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Does Testosterone Make You Angry: Knowing the Facts

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Written by- Julian Carter

Testosterone, often called the “male hormone”, is very important to a person’s health and overall well-being in many ways. 

Even though it is mostly linked to things like muscle growth, a deeper voice, and facial hair growth.  Many people believe that testosterone can also affect feelings, especially anger. 

In this article, we’ll look at ‘Does testosterone make you angry?’ and check if there is any link between the two.

Testosterone’s influence on emotions

Apart from the physical changes caused by varied testosterone levels, the change can also cause several psychological effects.

Low testosterone levels can make people feel sad or depressed. 

Some people may have trouble remembering things and staying focused. Their sexual drive and self-esteem may also be affected.

Testosterone is a hormone that helps control feelings, and low testosterone levels in men have been linked to Depression. 

This link could be caused by a mix of irritability, low libido, and tiredness, all signs of low testosterone

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    Can testosterone make you angry

    Given the link between testosterone and emotions, it makes sense to wonder if testosterone angers people. 

    Research shows that testosterone can stimulate the parts of the brain that control violence. 

    According to the same study, people more likely to be angry and aggressive tend to have higher testosterone levels.

    Another study confirmed that having more testosterone makes people more hostile and angry. 

    Researchers have also found a link between anger and high testosterone levels in men.

    Meditation and yoga help a lot in controlling or stabilizing your testosterone levels thus also calming your emotions.

    Managing anger due to testosterone issues

    The best way to deal with anger caused by high testosterone levels is to get your hormones in balance.

    In cases of high testosterone, doctors may suggest antiandrogens to stop the body from making so many hormones.

    People with high testosterone because of a tumor may choose to have the tumor removed.

    Keeping a balanced diet can also help keep testosterone levels in check.

    If you have signs of high testosterone, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

    Do not self medicate, consulting a doctor is important to avoid interactions or side effects.


    When trying to figure out how testosterone affects feelings, one question stands out: “Does testosterone make you angry?”.

    Even though the answer isn’t completely clear, scientific study points to a strong link. 

    Testosterone, often called the “male hormone”, can affect how people feel, making people with higher levels more angry and hostile. 

    But it’s important to remember that the balance of hormones is a key factor. 

    It would be best to talk to a doctor to deal with anger caused by high testosterone. 

    They can suggest things like antiandrogens or changes to your food. 

    So, testosterone may not be the only cause of anger, but it is something to think about in the complex world of human feelings.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does testosterone increase anger in men?

    Yes, there is evidence to suggest that high testosterone levels in men can induce more anger and aggression. However, the link between the two is complicated and affected by many other factors.

    Can low testosterone levels lead to Depression?

    Yes, low testosterone levels can lead to Depression. Research suggests that hormonal imbalances, particularly low testosterone in men, can lead to mood changes, including feelings of sadness and Depression.

    Do women experience increased anger due to testosterone fluctuations?

    Women also produce testosterone, though in smaller amounts compared to men. Changes in testosterone levels can affect mood in women, possibly leading to irritability. Still, it’s less likely to result in extreme anger.

    Can Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) help in controlling anger?

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy may help control anger in individuals with low testosterone levels, as it can potentially improve mood and reduce irritability. However, its effectiveness may vary among individuals; consulting a doctor is important.

    Are there natural ways to manage anger related to testosterone levels?

    Maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise, and stress management techniques can help regulate testosterone levels and manage associated anger. Consulting a doctor is very important.

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