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Can Smoking Weed Everyday Cause Erectile Dysfunction

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Written by- Julian Carter

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common Sexual Dysfunction in men.

Innumerable health-related conditions and lifestyle choices like smoking weed can be a cause of Erectile Dysfunction.

Moreover, marijuana impacts sex life, such as developing a higher chance of ED. 

While some might have an enjoyable sexual experience. At the same time, others might face difficulty in orgasm.

But, if you often use marijuana, whether medically or recreationally. You should be aware of the potential effects it may have on your erection. 

Let’s dive in deep to understand the same.

Can smoking weed everyday cause Erectile Dysfunction

Can weed cause Erectile DysfunctionSource: Fluky-Flucky
Can weed cause Erectile Dysfunction

ED or impotence, as mentioned, is a common Sexual Dysfunction in men that affects millions in the USA.

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As mentioned, several conditions are responsible for this Sexual Dysfunction.

Though there is not enough research that proves weed is responsible for ED.

But, some claims show that cannabis might cause ED. 

Marijuana use may impact your Cardiovascular system. It influences the blood flow to your penis and impedes erectile performance.

For instance, cigarettes and marijuana contain chemicals. When smoked, they can enter your body. 

Many of these chemicals have long-term negative effects on your heart and lungs. This raises your risk of Cardiovascular disease.

As Cardiovascular condition is a risk factor for ED. Hence, marijuana might lead to impotence.

Moreover, marijuana can raise systolic blood pressure. As High Blood Pressure and ED are related, using marijuana may make it more difficult to have an erection.

Does weed stop you from ejaculating

Does weed stop you from ejaculatingSource: atlasstudio
Does weed stop you from ejaculating

Weed or marijuana is known not to stop ejaculation.

There are some claims that cannabis has caused Premature Ejaculation in some men.

If you are facing Sexual Dysfunction, contact a doctor immediately. He might suggest you the right medicine to treat ED and Premature Ejaculation.

Men might face changes in sexual experience. It might also include either Premature Ejaculation or delayed ejaculation. 

All these were linked to daily cannabis use.

Summing up

Smoking weed every day can be one of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction in men. 

This can lead to Cardiovascular conditions. 

Also, they might be responsible for increasing blood pressure.

Both of these factors are also responsible for causing Erectile dysfunction in men. 

Thus, smoking weed can lead to impotence.

Premature Ejaculation: This is a common sexual complaint from men. It happens when the semen leaves the body early than when it is desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does smoking weed lower testosterone?

According to studies, men who smoke had 15% higher total and 13% higher testosterone levels. 
Hence, smoking appears to be a contributing factor when assessing testosterone levels. This may conceal borderline Hypogonadism.

Can smoking too much cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Cigarette smoking develops the risk of Cardiovascular conditions. 
This health condition is one of the major risk factors for developing ED in men.

Can quitting smoking reverse ED?

Making certain lifestyle changes like quitting smoking can make your erectile function better. It can improve ED.
However, there has been no claimed research that shows that quitting smoking can reverse ED.

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