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Exploring the World of Eye Drops For Floaters

Gina Walters



Floaters are tiny, black lines or dots that appear in your range of vision. 

This is a common eye condition affecting several people, especially as they get older.

Although floaters are generally harmless, they can irritate and interfere with everyday tasks.

If floaters start affecting your vision, then there are medical treatments available to remove them.

But are there any eye drops for floaters?

This article will discuss the availability and effectiveness of eye drops for treating floaters.

Are there any eye drops for floaters

Eye floaters are usually brought on by age and the slow decomposition of the gel-like material called vitreous humor.

This can not be treated with eye drops as floaters occur inside the eyes.

Generally, there were no commonly employed and clinically approved eye drops available to treat floaters in the eyes. 

However, the use of eye drops, such as Atropine and Hyaluronic acid eye drops, as an eye floater treatment has gained popularity in recent years. 

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Atropine eye drops

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Woman using eye drop

Atropine eye drops are frequently used to enlarge pupils during eye tests.

However, according to certain research, these eye drops may also be useful in lessening the appearance of floaters. 

The active ingredient, Atropine, in these eye drops works by relaxing the muscles in the eye.

This, in turn, assists break up the vitreous lumps that create floaters.

Although Atropine eye drops may reduce floaters temporarily, they are not a permanent cure.

Also, they can have negative side effects like light sensitivity and impaired vision.

It’s essential to consult an eye care expert immediately if you notice a sudden increase in floaters, light flashes, or other visual abnormalities. 

Hyaluronic acid eye drops

The body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, which lubricates and cushions joints. 

Eye drops containing hyaluronic acid function by making the vitreous more dense.

This, in turn, might lessen floaters’ movement and make them less noticeable. 

These eye drops are also used for treating dry eyes.

Hyaluronic acid eye drops are known to help floaters in certain cases.

However, there isn’t much scientific proof that supports their efficacy.

Cataract surgery may also lead to eye floaters in some cases. Read our article:Floaters after cataract surgery’ to know more about the connection between cataract surgery and eye floaters.

Other treatments for eye floaters removal

Usually, in most cases, eye floaters are not worrisome and don’t need to be treated. 

Your eye doctor might advise keeping an eye on them and scheduling routine checkups to see if anything has changed. 

However, in certain instances, they could be a sign of an underlying medical condition like Uveitis that requires immediate medical attention. 

In some cases, floaters may considerably impair eyesight and quality of life.

In such situations, a surgical technique known as Vitrectomy may be taken into consideration. 

This involves removing the floaters and the vitreous gel and replacing them with a gas or saline solution. 

However, this surgery is usually saved for the most severe cases as it includes possible complications.

Eye floaters could be a warning sign for other medical issues like retinal detachment that require immediate medical attention.


Nowadays, eye drops are gaining a lot of popularity as a treatment for floaters.

However, there is little scientific evidence to claim their effectiveness in treating floaters.

These are tiny dots or specks that appear to float in your field of vision.

Eye floaters are caused by the changes in the vitreous humor inside the eyes.

Atropine and Hyaluronic acid eye drops are some popular eye drops for floaters; however, they may not be effective for all.

Eye floaters are generally harmless, but in severe cases, the doctor may consider a Vitrectomy to treat the condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any medications that reduce eye floaters?

No, there are no scientifically proven methods that can treat eye floaters. 
However, a Vitrectomy can be done in severe cases to eliminate floaters.

How can eye floaters be removed?

Usually, eye floaters are harmless and do not require any medical intervention. 
If floaters bother your vision, surgery can be done to remove them.

Can Ayurveda cure eye floaters?

Yes, eye floaters can be effectively managed with Ayurveda. 
Panchakarma detoxification therapy, Chakshushya, and Nasya therapy are some commonly employed therapies in Ayurveda to treat floaters.

Can eye floaters be cured naturally?

Yes, eye floaters can be treated naturally by eating a balanced diet comprising vitamins and minerals and doing eye exercises to improve blood flow.

Which vitamin aids in treating eye floaters?

Vitamin C is found to boost flow to the eyes, thereby helping reduce the risk of floaters.

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