrease with age.

However, some men have higher testosterone levels naturally, leading to high libido in men.

Age: Age plays a critical role in the sex drive of a man.

The testosterone level is at its peak in younger adults during their twenties. 

During puberty, high levels of testosterone lead to high libido in men.

This tends to boost libido in men. Thus, in some men it might be one of the reason involved in  high libido.

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  • Intake of aphrodisiac foods: Your diet impacts your libido and sexual health.

    Chocolates, strawberries, figs, and asparagus are some aphrodisiac foods that enhance male libido.

    These aphrodisiac foods are the source of specific vitamins and minerals that enhance the blood flow to the genitals.

    This, in turn, increase libido in men.

    Relationship satisfaction: Sexual desire may be increased by a satisfying and happy relationship. 

    Increased intimacy and sexual attraction can result from feeling emotionally linked to and supported by a partner, thus leading to high libido.

    The sexual urge may also be affected by mental health.

    Body image, stress levels, and emotional well-being can all affect a man’s libido. 

    Less stressed and happy people tend to have high libido than others. 

    Hypersexuality: Hypersexuality or sexual addiction are other terms for compulsive sexual behavior.

    It is an obsessive focus on uncontrollable sexual fantasies, impulses, or behaviors. 

    These uncontrolled sexual urges can cause high libido in men.

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    High libido can sometimes lead to distress and frustration. Consult a sex therapist to take your sex life on track.

    How to control high libido in men

    High libido is not a thing to be worried about.

    If you feel that your libido is interfering with your life and causing distress, then some methods are there to help
    you decrease your libido and manage your sex life.

    These strategies include communication, diet, psychotherapy, masturbation, and medication.

    Communication: Open and healthy communication with your partner is essential in a relationship. 

    A more balanced and fulfilling sexual relationship may be achieved by discussing libido issues and figuring out how to satisfy each other’s wants and desires.

    Diet: Diet plays an essential part in your libido.

    Specific dietary changes can help lower your libido.

    Anaphrodisiacs are foods or substances that can reduce your libido.

    These include cornflakes, soy, mint, okra, and cilantro.

    Psychotherapy: Your doctor could advise therapy or counseling if they don’t think there’s a physical reason for your high libido.

    Finding out what may be causing your high libido and learning coping mechanisms may both be accomplished by talking with a therapist.

    Also, if you think that any of the medications you are taking are causing high libido, discussing medications during the therapy sessions and changing medications might help you lower your libido.

    Masturbation: Regular masturbation can help relieve sexual tension and lessen the intensity of arousal. 

    Additionally, it may help you better explore and comprehend your own sexual and bodily reactions.

    Medications: Sometimes, your doctor may recommend some medicines to help you decrease your libido.

    Morphine, heroin, and hydrocodone are a class of pain-reducing substances known as Opioids, that can help reduce your libido.

    Antiandrogens such as Cyproterone acetate, Medroxyprogesterone acetate, or the LHRH agonist Leuprolide may also help lower libido.

    Some antipsychotic medications, including Benperidol and other antiandrogens like Finasteride and Spironolactone, may also lessen sex desire. 

    By preventing the generation of testosterone in the testicles, estrogens can decrease libido in males.

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    Consult a doctorSource: business_images
    Always consult a doctor before consuming any medication

    High libido in men is a strong urge for sexual activity.

    Yet it is common but can be distressing and frustrating sometimes.

    Frequent sexual thoughts and increased sensitivity towards sexual stimuli are the main signs indicating high libido in men.

    Hormonal imbalances, aging, aphrodisiac foods, and a satisfied relationship can cause high male libido. 

    Apart from this, sound health and hypersexuality can also lead to high libido in men.

    The increased male libido is not always a matter of concern until it affects your life and causes distress.

    If you think your libido is interfering with your life or causing frustration, open communication with your partner, dietary changes, medications, and psychotherapy can help you lower your libido.

    However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before opting for any treatment method.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens when a man has high libido?

    A man with high libido feels a strong urge for sexual activity. He may get frequent sexual thoughts and intense sexual arousal.

    At what age is male libido highest?

    Males are more sexually active during their 20s because their testosterone levels are highest at that time.

    Do powerful men have an overactive libido?

    No study proved that powerful men have an overactive libido. Libido in men depends upon several biological, psychological, and social factors and may vary from person to person.

    What is the reason for high libido in men?

    Hormonal changes, aging, certain medicines, sound health, and a satisfying relationship can all lead to high libido in men.

    What signs indicate high libido in men?

    A strong urge for sexual activity, frequent sexual thoughts, and intense attraction toward sexual stimuli are all common signs of high libido in men.

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