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What Is Psychological ED?

Julian Carter


psychological ed

The inability to achieve or maintain a hard, adequate erection for sex is known as ED. 

Up to 30 million men in the US are affected by this prevalent sexual issue. 

most ED cases have a physical etiology, such as obesity, Diabetes, or heart disease. 

Moreover, lifestyle decisions like smoking and alcohol abuse are among the popular causes of ED. But for some men, the basis of the problem is psychological ed.

Continue reading to discover the psychological factors contributing to ED and how to treat them.

Psychological causes of ED

Psychological causes of EDSource: Getty_images
Psychological causes of ED

Detecting, diagnosing, and treating psychological problems contributing to ED are more complex. 

The following are some of the most typical psychological factors that lead to ED.


Psychological problems do have physical effects on our bodies. For instance, many people believe anxiety is just in your head. 

Yet, anxiousness can result in a faster heartbeat, problems with blood pressure, and exhaustion

It can impact your sexual performance as well. In actuality, anxiety is among the most prevalent psychological factors of ED.

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Everybody goes through stressful times in their lives. Stress can occasionally be a very effective motivator. 

However, your ability to get and maintain an erection can be impacted by even minor stress. 

No matter how small the stress is, such as a presentation at work, the next day can affect your erectile function. 

A small amount of stress might have a negative impact on your sexual health.

Read Can Stress Cause ED? Understanding the Link to understand how Anxiety can impact your erection in bed.


DepressionSource: ryanking999

An imbalance in brain chemistry is frequently the root cause of depression. It can impact both sexual desire and sexual performance. 

Treating depression in men is not that easy of a task. 

As per the National Institute of Mental Health, many men are unaware of the signs of depression, and some are hesitant to get help

Though antidepressants don’t interact with Viagra yet you need to consult your doctor before taking Viagra to know the accurate dosage.

The good news is that most men can feel normal again with appropriate treatment. 

They can also regain their sexual health and get rid of their ED.

Read Depression And Erectile Dysfunction: Are They Related? to understand how depression can cause trouble in attaining and maintaining a desired erection.

Relationship problems

You won’t just get the silent treatment if you and your partner have been arguing. 

Your sexual relationship may suffer if there are issues in your emotional connection.

Conflicts, poor communication, and rage might impact your sexual desire and sexual function. 

Your ED symptoms may improve if you and your spouse work through these issues.

Get a therapist to assist you if you have problems handling your relationship.


Viewing pornography isn’t necessarily wrong or harmful. However, it can have a detrimental effect on your sexual function and erectile health.

According to research, regularly watching and masturbating to pornography may lead you to have unreal expectations from your partners.

These unreal expectations make it difficult for you to maintain an erection. This type of ED is also called porn-induced ED.

Even though the data is limited, watching and masturbating to porn may lessen your degree of sexual enjoyment by causing “death grip syndrome.”

This death grip condition and porn-induced ED combination can impair your ability to perform and take pleasure in real-world sex.

How to treat Psychological ED

Medication is not often used to treat ED caused by psychological reasons. 

Yet, when a chemical imbalance is the root of the problem, medicines like Viagra can be helpful.

For instance, while starting antidepressant therapy, men with depression may experience relief from both their symptoms and ED.

If you are suffering from any Psychological issues, seek counseling. These issues take time, and you must be patient while handling them. 

You and your doctor can decide on the most appropriate course of action.


Psychological problems can have an impact on your physical and mental well-being. 

Your sexual function may be significantly impacted by depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

See your doctor if you are dealing with both ED and psychological problems. 

You can restore your sexual health to normal by working with your doctor to identify the problem

and the best action.

Do you know some erection difficulties can be occasional and temporary? To know more about the same, read How Long Does Temporary Erectile Dysfunction Last.

Death Grip Syndrome: It is a slang for having disappointing experiences during routine sexual activity with a partner as a result of one’s forceful and frequent male masturbation practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Psychological ED go away?

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction is almost always treatable, much like Erectile Dysfunction brought on by physical health problems.

How do I know if my ED is psychological?

An erection self-test is a procedure a man can do by himself to determine if the cause of his erectile dysfunction (ED) is physical or psychological.

What are Psychological reasons for ED?

Stress, Anxiety, Depression etc., are some of the psychological reasons for ED.

Does Viagra work for Psychological ED?

For the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with a psychogenic or mixed etiology, Viagra is efficient and well tolerated.

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