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Do Women Ejaculate: Meaning Of Female Ejaculation

Gina Walters


do women ejaculate

Ejaculation plays an important role in male sexual function. However, there is a lot of uncertainty and confusion when it comes to female ejaculation.

Some people believe women ejaculate, while others don’t. So what is the truth? Do women ejaculate?

Ejaculation happens when fluid comes out of the body through the tube called the urethra during orgasm or when someone feels sexually excited. 

The paraurethral glands discharge about 1 ml of thick, white, milky fluid during female ejaculation.

This fluid is different from the cervical fluid, which lubricates a woman’s vagina during sexual arousal.

Medical professionals are still studying the physiological function of female ejaculation.

Unlike male ejaculation, which contains sperm and contributes to reproduction, the purpose of female ejaculation is still under research.

This article answers the question “Do women ejaculate?” and how common it is. It also explains the benefits of female ejaculation. 

Can women ejaculate

woman lying on bedSource: Bairachnyi
Orgasms induce female ejaculations

Yes, some women do experience female ejaculation during orgasm, which is thick, milky, white, or gray in color. 

However, not all do, and some women may not be aware of it.

Some of the components present in the semen are also found in the female ejaculate. These include prostatic acid phosphatase and prostate-specific antigen.

It is different from squirting, another physiological process that occurs in some women during orgasm. Squirting contains trace levels of the main constituents of urine, urea, and creatinine.

Can all women ejaculate

Ejaculation occurs in most women, but it may be more common in some. 

A study on 227 women observed that half of the participants experienced at least one fluid leak during orgasm. 

Of those women, 14% claimed to have ejaculated during most or all of their orgasms.

Can trans women ejaculate

Transgender women typically undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as part of their transition.

As a result, they may have low sperm count and poor sperm quality. 

They undergo several changes in their reproductive system after transition and may experience diminished ejaculation. However, in some cases, ejaculation is possible. 

Trans women on long-term hormone replacement therapy can continue to produce healthy sperm after stopping HRT. 

What happens when a woman ejaculates

When a woman ejaculates, fluid is released from the urethra during sexual stimulation or orgasm. 

This fluid may be clear or milky in appearance and can vary in quantity. 

It is different from vaginal lubrication, which occurs separately. 

Female ejaculation is often accompanied by pleasurable sensations and can contribute to sexual satisfaction. 

It is a natural and normal physiological response that some women experience during sexual activity.

What do women ejaculate

When women are sexually aroused or experience an orgasm, they excrete fluids of varying amounts and composition through the urethra.  

These can be classified as female ejaculation (FE) or squirting (SQ). 

The composition of female ejaculates varies but generally contains a combination of different liquids. 

The fluid that is produced by the female prostate gland may be similar to that produced by the male prostate. 

It may contain substances such as prostate-specific antigen (PSA), glucose, and fructose.

Additionally, a woman’s ejaculate may also contain a small amount of urine and a natural lubricant produced by the glands.

The appearance of female ejaculate varies but is often described as milky liquid, sometimes slightly yellowish. 

Ejaculation in women is occasionally confused for “squirting.” It is another bodily fluid that is emitted during sexual activity. 

However, squirting  does not only happen during a climax. Some women squirt when sexually stimulated. 

Additionally, the liquid expelled during squirting is transparent rather than white or gray. 

It also occurs in large quantities during ejaculation. 

Benefits of female ejaculation

Couple lying in bed Source: Prostock-Studio_from_Getty_Images
Orgasms can help females get better sleep

As of now , there is little evidence that female ejaculation is healthy.

However, orgasms and sex have physical and mental health benefits.

Engaging in frequent sexual activity can be beneficial for individuals from a medical standpoint. 

Sex has several beneficial health effects, including:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Prevents heart disease, and reduces stress
  • Reduce pain and promote deeper sleep
  • Helps maintain a good body image
Female masturbation has no direct relationship with pregnancy rates. But it can be a form of sexual expression and exploration that connects you to your body, and perhaps even helps you enjoy sex more with your partner.


So, do women ejaculate? Yes, female ejaculation is common, but not all women ejaculate. 

Yes, women can ejaculate, and it is quite common. However, some women may not realize it when it happens, which can lead to confusion and uncertainty.

When a woman experiences orgasm or sexual desire, the urethra secretes a thick milky substance known as the female ejaculate.

It differs from squirt, which is another fluid that is often expelled during sexual stimulation.

When injected, it releases a clear liquid stored in the bladder. In contrast, the fluid released during ejaculation is secreted by the paraurethral glands.

The person who ejaculates may or may not be aware of it. 

Female ejaculation has no physiological advantage. However, engaging in sexual activity can have several physical and mental health benefits in women. 

Female ejaculation can also improve the sex life of women and their partners. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a woman is about to ejaculate?

A woman may experience intense sexual pleasure and excitement when she is about to ejaculate. The muscles around the Skene gland may contract, releasing fluid. 

This is accompanied by a pleasant contraction of the vaginal muscles and a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. 

Is it safe to ejaculate for women?

It is safe for women to ejaculate, which is a natural and normal response during sexual activity. The release of fluid from the urethra, known as female ejaculation or “squirting,” is not harmful and does not pose any risks to a woman’s health or well-being.

How many minutes does a woman need to ejaculate?

The uterus and vaginal opening all contract periodically at intervals of 0.8 seconds. The average duration of a female orgasm is 20-35 seconds, longer than a male orgasm. 

Does female ejaculation affect pregnancy?

Female ejaculation, which is the release of fluid during sexual stimulation, does not affect pregnancy because the fluid does not contain sperm.

Pregnancy happens when sperm fertilizes an egg released from the ovaries during sexual intercourse. 

Is female ejaculation unhealthy?

Female ejaculation is not unhealthy. It is a natural and normal response that some women experience during sexual activity. 

The release of fluid from the urethra is considered a normal part of sexual arousal and orgasm. It does not pose any harm to a woman’s health.

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