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Weak Ejaculation: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments 

Weak ejaculation

As a person ages, it’s common to see changes in sexual function, such as decreased sexual interest. Many men experience  Weak Ejaculation as they age. Periodic mild ejaculation is rarely a cause for concern. On the other hand, consistent changes in a person’s ejaculation may require a visit to the doctor. This article talks about … Read more

How Does Ejaculation Work: Everything You Need to Know

how does ejaculation work

Ejaculation is how semen is released from the penis during sexual climax. It happens when the body is sexually stimulated, causing muscles to contract and push semen out of the penis. It is the discharge of a sticky liquid (semen or cum) from the penis. There is a strong link between ejaculation and male orgasm. … Read more

All You Need to Know About Burning Sensation After Ejaculating

burning sensation after ejaculating

A burning sensation after ejaculating is a sense of pain, heat, or irritation in the genital area that occurs after ejaculation.  Its severity varies and may be accompanied by other symptoms.  Men may be humiliated if ejaculation causes discomfort, yet this problem is common.   It might be a sign of another problem, such as prostate … Read more

All About Retrograde Ejaculation Symptoms

retrograde ejaculation symptoms

Retrograde Ejaculation, also known as dry orgasm, is a sexual disorder in men.  In this condition, semen enters the bladder instead of being expelled through the penis during ejaculation. It occurs when the bladder neck muscles fail to close correctly.  Recognizing Retrograde Ejaculation symptoms is crucial for early diagnosis and treatment.  Check out the article … Read more