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7 Effective Home Remedies for Eye Infection

Gina Walters


home remedies for eye infection

Eye infections can cause severe discomfort and, in extreme cases, even lead to vision loss.

A pathogen, such as bacteria, virus, or fungus, usually causes eye infection. 

While various medical treatments are available for eye infections, some individuals may seek alternative approaches.

Some individuals may consider using home remedies for eye infection. 

This article will explore natural remedies for eye infections in detail to help you make wise choices.

Understanding eye infection

An eye infection is an inflammation caused by microorganisms that can result in redness, pain, and vision loss.

Common eye infections include Uveitis, Keratitis, Pink Eyes (Conjunctivitis), and Styes.

Pink Eye is the most common eye infection; another common eye condition is Stye. 

A corneal infection, or Keratitis, though less common, can also affect certain individuals. 

It is important to seek advice from a healthcare professional for early diagnosis and management. 

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Home remedies for eye infection

Natural remedies for eye infections might help reduce the symptoms and discomfort.

Home remedies for eye infections include warm and cold compresses, saltwater, and essential oil.

Some individuals may also use witch hazel and honey due to their anti-inflammatory properties. 

Let’s discuss these remedies in detail: 

Warm compress

Research suggests that warm compresses can help reduce itching and redness associated with Blepharitis. 

A warm compress can help release discomfort and reduce inflammation, which helps in treating Pink Eye symptoms. 

It also helps in increasing blood flow to the infected area and reduces swelling. 

Using a clean and sanitized towel  is essential to prevent the spreading of the infection. 

It is essential to consult a healthcare professional if symptoms persist or worsen.

Blepharitis is an eyelid irritation that affects the ability to produce tears or eyelashes. It happens when the inner eyelid’s tiny oil glands become inflamed.

Cold compress

Cold compressSource: Odua_Image
Use Cold compress

A cold compress can help with an eye infection by reducing inflammation and relieving symptoms.

Applying cold compresses can help relieve the irritation and discomfort caused by Allergic Pink Eye.

Using cold compress can reduce discomfort for eye infection caused by allergies. 


Saltwater, also known as saline water, can be beneficial in treating eye infections. 

According to a study, salt has antibacterial capabilities and may eliminate all types of microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria.

By preserving the moisture balance of the eye, saline helps avoid dryness, which can worsen the symptoms of an infection.

This property of salt can help treat bacterial eye infections in affected individuals.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel’s antibacterial qualities makes it useful for treating eye conditions like Pink Eyes.

It is also helpful in reducing eye infection-related irritation.

Before using any treatment for eye infections, including witch hazel, it is imperative to speak with a healthcare provider.

Tea bags

Tea bags are effective due to their potential to relieve symptoms of eye infection.

Individuals use tea bags for Pink Eyes and other eye infections because of its soothing effect on the eyes. 

Some individuals also use chamomile for eye infections as it is also known to reduce inflammation

Essential oil

According to a study, applying tea tree oil topically to eye illnesses such as Blepharitis can be helpful.

Essential oils for eye infections should be used with caution and under the guidance of a doctor.

Individuals also use coconut oil for eye infections due to its soothing properties. 

Avoid applying coconut oil directly to the eyes, and consult a doctor immediately if you have any concerns.

Always consult a specialist before using essential oils as a treatment for eye infections.


Mix teaspoon of honey with luke warm water and use it as eyedropSource: luigi_giordano_from_Getty_Images
Mix teaspoon of honey with luke warm water and use it as eyedrop

Studies have shown honey has antibacterial qualities and is effective in reducing eye infections. 

It is used for eye infections as it helps in reducing discomfort. 

According to another study, honey eye drops effectively treat Allergic Conjunctivitis.

Honey and water can be combined to make a homemade eye wash for infections.

There are not a lot of studies, though, on honey’s ability to treat eye infections.

Avoid rubbing or scratching the eyes, as this can increase the infection or cause additional damage.

Summing up

An eye infection occurs when bacteria, viruses, or fungi invade in or around the eye.

Various treatments are available for eye infections, some individuals prefer home remedies for eye infections. 

Home remedies help reduce inflammation and prevent discomfort. 

Some home remedies for eye infections are essential oils, tea bags, salt water, witch hazel, and more. 

Individuals may also use warm or cold compresses to reduce swelling and discomfort. 

Always consult your doctor before incorporating any remedy in your routine to reduce potential risks and side effects. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I treat an eye infection at home?

For home treatment of an eye infection, use warm compresses, cleanse with a saline solution, and consider herbal remedies. 
However, consult a healthcare professional for a precise diagnosis and treatment plan.

Can an eye infection heal naturally?

Yes, mild eye infections can heal on their own. 
However, it is always advisable to visit a doctor to determine the cause of the condition and prevent it from worsening.

What are the symptoms of an eye infection that need treatment?

Seek immediate treatment if  you have eye pain, sensitivity to light, continuous eye discharge, dry eyes, or blurred vision. 
If left untreated, these symptoms may indicate severe eye infections that might cause permanent eye damage.

How often should I use home remedies for eye infections?

Follow the recommended frequency for each home remedy, ensuring it is not overused. 
It is essential to see a doctor for tailored advice on the right dosage and duration if symptoms worsen or persist.

Can I use over-the-counter eye drops as a home remedy for eye infections?

It’s advisable to consult a healthcare provider before using over-the-counter eye drops as a home remedy for an eye infection. 
Not all eye drops suit every type of infection, and professional guidance ensures safe and effective treatment.

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