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Posterior Polar Cataract: A Complete Guide 

posterior polar cataract

Posterior Polar Cataract is a rare eye condition that affects the back of the eye’s lens.  The condition can affect both far and near vision and limits the patient’s ability to perform daily tasks. Let us explore more about Posterior Polar Cataracts, their symptoms, causes, and treatment options. What is a Posterior Polar Cataract Posterior … Read more

Can Dry Eyes Cause Blindness? Exploring The Connection

can dry eyes cause blindness

Dry eyes are a common condition resulting from insufficient tear production or excess evaporation. Irritation, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, and discomfort are common symptoms of this condition. Affected individuals may wonder: Can dry eyes cause blindness? The answer to this question is complex – Severe, untreated cases of dry eyes can contribute to corneal … Read more

Does Glaucoma Cause Blurry Vision? Know the Facts

does glaucoma cause blurry vision

Glaucoma is a prevalent eye disease that affects millions of individuals globally.  It is sometimes referred to as the “silent thief of sight” as it can lead to gradual vision loss without any symptoms in the beginning.  You might not notice the symptoms at first since they usually appear slowly.  However, blurred vision is one … Read more

A Complete Guide on Eye Pressure

Eye Pressure

Eyes are very complex and sensitive organs; even small substances can cause discomfort. Eye pressure, formally known as Intraocular Pressure (IOP), is an important aspect of eye health. Have you ever thought about what would happen if the pressure in your eyes changed? This article will provide detailed information on eye pressure and the significance … Read more

How to Lower Eye Pressure and Improve Your Vision

how to lower eye pressure

Elevated eye pressure is the leading cause of Glaucoma, which, if left unaddressed, can lead to vision loss or blindness. Although Glaucoma can not be cured permanently, its progression can be slowed down by lowering eye pressure. As a result, individuals often wonder how to lower eye pressure to prevent and treat Glaucoma.  Several medical … Read more

Can Stress Cause High Eye Pressure? The Surprising Link

can stress cause high eye pressure

Stress is a state of worry or mental tension that occurs as a response to difficult situations. It can have various effects on an individual’s mental and physical health. It can interfere with your sleep, skin health, and digestive properties. Stress has also been examined for its potential effects on eye health.  Can stress cause … Read more

Understanding high eye pressure: Symptoms, Causes and Risks

high eye pressure

High eye pressure, also known as Ocular Hypertension, refers to increased pressure within the eye.  It could be an early sign of Glaucoma, a disorder that causes optic nerve damage. Persistently high eye pressure can increase the risk of developing Glaucoma.  Glaucoma is a leading cause of permanent vision loss in many individuals. Monitoring and … Read more

Understanding and Treating Dry Skin Around Eyes

Dry skin around eyes

Dry skin around eyes is a common problem that can be uncomfortable and painful.  The eye area is sensitive and prone to dryness due to its thin, delicate skin. Also, various factors like weather, age, and skincare habits can worsen the problem.  Let us explore more about dry skin around eyes, its causes, and possible … Read more

A Brief Guide to Dry Eye Medication

Dry Eye Medication

Dry eye is an eye disorder that affects the layers of tears that cover your cornea. It occurs when tears evaporate too rapidly or when there are insufficient tears in your eyes.  People with dry eyes may feel as though something is trapped in their eyes or experience a stinging or burning sensation.  The affected … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to Dry Eye Treatment

Top 6 Dry Eye Treatment Options for Instant Relief

In our modern world, Dry Eyes are increasingly common due to the excessive use of electronic devices and screen time. Dry Eye Syndrome is a medical problem in which your eyes may lack moisture due to poor quality or insufficient tears. It can lead to discomfort, visual disturbances, and potentially damage the eye’s surface.  Fortunately, … Read more