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How To Save A Relationship In Crisis?

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Written By Gina Walters
How To Save A Relationship

One of the toughest challenges we have to face is how to save a relationship from a crisis. During this period, what we do can have a lasting impact on our lives.

A distressed relationship is demanding enough and can quickly deteriorate without some expert advice and the right tools. In this blog, you’ll come across some of the most potent measures you can take to save a relationship crisis. 

While some of these measures are based on my personal experience, many of these details are based on relationship crisis experts’ analysis. 

Maybe your relationship has already fallen apart or is on edge. Perhaps your needs are not being fulfilled, or you have recently been betrayed.

Perhaps you have a good romantic relationship but often end up in conflicts that seem to be worsening with time.

Maybe your relationship is on track now, but are worried about what life holds for you in the future.

Whatever reason has landed you here, I encourage you to read the steps mentioned below. Think about how you may apply them to fix your relationship crisis. 

See the big picture

When there’s a conflict in a relationship, we often refuse to see anything other than the painful side. For instance, if a fight occurs over a week or even over a couple of months, it may feel like the struggle is all that has ever happened.

Make sure you do not give this broken piece of time too much authority.

Take an example of you visiting an art gallery. You stand close to a painting and focus on just a small segment of the painting. If you do this, you are missing out on viewing the complete beauty of the art piece.

Just take a step back and observe the entirety of the painting, then naturally, everything will seem to make more sense, and you’ll understand its true meaning. 

If you wish to have a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship, you need to concentrate more on the relationship’s bright, positive side, rather than the stressful side.

I’ve seen many people giving too much attention to a small argument with their romantic partner. They start quarrelling, stop talking to each other, and finally, this bitterness results in separation.

Whenever you encounter a heated moment in a relationship, I suggest taking a step back and seeing the relationship’s bigger picture. 

You may have shared several good moments; remember the time, the memories, the feelings, and the bond you had.

I have seen numerous examples where couples went through divorces, ruthless custody battles, judicial orders, and even worse.

And six months after, guess what? The couple sorts their differences by communicating, and they are once again united. 

Still, many couples do not reunite even after the six months court usually gives before the divorce. Where did they go wrong? Perhaps they didn’t have taken the time and effort to save their relationship.

No matter how bad things have been in your relationship, working on your relationship can make a difference.

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Emphasize the right things

It’s easy to keep a positive attitude towards relations when the situations are in your favour.

For instance, in a new relationship, people only focus on the things they like in their partner, everything seems wonderful, and the couple is excited about their future.

And in case of a conflict, our focus quickly shifts to how bad things have been and our partner’s imperfections. The situation can be challenging, but we should control our minds so that we emphasize the right things.

Emphasize on right things, if he/she puts you down, or keeps on lying, speak to them about it before it gets too late. Falsehood cannot lead to a happy relationship.

For instance, if you’ve recently betrayed, but you still love your partner and want to continue the relationship.

If you just focus on how bad things have been, you will never be able to be happy and satisfied in the relationship. 

Instead, think about your common interest, happy memories, and what would miss if this person wasn’t in your life. Most importantly, think about solutions rather than stressing over problems.

Explore the ways by which you can improve the relationship. You may need to work on your communication, seek a relationship expert’s advice, learn true forgiveness, or take measures to revive your relationship. 

Communication is the key to any relationship. Always communicate your thoughts to your partner. Be vocal and understanding to them.

Take personal responsibility

When the relationship appears to be failing, it’s usually easier to pay attention to your partner’s mistakes, behaviour, and faults. This is where most people go wrong.

Avoid the fascination of being the victim and, instead, concentrate on your part in the crisis. While others play a role in our experiences, our feelings are an outcome of how we comprehend a situation.

Our pain stems from what we believe about a problem, and not just the case itself.

Yes, you cannot control others’ behaviour, but you can definitely change how you react to different circumstances. The situation can’t be favourable all the time; you just need to control how it affects you.

Every person has some imperfections; you should accept your partner as they are – then only your relationship can thrive.

Take efforts to improve yourself

When encountering a relationship crisis, most people put all their energy into fixing a relationship or fixing their romantic partner.  

While specific measures are required to survive or heal the relationship crisis, most people overlook the significance of change within themselves. In some cases, relationship breakdown is a symptom of a deeper issue within you that needs to be fixed. 

For instance, past traumatic experiences, work pressure, and relationships with other family members – of which can influence how you react to a dispute or pain. 

When a relationship is sinking, it’s essential to examine yourself and discern what changes you need to make in your own life (apart from your relationship). 

Do you spend time with your friends? Do you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly? Are you satisfied with your job? All these questions you need to ask yourself and decide what needs to be improved.

Practice meditation and improve your thinking, emotions, and spiritual growth. 

When Should You Take Expert Help?

You have to make a big decision for your relationship that can have lasting impacts depending upon the challenge you are facing – the decision could be how to communicate with your romantic partner on some critical issue or decide to leave or stay with a partner.

You are trying harder to save a relationship by taking every possible measure, still not getting the desired outcome. 

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