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Know What Happens if Testosterone is Not Injected into the Muscle

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Written by- Julian Carter

Testosterone injections can effectively treat low testosterone symptoms in males.

Low testosterone is a common problem among men that often increases with age.

Doctors generally prescribe testosterone injections to boost your testosterone levels.

But what happens if testosterone is not injected into the muscle?

This article will provide all the information you need to know if you’re considering injecting testosterone.

What happens if testosterone is not injected into the muscle

Testosterone injections are usually intended to be injected into the muscles to deliver testosterone into the body.

You may not see the desired results if testosterone injections are not injected into the muscles.

Testosterone is a male hormone necessary for men’s health. 

It is essential for increasing libido or sex drive, bone density, and muscular growth. 

As a man ages, his testosterone level tends to decline.

Low testosterone levels might result in health issues like low libido, decreased muscle growth, and bone density. 

Many men use Testosterone Replacement Therapy in the form of tablets, capsules, or injections to restore their testosterone levels back to normal.

However, for those who take testosterone injections, it is important to inject it into the muscles for effective results.

This is because the body takes testosterone more slowly when injected into the fat beneath the skin, making it less effective. 

Additionally, you can feel less energetic and be more prone to accidents. 

Testosterone can enter the bloodstream and create health issues if not injected into the muscle. 

Also, testosterone can thicken blood and arteries and form blood clots, making you more prone to heart attack or stroke.

Since testosterone alters brain chemistry, injecting it incorrectly can also lead to anger, violence, and mood changes. 

A doctor’s consultation is required before using testosterone injections to determine whether they have any additional side effects or not.

It’s also possible for a testosterone injection to rupture blood vessels or even nerves if not injected into the muscles.

The injury and treatment may also result in an infection and pain at the administration site.

Hence, testosterone must be injected cautiously and always into the muscle tissue.

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  • Where and how to inject testosterone

    Taking injection in upper armSource: Wavebreakmedia_from_Getty_Images
    Taking injection in the upper arm

    Testosterone should be injected into the muscles.

    The injection can be given in the buttocks, thigh, or upper arm, depending on the patient’s preferences. 

    For the needle to enter easily, the application site must be clean and devoid of hair. 

    Before injecting yourself with testosterone, always clean the injection site with alcohol swabs.

    Patients should use fresh needles for each injection and carefully dispose of the used ones. 

    To prevent the formation of scar tissue, patients should change the application sites. 

    Ensure you inject the specified dose of testosterone and that there are no air bubbles within the needle while giving the testosterone. 

    The syringe can be pushed until all air bubbles are gone.

    Aspirate before injecting to prevent injecting into a blood vessel. 

    After aspiration, slowly inject the medication over a period of 5- to 10-seconds.

    Aspirating means pulling back on the syringe’s plunger after placing the needle into the muscle. If blood emerges, that means you have hit a blood artery and must restart at a different application site.

    How long does it take for testosterone injections to work

    The time taken by testosterone injection to show its effect may vary from person to person.

    While some men see improvement within a few weeks, others require more time for the treatment to produce desirable results. 

    Response times vary depending on the patient, just like with any medical procedure.

    Testosterone injections often begin to work for most men within a few days. 

    However, for some men, the complete benefits of the injections could not be felt for up to two weeks or even months.

    The degree of the patient’s testosterone deficiency is one aspect that may impact how long it takes for the medication to start working.

    The patient’s age and underlying medical issues may also affect how quickly the medication shows its effect. 

    Testosterone injections may cause a heart attack or stroke if injected directly into the bloodstream. Always ensure to inject testosterone into the muscles.

    Alternatives to testosterone injections

    Maca rootSource: pixelshot
    Maca root (herbal supplement to boost testosterone)

    Apart from testosterone injections, testosterone can be delivered into the body through testosterone pills and testosterone gel.

    Oral pills and gel may take some time to show their effect.

    But they can effectively deliver testosterone to your body without causing any detrimental effects or damage to veins and nerves.

    However, persons using testosterone gel must avoid skin-on-skin contact with other persons for at least 6 hours after the application to prevent the transfer of medication. 

    On the other hand, testosterone pills can be used to treat low testosterone levels effectively.

    But, their long-term usage may affect your liver and cause other side effects.

    Besides TRT, herbal supplements containing ingredients like Maca, L-arginine, Yohimbine, Ginseng, and L-citrulline often claim to boost testosterone levels naturally.

    However, their efficacy and safety can not be guaranteed as these are not approved by the FDA or any other regulatory authority.

    Hence, it is necessary to consult a doctor before opting for any form of TRT or herbal supplements to boost your testosterone levels.

    Are you confused between the effectiveness of testosterone gel and injection? Read our article: Testosterone Gel vs Injection: Choose the Better Medication for Low Testosterone to get a better idea of which one to choose.

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    Besides being effective in treating low testosterone in males, testosterone injections may be harmful if not injected properly into the muscles.

    Do you know what happens if testosterone is not injected into the muscle?

    Testosterone injections won’t yield desirable results if not injected into the muscles.

    Also, if the injection punctures the blood vessel, it might lead to a heart attack or stroke.

    Hence, the injection should be given cautiously in the buttocks, thigh, or upper arm to reduce the risk of any health issues.

    Besides injections, one can take TRT as gel or oral tablets to deliver testosterone more effectively into the body, but only after consulting a certified healthcare professional.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it necessary to inject testosterone into the muscle?

    Yes, testosterone should be injected into muscles to achieve maximum effectiveness. 

    The testosterone injection won’t yield the desired results if not injected into the muscles.

    Is it more effective to inject testosterone into muscle or fat?

    When administering testosterone, intramuscular injections were always utilized. 

    This is because a large amount of medication needs to be injected, creating a depot of medication. 

    This implies that testosterone is gradually released from the ‘depot’ or reserve of medication remaining in muscle tissue.

    Where should testosterone not be injected?

    Never inject testosterone into the inner thigh, which contains vital blood vessels and nerves, as it may damage the blood vessels and nerves.

    What happens if testosterone is injected into a vein or artery?

    The most significant issue of injecting testosterone into a vein or artery is a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. 

    This is because testosterone may thicken the blood and induce artery blockages. 

    Also, injecting testosterone into the wrong location can produce mood changes, impatience, and aggression.

    What happens if you inject air into a muscle by mistake?

    In most cases, injecting a tiny air bubble into the skin or a muscle does not cause any issues.
    However, because air takes up space in the syringe, you may not be getting the entire amount of medicine.

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